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Jean Haines…, a stellar Journalist (in my opinion)…, and someone who gives freely of her life to help the planet.., has been running some posts and articles about the “abuse” of Ammon Bundy at the hands of the “Nevada State Prison System”.

You can see that post here:

To all those who find this “abhorant”…, my question is this:


I have “told” you before that there is “no such thing” as justice within a system that is 100 percent SATANIC!!

IF you can handle it.., let me tell you some of the REAL TRUTH about Prisons…, and the men and women who are called:


MOST (not all but most) of these men and women are total 100 percent Psychopaths!

How do I know this?

Listen up!

I personally know a man who for 4 years of his life worked as a NEVADA CORRECTIONS OFFICER at one of their prisons.

(I met him after he quit that job and took another one that did not involve torture.)

He told me horror stories that you would not believe about the way prisoners are treated!

But pay attention here…, because it is NOT just the “policy” that is the problem here…, it is the very men and women they HIRE who are the real problem.., becauase they are just SICK human beings.

Before we get into what they were doing to the prisoners inside the jails…, lets first talk about what these “types” do with their free time!

In order to protect his identity…, I’m going to call this guy (a real person) that I met several years ago “Bob”.

Bob was a guy who was fairly laid back and just happened to want to get into police work.  For whatever reason…, he ended up in the Corrections System in Nevada.

He told me that it was the worst time of his life!

He said that “most” of the men and women who work inside that System are so heartless…, that you’d have trouble sleeping at night if you knew how sick they really were.

Here’s an example he told me about about what these “types” do for a good time when they are NOT at work!

Almost all of these “types” are into owning guns (which is not a bad thing)…, and most of them own a dozen or more.

For a “good time” when they are not beating up the prisoners inside their jails…, they would get together in jeeps and pickups and drive out to the desert for “target practice”.

Now…, it’s no fun just to take your guns out to the desert and shoot them at nothing…, so these guys would stop at the county animal shelter and pick up several stray dogs and cats.

They would drive out to the desert and then one by one…, they would tie the animals on a rope to a post in the ground.  Then slowly…, and methodically…, they would shoot the poor animals one appendage at a time!

They would get their kicks by removing each leg bullet by bullet…, and even the tail…, before finally shooting it and tying up the next live “victim” for target practice.

My friend “Bob” worked with these people…, and had the “pleasure” of going with these guys out to the desert one time…, and he had no idea what they were intending to do…, but found out that it was a common past time for them.

You see…, he was trying to get “promoted” to a higher postion in the system…, but was always getting past over…, becuase he did not LIKE how the prisoners were being treated.

I think you get the picture…, and I could write about the many horrible things that he saw and witnessed INSIDE the prison.., things he told me in detail…, however…, it is really necessary?

It’s the MEN AND WOMEN who do these jobs that are the sick psychopaths who need to be kicked off the planet.

Prison Policy is not the question here…, it is just damn evil human beings that ARE THE PROBLEM!


Think about this next time you feel that the “Justice System” is anything but pure evil!






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  1. megan reid

    Those individuals working at the animal shelter should be behind bars for what they are doing and banned from ever working with either animals or children for life. Better still,they could be used for target practice instead! Along with the wardens.

  2. megan reid

    They deliberately have to hire sick psychopath’s to do this kind of job and anyone who applies for these jobs are screened and tested to make damn sure that they are psychopath’s because no real sane and morally aware human being would ever even dream of doing these things because IT IS NOT HUMAN BEHAVIOUR!!!!!!!! They may look human but their soul and their mind is NOT! They are evil entities in a human looking body. That is the difference. ” By their deeds ye shall know them”. Evil cannot behave in any other way than sick and depraved and with a bloodlust for anything living. It has always been the case and always will be until we unite together and rid ourselves of this parasitic and satanic infection once and for all.

    When we say they are heartless that is 100% truth because their hearts contain no guiding soul essence from source because they are not of source, in fact, they despise source and all of creation as well. Evil beings can never change because they haven’t any means to do so! They are in complete opposition and separation from creator source.

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