By: Bradley Loves


By now…, some of you must be wondering where all of these really in depth articles that I said I would write have been put!

“Where is all of the stuff on Magnetics and where is all of the stuff on Harmonics…, and all of the other stuff of great importance?”   …you might be thinking.

Well, it still here in my head…, and is still waiting for a humanity that is ready for it.

I’ve got to tell you…, and I’m going to be brutally honest here…,

We’ve got bigger fish to fry at this moment than writing about super advanced spiritual knowledge


You might be wondering just what the heck I’m talking about here, but from what I’ve seen over the last 9 months…, in all honesty…, is that most people are not ready for KINDERGARTEN SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE.

And THAT is really saying something.


My friends…, it’s not that difficult!   Before we can advance as a race…, we’ve got to get people to CARE!

Let’s repeat that…, we’ve got to CARE about one another!

Why is this so blasted hard to understand??

CARING…, is first grade level stuff…, and if we can’t handle that much.., then nothing about magnetics, harmonics, waves, frequencies and the like matter in the tiniest bit.

What we are seeing taking place is a public that is being slowly and totally NUMBED to anything and everything that is harsh, dark, unfair, unjust or simply down right cruel.


This is stuff that we as a species worked on for hundreds of years…, and now…, just before the end are we going to let ourselves backslide down the hill  ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM AGAIN?

I get it!

There is a New Age “teaching” circulating out there that is currently boggling the minds of every man, woman and child who might WANT TO CARE!

That teaching is called:  Non-judgement!

Now…, that “teaching” alone causes only minor HARM to people who might want to make real spiritual progress because it totally ignores balance.

But, when you add that teaching to an “impending” ASCENSION, (ingredient number two), which every desperate soul who is living on the planet at this time wants in order to ESCAPE from here,  and then mix those two ingredients with a third “teaching” which is:

 all souls living on Earth “contracted” for everything  happening to them…, even Ritual Child Sacrfice, Torture, Mind Kontrol, or Murder… (A Channeled Teaching)

Then you start to get a very nasty witches brew which has NO OTHER POSSIBLE AFFECT but to compel people to NOT CARE about anything or anyone! (Because they want to get OUT of here…, and they’ve been told this is how to do it!)

People begin to look at this world as unimportant…., they begin to see the people around them who are suffering horribly as unimportant…, and sadly…, yes sadly, they even see their OWN LIVES as unimportant!

This is where “judging nothing” has brought us to as a species.

This single teaching has done anything…, and everything but make us more FREE!

It has in fact placed an invisible PRISON around each and everyone of us where NO ONE will act any longer!  Make no mistakes here, if you are unwilling to ACT due to a certain teaching or idea…, then that teaching has you in a PRISON.

And…, let me add just one more thing:


We stopped becoming “more free”…, the very day and the very moment we stopped CARING!

That is why ALL…, and I repeat with very real and very sincere emphasis here…,



So…, instead of writing articles about SUPER ADVANCED IDEAS…, I bounced back and started writing about first grade level things like caring about each other…, and having courage…, and learning how to TELL THE TRUTH.

I’m really sorry dear readers…, but it seems that guys like me are not getting ANY TRACTION with the people out there because the NEW AGE has literally poisoned their thinking so badly…, their minds are no longer salvageable.


Because every article I write trying to get peoples minds right…, the CHANNELERS post hundreds of New Messages “repeating” just like a Hypnotist does…, the same message over and over and over…, until that is the only thing their minds can think.

I’m hoping that maybe I can save some that are not that far gone.


And there is no such thing…, as:

no matter what happens on Earth to anyone….,  they wanted that…….


All my love….



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