By: Bradley Loves


In my last post…, I had the audacity to suggest that the “New Age” may very well be teaching “ideals” and “tenets” that are wholly Satanic!

I made the connections of who is behind the New Age…, but did not elaborate on what “teachings” would be faulty!

The answer can be summed up like this:

Anything that actively “teaches” us to NOT CARE…, or to over look any and all suffering is by definition SATANIC!

One of the most faulty and Satanic “teachings” of the New Age…, and one that comes “directly” from Channeled Messages is this one:

No matter what happens to you in your life…, YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING…., AND YOU WANTED THAT!  (It’s your Karma)

This one single New Age teaching has done MORE DAMAGE in our world than any disease, famine or war EVER could ever do.

It’s all based on a LIE!

This “teaching”…, has single handedly “destroyed” the LOVE, COMPASSION, and CONCERN that one human being might have had for another simply by telling us that ANYTHING that happens to others is something they wanted to experience!

The totally Ludicrous end result is that we have New Ager’s saying things like this:

Men and women who rape, torture, and Ritually Murder little children are NOT BAD PEOPLE…, becuase the child knew it was going to have that happen…, and CHOSE IT!

Therefore…, (as a result) these same New Ager’s who think this way have NO REASON to lift a finger to CARE, to SAY SOMETHING, to CONDEMN…, or to PUT A STOP TO this type of behavior!

(It’s not their job…,  or their place to “interfere”)

As a result of the “outcome” of this one single faulty teaching…..


There are “hundreds” of New Age “teachings”…, mostly CHANNELED…, which in my opinion are SATANIC, or are flawed and misleading.

Naturally this is exactly what the Freemasons wanted to put into place in order to control our world.

Once again…, Mark Passio has put together a video (Thanks Mark) that talks about these very flawed teachings and it is called:  NEW AGE BULLSH*T!

Here is that video…, (Fully Extended) so that those who read my very last post…, will be able to see WHICH teachings are so faulty and so mis-leading!  This way NO ONE can say they had “no clue”…, or that NO ONE told them!



This video above…, fits so perfectly with the “De-mystifying the Occult” video…, It could be an integral part of it!   I can’t recommend watching and listening to this one video enough…., EVEN if you need to split it into parts and do it over an entire week!

You will NEVER be sorry you took the time to do this!!


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