By: Bradley Loves



This is going to be “hard” for a lot of people to hear.., and the reason for that is that almost everyone on Earth has been lied to from the very beginning of their lives!

If you’ve been “programmed” to TRUST “authority…, whether it is Governmental, Banking, Educational, Religious, or otherwise…, then you will rail and rebel against this kind of revelation.

You see…, for those of us who can think “logically”…, it is a NO BRAINER that the corruption starts at the very top…, because IF those at the top were pristine and pure…, they could very easily give ORDERS to those directly under them to clean up the corruption in the lower levels.

It would take days…, not decades to clean up the corruption under an HONEST and PURE leadership AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS.

So this is the ONE…, and ONLY possible reason that corruption still exists…, and it is because it starts AT THE VERY TOP!

There is an old saying in the military and that is this:


So…, the orders come from the top!

When Oliver North testified in front of Congress over the Iran Contra affair…, he “refused” to be honest only to the extent that he was COVERING UP for those who were the criminals above him.

He said over and over in his testimony that those asking the questions HAD NO IDEA how high up things went!

He went to jail ONLY because he would NOT say how high, and who!!

(He protected them).

I had the interesting experience of meeting a former CIA asset who told me that he had spent his entire life working in Central America assisting the CIA in the illegal DRUG TRADE.

He affirmed my already known suspicions that the CIA ran the entire GLOBAL DRUG TRADE, and was in charge of ALL (not just some) of the Mexican Cartels…, and aided in getting all of the illegal drugs into the US!

We talked about several things…, and when I asked him who was “in charge” …, or who was the director of his operations…, he did not hesitate in letting me know that it was Oliver North!

He did this, (I think) because I had actually said some (not so nice) things about North earlier in our conversation…, and far from not liking the guy…, this former asset had nothing but praise for his former commander.

So…, it wasn’t like he was trying to throw North under the bus or anything!  In fact…, he said that he’d willingly follow North into hell…, if he had been ordered to.

We as Americans…., have got to “get a clue”…, just like the rest of the world already has…, that those who are their leaders, ARE IN CHARGE of the corruption!

Just because we live in America…, does not mean that we are immune from graft, theft, criminal activity, and thuggishness at the VERY TOP!

The John Podesta e-mails…, and the Wiki-leaks material has already proven so…, and the ONLY PEOPLE who refuse to acknowledge this are those men and women who just can not stomach or digest the TRUTH!

However.., lets’ get a quote from the most recent PRESTON JAMES article located here:


Greg is the model example of how a well educated, well respected professional can became a Truth-seeker, and then became transformed into an international anti-corruption Truth-warrior, all because of high level corruption that impacted his life.

While working as a professional architect in New Zealand, Greg refused to be accept abuse by a corrupt system and then fought that corruption with every resource he had to expose it. Initially he had hoped that the higher government and Law Enforcement authorities would clean it up. Instead he found out the higher you go the more corrupt they are.

Here is a normal working man…, (a professional) who was being targeted for his truthful views…, and the higher up the chain of command he went…, the MORE CORRUPT it became!


There is only one simple point to this post!  If you (as an American) or any other being living in another country…, are specifically LOOKING toward HIGH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to tell you what really happened…, or what the TRUTH IS…,


Neither will you find it at the top of the Religious Pyramid…, from the QUEEN…, the POPE…, the COURTS…, the MEDIA…, or any “institution” that has been created in the control structure!



Only when you learn, accept, and can digest this…, will you be free!

Otherwise…, no matter how spiritual you think you are (NEW AGERS SPECIFICALLY)  you are still imprisioned and are still slaves!

All my love

Oh…, and PS…, now that you KNOW that the CIA is in charge of the world wide drug trade…, and controls it all…, HOW CAN YOU TRUST what they are saying about the “Russians” hacking the recent Election???


Can you give me one good reason why you should??

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