By: Bradley Loves


What happens as a result of good people who do nothing in the face of such a great evil, that it threatens the very fabric of society?

This deep philosophical question is simply meant to stimulate some real “thinking” for those out there who claim that non-judgement…, and especially “non-action” …., is the very best way to ENLIGHTEN an entire planet.

It may interest  you to know that not “everyone” who is spiritual thinks so!


To “ACT” or not to “ACT” that is the question.

If we look at the quote above…, Gandhi seemed to think that “action” was indeed an integral part of any true spiritual persons growth and development.

So why then, do people who could not possibly hold a candle to Gandhi’s level of understandings seem to think that “DOING NOTHING” is far more spiritual than taking very positive “action” in the world?

Where did this NON INTERVENTIONIST belief come from?

It has come directly…, from a newly “programmed” and “taught” idea that really good people have been caught or “entrapped”  by called:  Non-Judgement.

There are many forms of this “idea” going around our world right now…, and one of these forms is called: Political Correctness.

Where by we don’t speak…, or say what we think or feel in order to not be “judge mental” about what we see as possibly harmful.

Would it surprise you to know that ALL, by this I really do mean ALL…, of the most damaging “ideas” have come into the public “awareness” through the avenues of RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY?

Why would this be true?

Becuase “ALL RELIGIONS” we’re given to us by our controllers!

In all honesty…, there isn’t ONE idea that hurt us…, that was not formulated and then “installed” into our minds just like a program on a computer.  Once this has been done…, the result of the new program soon becomes apparent throughout all of society in just a few decades.

Naturally the result of the new program is not instant…, but takes quite a while because there are still people who are running on older programs and ideas.

So today we are dealing with the “fallout” of this idea of NON-JUDGEMENT.

Naturally…, this “idea”…, on the face of it.., seems like a decent and even alluring spiritual goal.  It “seems” as if it would lead us all into a far better place.

And it seems this way exactly because there is always a tiny bit of truth inside any PROGRAM that is placed into the minds of mankind.

However…, to see past what is being said as far as this simple idea of non-judgement is concerned…, one must look very carefully at what is really going on in the world right now!  One must look at the “stage”…, and the “background” of what is happening at this time in our history…, to see if this “idea” was actually put there to HELP mankind or to instead RUIN mankind.

You see…, just like a knife…, which is, in and of itself…, a “tool”…, and can be used either for good…, or for perfect EVIL…, an “idea”…, is also just a tool, and can be used for good or for evil.

Nothing more!

The idea of non judgement is a tool…, a “spiritual” tool…, remember that!  It is NOT the goal…, it is NOT GOD…., it is NOT TRUTH.  It is a “tool” supposedly to help us get there.



So…, the question really is this:

In what manner or fashion is this TOOL of non judgement being used…, who really “gave” it to mankind at this time…, and for WHAT purpose?

So by asking this…, we are better prepared to “DISCERN” in our own minds…, and for ourselves what is really happening in the world around us concerning this idea of non-judgement.

So let’s look at the stage…, and this important time in HISTORY!

As we speak…, we have a “SATANIC” element in our world that is very desperate to form something called a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

They are fanatical about ruling the entire world based upon a LUCIFERIAN SYSTEM of thinking that includes:

  • Relinquishment of ALL personal freedom
  • Total control of every living being on the planet
  • Ritual Abuse
  • Ritual Sacrifice
  • Child Abuse/Pedophilia
  • Blood drinking and human flesh eating

And this is just for starters.

Okay…, let’s all just calm down…, (because so many spiritual people get bent out of shape upon hearing the truth) and look with a clear, honest and open mind at this for just a short period of time.

THE SINGLE BIGGEST SOURCE of this idea of non-judgement is a book…, that was first put out in 1976.

It was written over a period (supposedly) of 7 years…, and was 100 percent completely CHANNELED WORK.

Let’s look at what was happening in the world starting in 1965.

First of all…, according to Andy Basaigo…, the secret governments TIME TRAVEL/TELEPORTATION program known as Project Pegasus was about to get under way.

By 1970…, thousands, if not millions of documents were actively being transported from the future back into the past.

Andy’s own book…, a book he wrote when he was in his 50’s…, was brought back to the 1970s and his own father showed it to him when he was only 7 years old.

So at the time the COURSE IN MIRACLES suddenly comes onto the world scene…, we ALREADY have literally tons of future data and future information coming backward in time.

Now.   Let’s look at just WHO it was that supposedly “channeled” the COURSE IN MIRACLES.

Helen Schucman!

Helen was a prominent “psychologist” who got her degree from COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.

Her parents were half Jewish…, but her mother dabbled in THEOSOPHY!  That was the NEW AGE RELIGION started by madam HELENA BLAVATSKY who was intimately connected to both FREEMASONS and JESUITS!

COLUMBIA is one of the pagan godesses that is revered by the Illuminati!

So there is a possible connection between Schucman and FREEMASONS right off the bat.  She was a medical phychologist living in NEW YORK…, and working in field of study which at the time was also dabbling deeply into MIND CONTROL!

Project MK ULTRA, which was being run out of NEW YORK…, in a place called Montauk…, and was being run secretly at the very same time that Helen Schucman was supposedly writing and Channeling the COURSE IN MIRACLES.  MKULTRA was being run by Psychiatrists and Psychologists most of whom lived in the New York area.

Okay…, let’s breath!

So…, WHO exactly (at this time in history) does this “idea” or “tool” of non-judgement serve the most?

Does it serve the masses living on the planet supposedly on their way to ASCENSION?


Put your thinking caps of for this one…,

Does it serve the SATANISTS more…, and assist them in their bid in forming their NEW WORLD ORDER…, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?

Look at this closely!

Be very honest!

If good people are working very hard not to “judge” anything…, then, men and women who perform RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE…, HAVE DAILY SEX WITH YOUNG CHILDREN, and who DRINK BLOOD AND EAT HUMAN FLESH…, would certainly “benefit” from this idea of “never” judging anything.

In fact…, THEY would benefit FAR MORE…, in the long run than any spiritual human being would benefit from the use of that non judgement tool on the way to their supposed Ascension.

In fact…, if YOUR GOAL was take over the entire world…, and ENSLAVE every living human being on the Earth…, then the IDEA or the TOOL of non-judgement would be absolutely necessary to have in place BEFORE such a feat could every be achieved!

Have we not learned from HISTORY that “RELIGIONS” do not have our best interest in mind?


When they did so…, did they not torture and abuse humans in dungeons…, using all manner of crude devices to hurt them as much as possible?

Why do you think that the NEW AGE RELIGION (started by a woman who is known to be working with Freemasons and Jesuits) has our “best interest” in mind.

The IDEA…, or TOOL of non judgement is CENTRAL TO THEIR PHILOSOPHY!

But let me ask you again…


Does is serve us…, or the Satanists at this time in history?


It is entirely possible that Helen Schucman is NOT who she claimed to be…, and thus the COURSE IN MIRACLES is NOT the book we think it is.

The final question for you to think on is this one:




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