By: Bradley Loves


The future of humanity is not uncertain.  At least not from the perspective of those who have had the ability to use Quantum Access and Looking Glass Technology.

What we are seeing playing out on the world stage is part of a MASTER PLAN, and out of necessity to save humanity and the entire planet, was put into place long ago.

Regardless of what you think personally of Donald Trump, he is exactly where he is supposed to be at the moment because without his participation, THE PLAN would not have been able to be completed properly.

Without a great understanding of the super advanced technology and the constant attempts to take over the entire world by alien off worlders, you as a loving human being standing on the ground would simply have no frame of reference with which to judge properly what THE PLAN really is all about.

THE PLAN was always about the survival of the human race and about keeping our planet for our own race.

For those who have issues with the tiny minutiae of the day to day unfolding of THE  PLAN and those who are working hard behind the scenes, you may want to cut them some slack.

Because of their efforts, THE EARTH and HUMANITY are able to survive into the future.

Remember this as well:

Legion are the men and women who “sold out” to the Dark Forces due to their own cowardice and desperate desire to come out on the top of the human pile.

Their greatest fear at this moment is being exposed and shown for the true cowards and traitors of humanity they really are!

All my love…


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