By: Bradley Loves

This is going to be a follow up of the piece that I wrote last night!

It is necessary I feel because my motto (as always) is to DIG DEEPER, so that “truth” may be more fully exposed and thus understood.

What I wrote about last night, and what Tucker Carlson brought our collective attention to, is worth looking into very deeply!

The image above shows us a young kid who is merely playing a “video game”, but has become ENRAGED as he does so because things are not working out the way he wants them to.

This is an actual phenomenon with young kids these days, and it is called: GAMER RAGE!

Well, this is worth taking notice of because I would suggest (for the most part) that a huge part of the RAGE coming toward Christians and Conservatives today (from the “woke” left) is coming from young people!

A good part of America’s youth – (and the youth all around the world) grew up playing video games, and it is interesting to me that they all seem to be throwing the same type of tantrums as the young boy in the image above – only now they are doing it as they engage with real life!

It is possible that they see their lives and what is happening around them in terms of a video game?

Has the world around them become more like a virtual battle on a game screen than an actual work of love that employs morals, values and ethics that demonstrate human compassion and human love??


Most of the really, really “angry” people out there in world politics are between the ages of 20 and 40 it seems!   This is an entire generation that was born starting in about 1980 and really did grow up playing game consoles like Nintendo and learned how to SCREAM VIOLENTLY at the TV screen when ever something they were trying to achieve did not occur!

Again…, could it be that these adult children see human life and their interaction with human life as an ongoing video game that should be far more under “their control”??

And, if they can not “control the game” or seem to be able to win it…, then they take drastic action against the GAME ITSELF??

So is there really that much of a difference between the images you are seeing above and the images you see below??

Isn’t this just another “version” of GAMER RAGE?

The real question here is how does the “mind” of our young people (now that these minds have been exposed to video games all of their lives) actually see, view, and interpret REAL LIFE?

Is “life itself” something to be “dominated” and “beaten into submission” like an enemy in a video game??

Is it possible that they are incapable of viewing what is happening in real life any differently than what takes place on a video screen in one of their computer games??

What is the goal of a game if not to WIN AT ANY AND ALL COSTS??

Is it possible that they do not see “people” out there in the world any longer, but instead they simply see “on screen images of characters” who need to be beaten, subdued, or even killed in order to WIN THE GAME??



You see, along with video games, this very same generation that I pointed out to you…, has been exposed (since 1980) to an extremely mind altering version of LIFE AND SPIRITUALITY which teaches young people that “judging” anything at anytime or anywhere is horribly, horribly WRONG!

I can speak intelligently about this since I have actually read the book pictured above: A COURSE IN MIRACLES, three times cover to cover!

So trust me…, I know exactly what it says!

The book above promises that if you never “judge” anyone or anything you will basically ASCEND into a higher form of life where you will then become like a “god”.

Isn’t this the same “false promise” that SATAN made to EVE in the Garden of Eden?  I will teach you how to become a GOD??


The book was ostensibly written by JESUS CHRIST (as Channeled through a New York City psychiatrist) named “Helen Schucman” who worked and taught at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.

However, it might help if we first remember that the Goddess Columbia is a huge part of the Illuminati Religion and their Pagan Hierarchy!

It is just as likely that Helen Schucman had this “dictation” that was coming into her mind (in the early 1970’s) from a VOICE OF GOD/VOICE TO SKULL – military source as it was that it came from Jesus.

Remember that it was prisoners in Draper Prison in Utah that first complained in the early 1970’s that they were being targeted and experimented on with Voice to Skull Technology!

So saying that Helen Schucman was under that same type of Voice to Skull influence is not only probable, but highly likely!

The very first edition of A COURSE IN MIRACLES came out in 1975!

Now…, let’s add this to the mix as well.

It was Helena (Helen) Blavatsky who actually is called the “god-mother” of the New Age and is credited with starting the whole thing with her nineteenth century organization called: Theosophy, which was founded in NEW YORK CITY in 1875!

In 1877, she also published a book called: ISIS UNVEILED

Both of these “women” were named Helen, which is an Illuminati nod to another one of their Goddesses: HELENE

See this:

HELENE:  Egg-hatched orgiastic Goddess of moon, light, beauty, vegetation, fertility of soil and fertility of trees, especially fruit trees; Queen of Sparta; Matron of sailors and Guardian of sailors in distress; Eponym of Hellas and the Hellenes; She who delights in hunting and wrestling; Bestower of sovereignty; She who causes blindness in those who displease Her.

Probably the name-sake title of Her priestess(es) – The Hellenes

She became a literary mortal heroine; A Provoker of Wars.


Are you starting to get the “picture” here people!

Helen is seen as a “Provoker of Wars” in Illuminati speak…, and Helena Blavatsky wrote a book all the way back in 1877 about ISIS!

So who then is Helen Schucman to the Illuminati if not a “provoker of wars” ??


Remember that MK ULTRA was up and running in the 1950’s and 1960’s and almost ALL OF IT was based in New York State!

Yep…, right where Helena Blavatsky started her THEOSOPHY SOCIETY…, and right where Helen Schucman worked at Columbia University!

So…, let’s steer this conversation right where it desperately needs to go!

Question:  Is it even possible for the human mind to be 100 percent completely and totally “non-judgmental”??

I would humbly submit to you is that what A COURSE IN MIRACLES is suggesting human beings attempt to do is wholly impossible and just can’t be done!

In fact…, to try to do it will literally DRIVE PEOPLE INSANE!

Just like in mathematics where certain things are just impossible to do…, like solve for PI…, the human mind can NEVER EVER actually be “NON-JUDGMENTAL” because to live life is to judge things on a moment by moment basis!

And just like the biggest super computer in the world could NEVER solve for PI…, the human mind can NEVER become NON-JUDGMENTAL!

Every single choice that we make has got to be made though a process of judgment, because “thinking and choosing” just can’t be done without it!



Could it be that the entire COURSE IN MIRACLES was written as a way to literally stump the human mind, and force it into a LOOP which it can never resolve??

It would be like giving a computer one single problem (solve PI) and then watch as that computer worked for the rest of eternity trying to do what could never be done!


If the Illuminati really wanted to screw with the next several generations of young people…, then A COURSE IN MIRACLES would most certainly be a very clever way to do just that!

Okay…, so now let’s take this very same generation (the ones that grew up playing video games) and who were mostly born starting at 1980…, and then teach them a form of “spirituality” that says you MUST NEVER judge anyone, at any time, any where!!

They are already seeing life as a video game, and already have a severe problem called: GAMER RAGE!

Now…, they are being taught (whenever they are not playing video games) that the only true and real spirituality out there says that you should NEVER, EVER JUDGE ANYONE OR ANYTHING (which is an impossible task).


So what kind of young human being does this type of GAMER RAGE actually produce??

Would it not produce the type of young person who saw all of life as a “battle” that must be won at all costs?

Would it produce a human being that saw all other people in life as characters in a video game that need to be:  beaten, subdued, or even killed in order to WIN THE GAME??

Is life no longer about getting along with others…, but about WINNING AND LOSING EVERYTHING at every single moment??


Isn’t THIS what the PINK PUSSY MARCH was really all about?   Young human beings simply having a fit of GAMER RAGE!!

The “feminists” in this image (and their male supporters) lost an election!  That is all that happened…, but LOSING is no longer an option for these young people…, because losing means losing the game!   

And the game must be won at all costs!


This seems to be what is happening out there…., but as I pointed out in what I wrote last night…, they only show their RAGE when they are faced with people who refuse to STOP JUDGING!

You see, as long as you have “committed” to the NEW AGE RELIGION of never being judgmental…, they will accept you NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO

Trust me when I say that I have never seen a generation more willing to accept and tolerate basically ANYTHING!

These kids refuse to judge:

  • Gays
  • Trans-genders
  • Trans-sexuals

But it goes much further than this…, they ALSO refuse to judge:

  • Pedophiles
  • Rapists
  • Satanists

But even that is not far enough because not being “judgmental” means never judging anything!!

So they ALSO refuse to judge:

  • Murderers
  • MS 13 Gang Members
  • Members of ISIS who chop of peoples heads on Camera and post it to You-Tube

But even that is not far enough!  They ALSO must not judge:

  • Ritual Child Sacrifices
  • People who kill little babies and eat them
  • People who love to drink human blood from a tortured child filled with Adrenaline!

So now you can see why the young people of the world see absolutely NO PROBLEM with late term abortions or even killing babies AFTER they are born!

You see…, because they have been taught that NOTHING…, NOTHING should be judged EVER and so in their version of reality (the video game reality) anything and everything is OKAY – as long as it is not being done to them!

Is it any wonder that young people are far more sympathetic toward SATANISTS than they are toward Christians?

Young people see Christians as the ULITMATE  “judgers” and are human representatives of the EVIL GOD that judges human actions and behavior

So it is not hard to understand just WHO it is that is working inside of GOOGLE, TWITTER, YOU-TUBE, INSTA-GRAM, FACEBOOK, APPLE, AMAZON, NET-FLIX, VIMEO, and many other platforms and who are working over-time (on their own) to “censor”, “ban”, “shadow-ban”, “demonitize”, “cut off”, “stomp out” and literally “exterminate” any and all opinions of people on the Political Right…, becuase:


They are 100 percent GUILTY of doing what the NEW AGE RELIGION tells them not to do…, and thus they are wrong!

They need to be beaten, subdued, taken out, removed, and gotten rid of in order to WIN THE GAME!   

Losing is not an option!  And if a loss does occur…, you know what will happen….

The NEW AGE RELIGION has driven our young people 100 percent INSANE!

Even one of the COURSE IN MIRACLES most loyal present day Guru’s…, Marianne Williamson,  just can’t figure out why the POLITICAL LEFT is so evil and so mean…., and how they could just CENSOR and BAN her!

Well guess what…, she (Marianne) is no longer NON-JUDGMENTAL enough!

You see…, the new or NEO-NON-JUDGMENTALISM – includes tolerating:

  • Pedophiles
  • Human Sacrificers
  • Torturers of young Children
  • Child rapists
  • Satanists
  • Cannibals
  • People who drink human blood

And sadly…, Marianne Williamson does not fit the NEW VERSION of “never being judgmental” that young people toady are attempting to become!

You see Jesus Christ is no longer their ticket into Heaven…, they don’t believe in him…, but they DO believe in the NEW AGE!

They believe that never judging anyone (for anything) will allow them to ASCEND and become GOD.

And so we see young people supporting:

  • Open boarders for anyone
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • Socialism
  • Communism
  • Free and open Drug use
  • Abortion on Demand
  • Free and open worship of Satan
  • Baby killing
  • Cannibalism
  • Sex with little kids for anyone who wants to
  • Never saying anything rude about another persons sexual orientation

Which leads to wholly INSANE things like:

Which personal pronouns other people are allowed to use to address you with…

And sadly…, whether or not these young people know it or not…, the END RESULT or THE END GOAL OF NEVER JUDGING ANYTHING…, leads them right here:

You see, there is really no place else for them to go if they are willing to TOLERATE any action and any behavior no matter how EVIL IT IS…

They will simply all end up in an insane metal state where their MINDS can never resolve PI…, and their brains will work on the problem for all of eternity trying to achieve somethings that very literally can NOT BE DONE!

That something is pure “non-judmentalism”

So what those of us who are still sane are seeing in the young people all around us is actually a SEVERE FORM OF GAMER RAGE!!

It is a sickness that has been brought on by over exposure to VIDEO GAME REALITY – in concert with a deliberately FAKE TEACHING from the NEW AGE (put there by the Illuminati) which teaches these same young people to do something that can NEVER really be done in reality!

Their poor minds are now LOOPING in on themselves and eating away at their very souls!

But, I guess we should have known….

There is ONLY one real solution out of this insanity, because once the HUMAN MIND has started to LOOP IN ON ITSELF in a wholly insane attempt to do what is literally IMPOSSIBLE TO DO…, (never judge anything) it is stuck forever in a repeating cycle until something from the outside intervenes…




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