If you don’t want to take my word for it – then by all means – hear it from their own mouths.  Now, George Soros is NOT the only man out there who honestly and truly believes that he is a “god”.

He is simply the only one who has ever “tested” the waters by publicly and openly CLAIMING it.  There are many, many others – who in the privacy of their clubs, secret societies, and meeting rooms, will make the very same claim as George Soros – and even claim FAR MORE than this.

I’ve asked this question before on this blog, and it is time to ask it once again since repetition is the only way that people can actually learn anything and remember it.

The question is this:

What would YOU be willing to do here on Earth if YOU really thought and believed that YOU were – “a god”?

As a god – would you place any limitations on your own behavior – or, would you consider anything you wanted to do  – TO ANYONE – simply part of your own GODLY WILL?

Now, the New Ager’s who have been “trained” by their New Age Book Writers (book writers that Mark Passio claims are actually high level Satanists) to believe that “they too” are gods – are having a really difficult time in “judging” – or even “discerning”that this idea is just plain DANGEROUS!

Once again, to repeat, if you honestly – with all of your mind and heart – believe that you are a god – then what kind of limitations would you place upon your own wants and your own desires? 

Gods are unlimited after all – so they can do whatever they want.

I mean isn’t that the logic?  If you have not come to this conclusion – as the Satanists have – then you have not spent enough time thinking about what these men are actually claiming.


It’s time to stop pussying footing around this new age issue – simply because very few people can think logically out there any longer.

Any New Ager who claims that they are a “god” –  or a “god” in the making – does not understand what that statement  even means.  They are not “thinking” it through logically.

The SATANISTS are way ahead of them in mental acuity – and even Mark Passio has a certain respect for their abilities to calculate complex ideas.  So here it is – in a nut shell – for those who are so very limited in their thinking that they can not actually process what this statement even means in the same way that the Satanists do.

A GOD or a “god” has NO LIMITS!     This is what it means to BE a GOD.

The very second that you place a single limitation on your own behavior – or restrict yourself from doing anything that you want to do – then you are NOT (according to the logic of the Satanists) a “god”. 

You fall down to the lower level below “god” – and into the level of those who have more to learn – and those who have more to understand – and thus you are NOT YET – “a god” according to their logic.

So lets be very careful here – and very AWARE – of what men like George Soros are really saying when they say:


This means that they have moved PAST the point where they believe that anyone can put any limitations upon their behavior – and it is THEY ALONE who decide what it is that they can do or not do.

This is why behaviors like:

  • “sex with little kids”
  • “eating human flesh”
  • “human slavery”
  • “Ritual Satanic Abuse” 
  • “Mind Control”
  • “Technological Torment”
  • “Targeting of Individuals”
  • “Banning and Censoring opposing viewpoints”
  • “Buying and selling Birth Certificate Bonds”
  • “Buying Life Insurance Policies on other people and then killing them”
  • “Creating a huge Covid – 19 Pandemic Scare – and then using a Vaccination to kill them”
  • “human experimentation – genetic experimentation – blending species and animals into humans”
  • “the creation of AMBROSIA/ADRENOCHROME – from the blood of young humans as a beverage”

…are all “okay” to do if you are a “god” – because “gods” have NO LIMITS…


So now here is the really pertinent question New Ager’s…, and it applies to YOU!

  • Do you think that YOU are a “god” too?

Because IF you place any limitations on your own behavior or your actions while living here on Earth – then how can you be a “god”?



Let me help you out New Ager’s…

What is more truthful about your own beliefs – which you have never really contemplated deeply enough to understand how you really think – is that you believe that you are a “part” or a “portion” of a GREATER or a LARGER GOD.

What you really believe is that you – by yourself – are NOT GOD at all – but are merely a portion of something far larger and greater than yourself – and thus – you DO IN FACT willingly place restrictions upon your own behavior so that the larger portion of yourself is not hurt or harmed by your actions.

This is what you actually believe – even though you have never placed it into words and thoughts and then vocalized it.


Even in the three year old Television Series like the one you see above called “AMERICAN GODS” – “they” are mocking everyone who really does not understand what they are up to…

I’ve read enough New Age books to understand that the New Age teaches those who read these books that “they” in fact are “gods” – or at the very least, they are a “gods” in the making  – aka they are their higher selves – which is exactly who the New Ager’s are taught to pray to.

But then the Satanists openly “MOCK YOU” by putting programs on television like the one above…, which are laughing about how you have no clue what it means to be “a god”.

Now – take this just one step further – as the Satanists do – and realize that when “THEY” make the claim to be “gods” – unlike the limited kind of  belief that you have – they are not just joking around about it and they really do mean it.

Finally, the Stargate SG-1 television series shows us clearly what happens when a large group of individuals think and believe they are “gods” or “lords”.

They enslave everyone around them – and then fight wars for turf and territory between themselves while using everyone else as pawns.


Because as “gods” – there are NO LIMITS to what they can do to others…

Stay tuned for Part Three…




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