By: Bradley Loves


Let’s face it.  There have been Luciferian’s on the Earth for a long, long time. Jay Parker, Svali, and Cathy O’brien, as well as Mark Passio tell us so.

Hidden deep within the bowels of control of the Catholic Church, and the world wide Jesuit Army…, (whose only allegiance is to the Pope – not Jesus) they operated neatly under the radar for centuries.  They are: THE DARK MAGICIANS OF OLD.

They are some of the operators behind the scenes within GLOBAL SECRET SOCIETIES, and other OCCULT (hidden) organizations.  They are the ones who “ran things” and most likely even had off world contacts with certain ET’s far before the MILITARIES of the World bumped into them before and after WW II.

As stated in Part One…, at some point just after WW II…, certain military leaders and certain Presidents are made aware of an impending PROBLEM.  

That PROBLEM is made a complete SECRET (A Mistake) and now certain things are set into motion that can never be undone.

A unique opportunity is created for the US Military (who now “needs” to operate under total secrecy) and for a very large and already organized group who uses the very same tactic…., THE SATANISTS!

The common link between these two highly unlikely groups is something that I’ve talked about before…, and that is the “glue” of DECEPTION.

An “unlikely” Marriage of sorts had to be formed.

Because several world Governments were now trying to operate in Secret…, they had to employ uncommon alliances.  So therefore these Governments became partners with ORGANIZED CRIME!

The Khazarian Mafia…,(aka THE CABAL) is that sordid global group that the likes of both Preston James…, as well as Ben Fulford like to talk about as well as write about at length…, and is exactly what I’ve described above!

It is a “marriage” between:


And…, who is it…, at this very moment… that all of us…, who are part of that remnant of decent society left standing is  fighting against desperately to get the control of humanity back out of their hands?????

You guessed it:      The Khazarina Mafia…,  aka   “The Cabal”

So…, knowing this…, guess what…, “point proven”…, and “case closed”…, a MISTAKE was made! (Secrecy was a mistake)

Now that we KNOW it was a MISTAKE…, lets just look backward with 20/2o vision and see just how little the Militaries knew about the SATANIC AGENDA.

You see…, the SATANIC AGENDA is all about bringing in a NEW WORLD ORDER of human reality where LUCIFER is crowned king…, and every one on Earth is forced to bow down and say: HAIL SATAN!

Human Child Sacrifice…, Blood Drinking…, Ritual Torture and Murder…, as well as the long term goal of just getting RID of anyone on the planet who did not wish to bow down to SATAN, were some of the REAL GOALS of these hidden SECRET SOCIETIES who were just laying in the grass and the “Bushes” of the world…, for centuries…, waiting for an opportunity like this one to come up.

Now…, I’m fairly certain…, that those men and women who were faced with the desperate news that a global calamity may take place in the near future had NO REAL CLUE that deeply hidden away from their eyes…, such things as listed above were even taking place.

But they “needed” allies.  And why?  Because “everything” they were about to do…, needed to be kept a huge SECRET, and hidden from the public.

Thus…, the fairly upstanding and decent MILITARY of the 1950’s was slowly introduced to the Leaders of the Global Mafia…, and the practitioners of Global Satanism!

These “types” were drowning in the one thing that the new secret programs needed desperately if they were to “save the world” and that was MONEY!

A new organization was formed called:  THE CIA…, and another called THE NSA as well as the NRO…, in order to keep tabs on all things now being kept SECRET!

So what do you think is going to happen when the likes of the GLOBAL MAFIA…, and THE GLOBAL SATANISTS all have access to the CIA and the NSA…., but normal, decent and everyday people do not?  I will tell you….

You get a very slow…, drip, drip, drip of the criminal agenda…, and the Satanic Agenda unfolding into every aspect of human life for everyone who lives on Earth to have to deal with!

There is no better video…, anywhere available (in my opinion) that showcases the sordid relationship over time that developed between:


It is the 7 hour long KAY GRIGGS interview, which is really a must from start to finish!

Please take the time necessary to do this important research by watching it if you have not done so already.

Okay…, but this is only a TINY FRACTION OF WHAT IS GOING ON!

Let’s go back to Kerry’s Article!

Classified technology and the secret space program

Jake emphasized to us that the current state of classified technology was something like 10,000 [ten thousand] years ahead of public sector technology – and was accelerating away from public sector technology at a current rate of 1,000 years per calendar year.

This got our attention.

Jake did not blink when we mentioned time travel, the Mars base, or the advanced fleet of craft which we had been told by Henry Deacon serviced it. Jake told us that some of the advanced craft were capable of traveling from geostationary orbit (22,300 miles) to treetop height in five seconds. (Work it out: that’s about 16 million miles per hour – although Jake made it clear that the craft would not actually be moving through space in the normal sense… and would also never be seen unless this was intended.) Some of the craft were “larger on the inside than outside”.

Had they traveled to the outer reaches of the solar system? Yes. Beyond our solar system? Yes.

Are some of them superluminal (i.e. capable of faster-than-light travel)? Yes.

Were some of them very large? Yes.

By this time, we were no longer surprised by Jake’s answers. The significance of the superluminal craft would be stressed in a subsequent conversation.

The human race had had contact with extraterrestrials since before World War II. Jake told us that it was very probable that Eisenhower’s 1955 heart attack was at least partially induced by the stress of some of the information he had learned from the extraterrestrials who he had personally met a short time before (after several previous set-up meetings with senior military officials).

Taken all together, Jake told us, the ET visitors came from various races, systems and times, and that human DNA “was compatible” with hundreds of different races. All these ET races, in some meaningful sense, could be said to be “human or human-like”.


Now that you’ve got the likes of the Global Mafia (highly motivated for profit)…, the Global Luciferians (highly motivated to see Lucifer crowned King and a New World Order brought into being), and the Global Banking System…, (just damn greedy humans who want nothing more than to make money on the backs of everyone else – i.e. highly motivated)  and certain Governments and Militaries of the World thinking a global calamity will take place…, just what do you think a group like that can achieve over 70 years in total SECRECY? 

Well what does Kerry’s contact “Jack” (a pseudonym) say about that:

Over the course of 70 or 80 years you get things like:

  1. Time Travel
  2. Teleportation
  3. The Mars Base
  4. A Global Fleet of Space Ships
  5. Anti-Gravity Drive
  6. Free Energy
  7. Hundreds of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS)
  8. A super fast Mag-Lev shuttle train system connecting them all, many of which are up to 5 miles deep underground.
  9. And (with Alien Help)  sophisticated A.I. Intelligence computers that are so advanced even the ET’s don’t like the fact that Earth has them.

Now…, the real question becomes this:


Thats the subject of Part Three

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