By: Bradley Loves


In my opinion…, it all starts in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s!

As much as had been going on before that time…, it is my opinion that the FULL COURT PRESS…., and the FULL PUSH for “hiving” the global mind started then.

Well…, what happened then?


The later 1960’s was the “Ronald McDonald, Burger King, Hardee’s, Jack in the Box, etc, etc, etc REVOLUTION!

It was the introduction of the SAME restaurant…, (over and over again) in every city in the United States…, and eventually the entire Planet.

It was a time when “change” or something different…, began to be substituted for “always the same”…., and “always dependable”….

It started with “fast food”…, and moved into every single aspect of our lives!


  • Food Stores became “chains”.
  • Clothing stores became “chains”.
  • Home improvement stores became “chains”.
  • Hair cut places became “chains”
  • Restaurants became “chains”
  • Oil change places became “chains”
  • Coffee shops became “chains”
  • Phone Companies became “chains”
  • Donut shops became “chains”
  • Car Dealerships and auto repair shops became “chains”

Chains…, chains…, everywhere you LOOK today…, there are chains…, but…, what you don’t see…, what you FAIL to see…, is that:



They bind your thinking into “patterns”…, and they bind your thinking into predictable algorithms…, and my friends…., this is EXACTLY what a MACHINE…, both wants and needs from you!


The introduction of:

Non Judgement…, and of Political Correctness…, and of never speaking out about differences…, was in fact a HUGE CON!

It was necessary to get all human beings everywhere to accept…, a very cookie cutter world…, and cookie cutter existence where soon…,  it would ALL BE EXACTLY THE SAME!

However…, this has another name!

It is called:    HIVING!

This is why…, soon…,

Anyone at all…, anywhere…, who thinks differently will be a CRIMINAL

Truth Tellers and Whistle Blowers are now labeled:  TERRORISTS

Why…, pray tell…., WHY?

Because…, as still individual thinking human beings…, they are:


They are “public enemy number one”

News and Media organizations everywhere have stopped reporting the TRUTH permanently now…, and instead only report what is given to them.

AND…., They know full well that this is happening!  Huge, huge numbers of them KNOW they are telling lies…., But guess what?

Just like the New Agers…,

“they don’t want to “judge” what they are being asked to do!”

They see it as politically incorrect to “judge” the idea that they are being asked to LIE directly to the WORLD.

So they say…., NOTHING…, and do what they are being told to do.

And NO…, not every single one of them has had their life threatened!

That is ludicrous…., tens of millions of people would have to have been personally threatened!  There would have to be people walking around…, 24/7…, 365…. doing NOTHING but threatening LIVES,….. ALL DAY LONG…., in order to achieve that.

Who could even do that     ???????????????…….??????……?????……??????? (!)

Hey New Age….,  Hows’ that NON JUDGEMENT working for us now….., when it hurts everything that we are trying to accomplish…., and achieve in order to save the world and save humanity??





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  1. Esmeralda

    Hiving of the mind – here is a newsworthy article about Gender Fluidity being taught. Where schools will teach kids, there is no such thing as being a boy or a girl.

    One of the nation’s largest public school systems is preparing to include gender identity to its classroom curriculum, including lessons on sexual fluidity and spectrum – the idea that there’s no such thing as 100 percent boys or 100 percent girls.

    Fairfax County Public Schools released a report recommending changes to their family life curriculum for grades 7 through 12. The changes, which critics call radical gender ideology, will be formally introduced next week.

  2. Our true history is very very different from what they teach you in church. Humanity was not created by the god from the bible. Humans are infinite awareness which have always existed and always will be. Each one of us has his/her own huge universe where we are the only creator of. The universe is so enormous that it is hard to imagine. Picture a huge library, which is so big that when you enter you can’t see the end of it. It has as well many floors and all of these halls are filled with books. Every book by itself is a complete universe with billions of different starsystems and planets and one of those books is ours. You take this book out and open it on page 80, which describes our planet Earth. This means there are trillions and trillions of different universes and in each you find the most wonderful and beautiful human beings who live in complete harmony and where new life is created all the time. Each universe has it’s unique wavelength like a radio-channel which is connected to Source. All of this together you can see as the Multiverse which you can call the Surpreme Creator. It is build up out of 12 super energies which were fully evaluated out of which humanity was created. A long time ago, time wise this would be around 2 billion years ago, the wavelength of a part of humanity got out of tune. They started to develop technologies to help to fix this, which resulted in the fact that they lost their connection to Source. All the rest of humanity decided to help and an incredible experiment was set up within that part of the universe. A new synthetic universe was created around them which would help them. The agreement was that no further interference was allowed since they needed to find their way back to Source through Love to prevent that a disaster like this would occur again. Half a million years ago the synthetic universe was conquered by Archontic beings of an artificial intelligence which are highly developed in a complete different way as humans , but have no connection to source whatsoever. Their system is completely based on hierarchy. The Archons were intrigued by the creative powers of humanity since they could only reproduce themselves through cloning. Their goal was to take over humanity to use their creative powers. They placed 8 holograms over the original one which resulted in the big fall of consciousness, so humans would not remember their past and then created the planet as described in the Bible. They designed as well new physical body’s for humanity to make them mortal. They made humanity believe they where the Gods, which was the base of all the existing religions on this planet. Humans were put under complete mind control which made them believe the source was outside instead of within and the only way to find Heaven back was to pray and follow the laws the religions were teaching, otherwise they would end up in Hell. Money with interest was introduced to enslave the peope. The rest of the Multiverse decided not to interfere since this would destroy the experiment.
    When people die , they are taught to look for the white tunnel where you will meet all your passed over loved ones. This is the big trap to keep humanity imprisoned, because the moment you enter the white tunnel all your memory is erased of this lifetime and immediately you will be born again in the same hologram as before to live the same life all over. What we really need to do is look for the black hole which seems scary but in truth is the entrance to our own heart which will bring back the full memory of our true past and help us reconnect to Source.
    Since the original hologram was not destroyed, every so often a group of humanity woke up and started to remember their true origin. This happened as well 2000years ago in the time of Jesus who was born as an Essene. The Essenes where at that time fully awake and they took it upon themselves to help to wake up humanity. Since Jesus was born into the royal bloodlines he was respected all over. The Priesthood hated him because they realized this could end their power over humanity. Jesus was teaching everybody that he was not special and what he was able to do, all humanity was able to. The creative power is in all humanity the moment you reconnect to the source within ourselves and realize you are not the person in the body but Infinite Awareness. In order to stop the awakening of humanity Jesus was crucified and all of the Christians sent to death in the first few centuries. Our present bible was only written in 4th century. It was the Roman emperor, a true psychopath , who ordered this. He allowed only books which restored his power over the people . So most of the true scriptures of Jesus were left out.
    The history we learn in school is one big lie and changed all the time to keep humanity away from the truth and under control. If we want to free ourselves it will be very important that we stop identifying with the person we think we are. We need to step back in our true role as a Galactic Being and Creator and help the soul which is trapped in the body to free itself by making his or her life as pleasant as possible. We need to free ourselves from the mind control of all the religions and believe systems because they cause war, poverty and huge trauma. We need to start loving our neighbor like we love ourselves. We are all equal. There is nothing higher or better than you. Everybody who pretends the opposite is a big hoax and influenced or working for the Artificial universe who want to keep humanity enslaved.

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