By: Bradley Loves

Once again, I am compelled to evaluate how much I can say.  I am forced to think deeply about how much I should say…, and that is wholly based upon my intuition as to whether what I already “have said” has been grasped.

I am not doing this because I have nothing else I could be doing.  If not for my “promise” to do what I can (a promise made before I came here)…, I would simply stop and move on to something MORE FUN.

JESUS CHRIST said this:

You shall KNOW the Truth…, and the Truth will set you FREE!

Almost no one gets what he really meant…, and even LESS people understand the “mechanics” of what he said.

What Jesus said is actually a “provable” mathematical equation!

It is only when you take the superstitious Religious Dogma OUT of his words, can the deeper meaning they hold be understood.

I wrote about this earlier this month, and I wonder how many people caught it?

Let’s re-visit this idea…, and this time we’ll look at it under a microscope!


As spiritual beings…, we ARE beings of “frequency”.

Truth Telling…, and honesty…, is like courage and valor!  The results can be BOTH FELT and SEEN!

To “tell the truth” in a difficult situation…, is of the same standard as saving an innocent life!  The resultant FREQUENCY sent out into the Universe is registered as a very HIGH and NOBLE frequency.

It has both “color” and “sound”.

In our “current” situation here on Earth…, almost NO ONE values the TRUTH…, and every one accepts that LIES must be told!

However…, IF YOU KNEW HARMONICS the way that I KNOW HARMONICS…, then you would also understand this:

If you accept that LIES are necessary in life…, then you can never KNOW the TRUTH!

This is a huge statement,, and only by deconstructing it down to its base parts will you finally understand the “mechanics” of what Jesus was saying!



In this article

I wrote the following (and I know how strange it seems to be quoting myself…, but since NO ONE ELSE is writing about this…, then who can I quote??)


This is what has “allowed” all of the EVIL that is currently being done on our world to get a “foothold” and begin to manifest some of the darkest things we are now seeing taking place.

It is, and always was, mankind’s “delusional” idea that somehow SECRECY IS NECESSARY that has caused us all of our greatest problems.

If you don’t believe me…, then just look at all of the laws and rules that every country on Earth has concerning NATIONAL SECURITY.

These “laws” and “rules” are written to wholly “protect” a countries “secrets” at the expense the very people living in that country, as well as the people all around the world.

In fact…, it is this completely SATANIC PRINCIPLE…, which has allowed all manner of criminal activity to take place within government and banking circles, AND to go unreported and unpunished around the world.

Next, in another article I wrote this:

What if “you” as a TRUE and REAL BEING in the Universe, were nothing but, and always were a unique FREQUENCY PATTERN being “broadcast” or “emitted” from what we call THE SOURCE?

Sort of like a “radio wave”…, or a television wave…. (are you following this?)

You see…, in order for something that is no more than a “wave pattern”, or a frequency, to manifest as SOLID…, it would have to have a magnetic field around it!

This magnetic field “contains” your frequency, or your own unique wave pattern within a limited portion of space time. And it is the containment field that feels solid when you touch it…, NOT your body.

Now…, the “payoff” or the “money statement” comes in THIS ARTICLE HERE, (one that I also wrote).

Here is the important part:

The way this world (and our Universe) apparently works, is that if you figure out and discard ONE CON…, then another one will spring up immediately to take it’s place.

The reason this can happen is that you have not chosen TRUTH as your single minded path…, and instead, you’ve simply gotten tired of one particular lie!

That’s exactly why as the Catholic Church has dwindled from lack of support from the people (as they have tired of this “particular” lie) another lie can just as easily spring up (THE NEW AGE)…., only because the masses of men and women who have let go of the Catholic Church did not ACT nor BEHAVE in ways that demonstrated to the universe that from now on…..they would ONLY FOLLOW THE PATH OF TRUTH AND MORALITY.

If you have not cast aside ALL LIES…, then you are not on the path of TRUTH…, and will be subject (harmonically) to the next CON that comes along.

TRUTH is the only frequency which compels ALL OTHER frequencies to dissolve.

TRUTH is the counter frequency to every LIE and every CON.  But, if you allow “some lies” to continue in your life…, then you are allowing ALL LIES equal access because you have not chosen the path of ONLY TRUTH.

How many of you can “SEE” (at this point) the “mathematical side” to this statement?

How many of you can “SEE” what Jesus was really telling us?


Since “TRUTH” is a singular frequency…, then it can only exist within the MIND of a person who has “decided” that ALL LIES are no longer welcome!

You can not “LOVE THE TRUTH” or “KNOW THE TRUTH” if you cast out only “certain lies”.

If you “tired” of dozens of lies…, but then “accept” the idea that certain “other lies” are necessary…, then ALL LIES still have equal access TO YOUR MIND!

If this is “true” for you…, then you can never KNOW the truth…, and you will not be set free!


It is the very “frequency” of the CREATOR…, and only when “you personally” and “finally” decide that you will REMOVE all lies from your mind…, can the TRUTH come in and take up residence there.

The “mechanics” of this are very important…, and there is ACTION required ON YOUR PART.

You see…, the NEW AGE is filled with half truths…, and half lies!

The Channeling Community is guilty of spreading around tons of half truths, mixed in with lots of NEW AGE “dogma” that is very far from the TRUTH.


Now…, since “YOU” are allowing these “half truths” and “half lies” to fill your MIND…, then you can NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH!


Because you still accept the idea that certain lies can be “held onto” without having any CONSEQUENCE to your mind take place.

When it comes to the FREQUENCY OF TRUTH this is not the case!

It is only when you have made it abundantly clear to the UNIVERSE (through prayer) that you will no longer accept even a TINY LIE…, and you are adamant about that…, will the universe see your sincerity and come forth and “show you” what the TRUTH IS.


When you personally make this decision…, and you are quite serious about it (and this means being “willing” to give up any “sacred cows” of belief)…, especially where the NEW AGE is concerned…., THEN and ONLY THEN will the entirety of what is really going on flood into your MIND.


The complete picture will come flooding into your MIND and you will see it clearly as you have never seen it before!  NO ONE will tell you…, you will JUST KNOW IT!

Because “YOU” have made the space, and have made the “home” for TRUTH inside of you…, and told the universe this…, (and you have cut out the possibility of ANY LIE you’ve been holding onto anywhere in your mind)…, then the TRUTH will come AUTOMATICALLY!

All of it!

You will know things suddenly that most people don’t even understand.  And NO ONE will teach you…, you’ll JUST KNOW.


What would it feel like to you…, if NO ONE could ever lie to you again?

What would it feel like to you…, if no matter what was being put in the media…, or being told to you…, you “immediately” knew if it was the TRUTH or a LIE?

Did you even KNOW that you have the power to do this?

What would it mean to YOU if for the rest of your life…, you were “aware” of the deepest secrets of the UNIVERSE…, and no one had to teach you…, YOU JUST KNEW?

In order to have this happen…, what would you be willing to do?

Would you be “willing” to give up EVERY LIE…, and every deception…, and no matter WHO claimed lies were necessary…, would you become a CHAMPION for the TRUTH?

Would you be “willing” to take a very hard look at things you have “believed were true”…, but may not be?

Would you be “willing” to cut away those cherished “beliefs” because in reality they were NOT the truth…, but simply things you “wanted” to believe in…, and “wanted” to be true?


If you can do this…, AND show the universe that you are sincere…, the UNIVERSE ITSELF (ALL OF CREATION) will reveal it’s secrets to your mind…, because only then is your mind ready for it.

It is “ready” because YOU MADE THE CHOICE.

You shall KNOW the Truth…, and the Truth will set you FREE!

This is not only an “accurate” statement…, but it is mathematically provable…, and will happen the very moment you decide that ONLY TRUTH is acceptable to you.

Once this happens…, the TRUTH will automatically come flooding into your MIND!

The beautiful “side affect” of this is that once the secrets of the Universe have made themselves known to you…, you can NEVER BE LIED TO AGAIN…, no one can deceive you EVER AGAIN.


YOU ARE FREE FROM ALL DECEPTION…, because you really do KNOW the truth…, and in the knowing of the truth…, you have been set free!

Why do I know this is possible?

Because I’ve done it!

When you refuse to entertain even the tiniest LIE or CON in your mind…, and you weed out every detail that may even be the most insignificant (and seemingly harmless) deception…, THE TRUTH will flood your mind automatically as a Cosmic Gift from the CREATOR.

When this happens…, you WILL KNOW things you never thought you’d know!  And…, no matter how convincing people are in their delivery of their lies…, you will  KNOW they are lies!


It is exactly as Jesus said!




















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