By: Bradley Loves


I know that the title of this piece is not what most people want to hear!

It’s too BIBLICAL – and makes it sound like GOD has it in for man-kind some might complain.

I can assure you, he does not!

Yet, if my readers and others who stumble upon this blog only KNEW what I knew.


What I’ve seen, what I’ve witnessed, and what I’ve been shown is not just some fantasy!   The dark and evil forces that really do exist on the unseen levels are very real and very dangerous!

Some call these “demons”…, some call them “dark astral entities”, some call them THE WATCHERS.

These forces represent a clear and present DANGER not only to America…, but to all MANKIND!

Mankind’s future has never been more in peril because of this unseen levels endless attacks upon man.

What is truly “sick” about this problem is that countless human beings have decided to HELP and to SERVE these useless, hateful entities in exchange for FAVORS!

They are actually encouraging and facilitating the attacks of these beings!

This is what I mean when I say separation of Chaff and Wheat!

Long ago…, this EPIC BATTLE was predicted…, and it was also fore-told who the VICTOR would be!

THE CREATOR OF ALL SOULS would end up getting involved and those who served the darkness  and aided these astral entities would end up wishing they had never been born!

This battle will be to the last man standing, and when it is done – those who chose LOVE, TRUTH, RESPECT, and MORALITY will be the victors.

Those who went after Witchcraft, Voodoo, Magic Spells and Power by serving the lower astral entities will be the LOSERS! They will serve as FOOD for the very demons and the dark forces that they became allies with.


HE did not create LOVE and HUMAN SOULS just so they could be destroyed by psycopathic men and women who are on a POWER TRIP and who think ASTRAL MAGIC is the greatest tool there is.

These “souls” will be discarded by GOD as USELESS!

They have been warned over and over!  They know what they are doing!

We can no longer afford to IGNORE what is happening on the UNSEEN levels!

All I can say is you do so at your own peril!





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