By: Bradley Loves



How many of you have finally realized that what people “say” in public is not who they really are in private??

If you haven’t gotten there yet…, you are being HAD!



Pope Francis “claims” to want “good things” for humanity and the world. And his “latest public statement” would seem to suggest it!

Pope Francis: God Will Destroy ‘Walls’ Between Nations

But…, if you read BETWEEN THE LINES you’ll see what he really means is that he wants a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and a NEW WORLD ORDER!

”GOD”…, (decoded) is really LUCIFER!

So when he says “God” will destroy all walls between Nations…, what he is really saying is this:

The One World Government with a One World Religion, and a One World Army, and a One World Currency will come to pass without fail!

I’ve said it many times!   You must read BETWEEN THE LINES!   Learn to see what is “NOT” on the page…, but is being implied!

See this:

Pope Francis Calls for End of Sovereignty and Establishment of Global Government

Listen up campers…, this is as real as it gets!  You’ve got to stop being so GULLIBLE!

The Satanists only got as far as they got because “good” people don’t want to see EVIL anywhere!  They want to ignore it at all costs!

(Even if it means their own destruction!)

Thus…, when they are being lied to…, they readily accept and believe every single lie!

New Agers and Lazy Christians are the worst offenders!


Because for all of their “platitudes” about being “spiritual”…, they are not really sincere!


Since real sincerity is lacking…, GOD (the real one) is not in any hurry to bring TRUTH into your mind!

Only those who desperately WANT THE TRUTH…, are shown the truth!

Here is the “Audience Hall” where the Pope…, (who in public seems to represent GOD) gives his speeches to the public.


You know…, the “worst” part about writing this blog for me is that no matter how much educational information I put out.., people come here to read it…, and then within days FORGET EVERY BIT OF IT!

I show you clearly who the Pope really is…, and then in a week…, he will say something that seems kind or forward thinking…, and you all immediately want to see him as “helping humanity”.

People…, listen up!   When the Pope speaks and says things that “seem” okay…, it’s simply A HUGE CON!

He wants a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…, and his words in public are very carefully “scripted”.

Now…, the very same goes for people like this:


Forget what they “say” in public!   What are they doing in PRIVATE??

Ever since Barack Obama and Micheal signed a contract with “NETFLIX”…, this subscription movie service has gone way out of it’s way to promote content that is PEDOPHILIA – SATANIC – WITCHCRAFT related!

This is NOT an accident people.., and is directly related to the hiring of Barack Obama!


Netflix goes all-in for pedophilia with new “Dancing Queen” series that glorifies the sexualization of children



You’ve got to see what they are NOT showing you!   You’ve got to look with your eyes…, and put two and two together!   And when they pass it off as nothing…, DON’T TRUST THEM!

Come out, come out, come out of your “brainwashed” stupor – and look at what is going on out there before it is too late!






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