By: Bradley Loves


Where are all of the “rich” Billionaires who actually CARE about God and Country??     Oh, that’s right, they no longer exist!

Conservative in Name only!

Countless very wealthy men and women, who are staunch Conservatives have Bank Accounts that even GOD HIMSELF would be envious of!

And yet, the “purse strings” are not opening, and the money is “not flowing” when it comes to Organizing Grass Roots Conservative Action Groups.

At least, not like on the left!

George Soros, (Globalist) and many others like Bill Gates (Globalist) and Warren Buffet (Globalist) Jeff Bezos (Globalist) and Mark Zukerberg (Globalist) are handing out not just millions of dollars worldwide, but BILLIONS of dollars to far left wing groups in order to over throw the entire world, and turn it FASCIST!

I guess the “reason” they are doing this it that they have been “promised” that once the entire planet is FASCIST and COMMUNIST…, “they” will be rewarded and have a “golden ticket” that will make them IMMUNE from any of the fallout.

Either that or all of the MONEY stolen from every other human being on the planet (after the world goes Satanist) will be GIFTED BACK TO THEM!

Either way, countless honest men and women who have built up a huge BANK ACCOUNT are most likely going to LOSE that money anyway in the coming New World Order!

I guess a good CAPITALIST will always continue to “pinch pennies” right up until he loses his head in a fascist guillotine!

Sadly, the men and women who are SAVING THE ENTIRE WORLD right now are totally broke, don’t have an extra dime in their pocket, and are a step away from being destitue!

And yet, they are working hard behind the scenes for NO MONEY at all, to save America for GOD and for Country!

Jesus was right when he said that it would be harder for a “rich man” to get to heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.

The proof is upon us.

When their MONEY is needed the most to save America…, the country that gave them everything, including unlimited opportunity…, they are hiding it rather than SPENDING IT!

I hope there is a good ATM Machine in Hell!  Because if I know PRIME CREATOR, the very first question out of his mouth to every single one of these Conservative Billionaires is going to be this:

Why, when your money was needed the most, the money that I allowed you to earn…, did you not open your wallet to HELP SAVE the very country which is the foundation of FREEDOM in the entireWorld?

Why did you do NOTHING to aid my other children, your own brothers and sisters in Christ,  whose fingers were going raw on the keyboards, doing everything they could do to save FREEDOM for the world?

Did you not see their pleas for financial help?

Were you THAT BLIND to what was happening?

Why do YOU deserve to enter into God’s Kingdom?

Why do you, when you refused to do anything to help at a time that YOUR help was needed the most?


Think on this…, all my love….


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