By: Bradley Loves


According to “Q” Anon, and other insiders, Barack Obama is deeply connected to actions taken by the FBI and the DOJ which were highly illegal.

So far, we’ve basically come to find that he knew about these things that were happening, and did nothing to uphold the “law”, and did quite a bit instead to get around the “law”.

My question is NOT for politicians, but is for New Agers, and New Age Bloggers!!

You see, guys like me were really trying desperately to warn people and wave the “danger flag” for over 8 longs years about Barack Obama!

I wrote many articles but even MORE, I talked in chat rooms and discussion groups trying to get this message out!!

My “warnings” got absolutely NO WHERE in large part due to the efforts of a single group…, THE NEW AGE.

These men and women shouted me down, wrote counter article and counter posts, DEFENDING, and PRAISING Barack Obama for 8 years!

They did this in order to fully “drown out” any voice or any perspective other than their OWN.

Instead of lovingly engaging in discourse about the reservations that many of us had…, they CHOSE to literally create a BLIZZARD of support articles for Obama so that no one would even entertain another point of view!




Yes.., I do want one!

Something like this would be nice…

Dear Truth Seekers Everywhere,

WE are so VERY SORRY that for the 8 years of Barack Obama’s Presidency we collectively shouted down and ignored any truthseeker who had an opinion other than our OWN.

We did this out of sheer ARROGANCE, and the deep belief that WE were right about him and therefore chose not to listen to anyone else at all.

What’s worse than that, WE marginalized and belittled websites and authors who were trying to tell us the TRUTH about Obama and his administration.

We did this because we believed in a handful of channeled Messengers who kept telling us (even though they are invisible and don’t live here on Earth) that Obama was a high soul and a saint!



Various New Age Bloggers, Websites Owners, New Age Writers & Channelers.


Yes something like this would be nice!

Now, if this does NOT show up on the internet and get posted on the blogs that were CLEARLY supportive of Barack Obama…, (and I have a list of which ones they were)…, then, in my opinion the NEW AGERS who were clearly doing this, have not a single ounce of spirituality in them what so ever.

The inability to “apologize” , is the first sign of huge ego’s and tremendous ARROGANCE!

So…, this is DAY ONE and counting to see which bloggers and website owners that supported Barack Hussein Obama as a “Saint” and a “High Soul” will actually say they are sorry for spreading LIES and DISINFORMATION.

Now…, if these bloggers and website owners CAN NOT write or print something like what I wrote above…, then they have NO BUSINESS claiming even the remotest amount of spirituality or closeness to PRIME CREATOR our loving father.  And they certainly have no business running a New Age Website or Blog!!


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