By: Bradley Loves



Athough seemingly different on the surface…, a very well co-ordinated campaign of secrecy, with deep roots that pervade all of our society, will always lead to SATANISM.  They are woven from the same fabric…, and are part of the same family.

They are the “non-identical twins”, who on the face of it, look nothing like each other…, but have the very same genes.

The key “unifying” factor which links Satanism to Secrecy is of course DECEPTION!

Deception is the EVIL BRIDE which is married to both Satanism and Secrecy and serves them both.

One night…, Deception will spend entirely with Satanism…, helping it to procreate…, and the other night it will spend with Secrecy doing the very same.  You see, deception sees NO DIFFERENCE between the two twins, even though they look quite different on the surface.

It may seem strange to some that the US MILITARY…, which used to be very “Christian” in it’s leanings…, suddenly went so very quickly toward the SATANIC!  The US Miltary at this point today completely embraces Satanism as a normal religious path.


I can tell you the very day it happened…, or at least the very day the “seed” was planted!

It happened the very moment that the MILITARY decided that it had to KEEP SECRETS from the American People at all costs, thinking they were doing the people a “favor”!


It happened at the very moment it was decided that there were just some things that could not be told…, and that a COVER OF SECRECY had to now be maintained at all costs between the MILITARY and those loving humans they were supposed to be serving.

The day that the MILITARY began to LIE and to DECIEVE the very people it claimed to be serving…, IT WENT SATANIC!

Almost no one…, except those already involved with Satanism knew this would happen.

You see…, SECRECY leads to SATANISM eventually!

It has to…, there is no other place for it to go!

I know this sounds like a bold statement…, but through the course of this article you will see how one thing connects to the next thing which connects to the next…, in a long line of dominos…, which have NO CHOICE but to affect the domino sitting next to it.

As I’ve said…, the seemingly unconnected “connection” (if you will) between Secrecy and Satanism is deception!  It is the cover of LIES!  It is a necessary component or ingredient of both processes, if they are to be successful.

Neither can succeed in the light of day, or the light of TRUTH!

Deception, however is a WHORE!  And it sleeps with anyone who will have it.

Faithful to no one…, Deception will certainly spend just as much time in Secrecy’s bed…, as it will in Satanism’s bed.

If you haven’t yet noticed…, the USA Corporation…, the Media…, and every other part of the “AUTHORITY STRUCTURE” of the once great USA is now lying to everyone in the world, at every turn…, decieving people, countries, businesses…, and EVEN themselves…, moment by moment and EVERYONE CAN SEE IT!

Actually, when you think of it…, this is NOT rocket science here!  It’s quite obvious.

You see…, the deeper one goes into secrecy…, the deeper one goes into Satanism.

It’s the ULTIMATE SALES TRAP!   You can’t buy one…, without getting the other.

Perhaps it’s like marrying the prettiest woman you can find…, but she just happens to have the most EVIL, “witch-like” mother the Universe has ever seen.

Buy one…., you GET the other.    So those who have married Secrecy have a new mother in law…, SATANISM!


Let’s repeat…,

It is BECAUSE whether it’s secrecy…, or satanism…, you MUST use deception and lies to practice it!

That is the connecting link!  And that is all that is needed.

That is all that is needed for the GREAT DECIEVER to “own” those who choose that path.

For once they choose that path…, FOREVER will it dominate their destiny!

However…, you may think that it stops there!   I can tell you with all honesty that it does not!

The darkness goes far deeper than just Satanism.  You see…, once you start down the path of Satanism…, through your marriage to secrecy and lies…, you must eventually become a “parasite”.

That is the destiny of everyone on the dark path…, for those on the dark path can NOT exist without stealing and living off of others in almost every way! THEY CAN NOT SURVIVE ON THEIR OWN.

The connecting link between Satanism and Parasitism…, is VAMPIRISM.

And…, funnily enough.., don’t we already KNOW that those men and women at the very top of the ELITE STRUCTURE practice Ritual Child Sacrifice?

And…, in the process of doing this…, don’t they drink the blood of the innocent children they have killed?

Why…, becuase once you have given your life over to Satanism…, that is not the end!

The great DECIEVER wants MORE from you!

In order to crush the eternal life out of you…, HE/IT must make you into a husk!  A shell which can NEVER hold the spirit of CREATOR ever again!

VAMPIRISM sets you on that path, moving quickly now toward the deepest evil…, and the eventual necessity of living eternally as a PARASITE!

Never again…, will one who has fallen this far be able to exist without taking, stealing, and existing off of the essence of others!

BLOOD DRINKING becomes necessary for the human soul and the human spirit to completely VOID itself of all connection to the higher realms of consciousness.

THESE MEN AND WOMEN BECOME “WRAITH LIKE” in their spirit beings…, ugly and malformed!

And you can see…, (it has now been revealed) that many CEO’s of major corporations are being REQUIRED to witness a ritual child sacrifice and DRINK it’s blood in order to move up the corporate ladder.


You see…, they have already “embraced” Satanism…, thinking it was only an “idea”…, and not a DESTINATION!

Yet the great DECIEVER…., has a plan for every soul that takes the dark path!

So first…, they EASILY embrace SECRECY…, thinking it means nothing!  Then they find that what that led them to was SATANISM.

Then, they embraced SATANISM…, thinking it meant nothing!  Then they found that what that led them to was BLOOD DRINKING and CHILD SACRIFICE…, or in other words VAMPIRISM.

This they did not like.., but thought that still…, it meant nothing, and this is the END of how far they must go (fall).

Yet the great DECIEVER is not done here!

Because once a man or woman embraces BLOOD DRINKING and VAMPIRISM…, they are now firmly on the path toward becoming a “husk” or a “shell” of a human…, devoid of SOUL and SPIRIT.

They become total PARASITES eventually…, beings which can NOT SURVIVE on their own because they have lost all connection to SOURCE and to PRIME CREATOR!

Cursed beings…, they move around the ASTRAL LEVELS being able to MOVE NO HIGHER because they no longer have a SOUL, which is the necessary component of transforming their energy into a higher frequency.

Beings like this are TRAPPED…, and can spend BILLIONS of years never moving forward.

Only through the intervention of PRIME CREATOR itself can an entity such as this regain it’s ability to once again proceed…, and that process is pure GRACE.

If you think I’m joking…, just wait and see!

Entity’s that “possess” normal humans…are some of these wraith like entities!  They are the VOLDEMORTS…, (if you will) who have to invade the living space of a SOURCE connected being in order to SUCK the living energy from that being while they are here on Earth.

And interestingly…, demon possessions are on the rise in profound numbers.  The reason we never hear about this is that most of these people are caught, drugged heavily and then placed into huge psychiatric facilities.  This is happening in every country.

As things become MORE and MORE obvious…, this will too!  The only hope for those who have chosen Satanism…, is to turn back!

The first step toward turning back…, is to start telling the TRUTH!

The great DECIEVER can not live in the light of TRUTH and the light of DAY!










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