By: Bradley Loves

Happy Sunday to each and every member of my loving family!  Thank you so much for being patient and sticking with we through thick and thin!  What a treasure each of every one of you are.

Today…, I’m going to write an off the cuff appraisal of the progress that we’ve made in the last year (2015)…, and what I think is necessary to move forward from here.


While it looks very much like we are all very separate beings, living very separate lives…, nothing could be further from the truth!

Just like the cells in the human body are totally and wholly interdependent upon the operation of the other cells…, so we human being are interdependent upon the operation of the OTHER HUMANS on the Earth.

If you don’t think so…, then I suggest that you go live on a deserted Island in the South Pacific and see how well you do by living ALL BY YOURSELF for even 6 months.

And by that I mean taking nothing with you…, and having to MAKE EVERYTHING YOU NEED by your own hands.

In the same way…, no one cell in the human body can run the entire body, that’s just impossible.  The body needs every cell to be awake and aware of what is happening…, even the BAD.

I’ve tried to get this point across over and over again, in my earlier articles over the past year…, and it seems as if only a few really get this idea.  (Most likely those who are reading this now!)


Not like the Borg…, and certainly not like the Illuminati, and those who want the NEW WORLD ORDER, wish to see!  And we are certainly not cyborgs who are all connected by either A.I. or machine technology!

We are instead a living biology…, that are individual parts of a larger whole.  That is what I mean when I say we are a collective!

A few good people, (MONTAGUE and VERONICA KEEN), and others…, have been banging the drum loud and long, trying to get this one fact across…, and sadly…, due to the very CONFUSING teachings of the NEW AGE…, and channelers who have NO IDEA how the world works.., this FACT of our existence is getting ignored and lost.

We’ve also got very brave souls like Jay Parker…, and Mark Passio (who have first hand knowledge of the Satanic Occult…, and are bringing that knowledge to us…, and to the largest extent possible…, people are IGNORING those words and messages.


This opposition is so subtle that only those who are the deepest in tune…, and the most awake and aware can see it.

It is BLACK MAGIC at it’s most devious level.   It takes a concept like oneness and gives you every part of the picture except the one most vital part that makes it work!

That one part is left out!

Black Magic copies and mimic’s the truth…, and gives you 90 percent of the picture, and then adds 10 percent lies, that are absolute POISON to those drinking the other 90 percent of the truth!

If you want some real truth…, and I’ve posted it before…, I can NOT stress and beg enough that you take time to watch this ONE VIDEO of Mark Passio’s called NEW AGE BULLSHIT!

This video is 5 hours of pure wisdom.

Before you watch that however…, this is a must to help your understanding, and it is his Lecture from the FREE YOUR MIND conference of 2015 called:

ORDER FOLLOWERS…, and it is so important to know this stuff.

So…, what is so important in these videos anyway?

It is a basic, basic premise that is missed over and over again by the NEW AGE!  It is actually ignored by almost all practitioners of the NEW AGE…, and therefore considered NOT IMPORTANT!

If you watch the ORDER FOLLOWER video, what you are going to find is that the SYSTEM that we are living in and living under is a SATANIC SYSTEM!

It is a system that was built and is maintained, so that every other person is being NEGATIVELY AFFECTED by it’s continuance!

This is not just an assumption, nor is it speculation…, this is a FACT…, and is as real as it gets!

The NEW AGE erroneously tells us to “IGNORE” what is happening “out there” and to ONLY FOCUS on ourselves and on our own ascension!

But in the end…, if you REALLY understood what was happening here on the Earth…, and what our true role in changing it was…, you’d know that THAT is the opposite of what you need to be doing!

For over a year…, I’ve tried to be kind to those who were channeling…, and simply say… they are in error!  I’ve not called anyone out…, nor named names…, but this has got to stop!

Here is a link to a channeled message that is typical of what I’m talking about.  If you take off your rose colored glasses for only a moment you’d see that this is saying EXACTLY what I’ve been writing about…, and exactly what both I, Jay Parker, and Mark Passio say is the problem with the NEW AGE!

Here is just one thought from this channeled message, that on the face of it seems 90 percent correct…, but it’s the last 10 percent that is the POISON that is killing the human race.

You are beginning to understand that thought is such a powerful energy, as your vibrations are raised you need to exercise care as to the manner in which you send your thoughts out. Wishing to help others in a positive way is desirable and acceptable, but care has to be taken where you are re-acting to some negative experience. It may seem a strange concept but in merely linking with negative thoughts may result in their attachment to you. So do not give them your energy by dwelling upon them. Just bear in mind that what you “think” is what you are attracting to yourself.

I have high lighted the dangerous part of the quote here to show you that you really have to read these messages carefully!

This message basically says: Do not “re-act” to any negative happenings in the world around you!

If you break that down further, most people will read that very literally, and see the words: DO NOT ACT!   (Their mind will give the words a meaning, and skip over the actual words).

This is an encoded stand down message!  It is meant only for the sub-conscious mind to see…, and meant to by-pass the conscious mind all together.

Do NOT re-act (ACT) in the face of anything negative that is happening in the world.  So if this is what most people’s minds will see…, then what will they do after reading this?  They will IGNORE anything and everything bad that is happening around them, just as the message suggested!

It goes on to say that if you “think” about negative things…, you “attract them to yourselves”…, so that it is FAR BETTER not to think about anything negative at all!

This is also an encoded stand down message.  It basically is telling those reading the message to IGNORE what is going on around them for their OWN SAFETY!

I’m not saying there isn’t truth in this message…, as I’ve said…, given what is being said…, there is certainly truth here…, but it is the subtle meanings and the way it is delivered that ALL OF THE DECEPTION comes through.

Now, if the meaning taken from this message is followed to it’s logical conclusion…, you will get a picture of EXACTLY what is happening on the Earth as we speak.

NO ONE IS HELPING ANYONE ELSE…, since it is better to ignore the negative!

Now…, I’m not saying that this man…, who channeled this message is doing this knowingly, far from it…, he is however being USED! (By his own consent)

He has “opened” himself up to connect with any “intelligent” forces who are willing to send him a message…, and those entities who are in the lower astral plane are doing just that!

These entities are working for and with the ARCHONS…, and the other DEMONIC forces which have surrounded our Earth and need to be REMOVED!

Sadly, those men and women who do this type of channeling are simply NAIVE’ to the max!

They think that because they are “good” people…, no dark entity could or would ever USE them in any way, but these demonic beings are exceedingly good liars and deceivers.  This is NOT their first rodeo…, and this is NOT their first attempt at getting control of humanity and the Earth.

They know exactly what you want to hear…, and give you just enough truth to make the message believable…, and then add just enough poison to it to make it a very damaging message indeed.

So these men and women (unknowingly) continue to be the physical scribe for messages (the origin of which) has no way to be proven!

The ONLY WAY to know of the truth of the message is to READ IT VERY CAREFULLY…, and then to use every means of loving knowledge and wisdom one has to see if it is deceptive!

To simply read this message and ASSUME that it is TRUTH is foolhardy to the max.

Oh…, and by the way…, I am not picking on this man…, I am simply using HIS MESSAGE as an example of hundreds of channeled messages which have come out in the last few weeks…, ALL OF WHICH are equally dangerous and deceptive!


We have to help each other!  We have to pay attention to what is going on here on Earth…, and then YES…, we have to ACT!

We can not stand by while base evil is taking place all around us.

We have to bring good action into manifestation and into the physical, and the ONLY WAY we do that is by thinking very carefully about what IS HAPPENING all around us…, and what we can do about it. (Especially if those events are negative)

This is directly opposite of what the above channeled message is very subtly suggesting!

No, it does not say this OVERTLY…, it very subtly “suggests” this in such a way that the meaning is hidden…, and only taken in by the deeper subconscious mind.

What I’m saying is backed up by SCIENCE!

I’ve tried to explain in detail (in other articles) what I’m saying.  However…, the “science” that supports this has been hidden for ages.  It is an esoteric science…, and has to do with the Earth’s Morphogenetic Field…, as well as the Earths Magnetic Field…, the Ley Lines…, and our own inter-connectedness, and inter-dependence upon the these subtle (and yes invisible) mediums of very powerful energy exchange.

I apologize if I have not yet been able to adequately describe and put into words a simplified picture of how this SCIENCE actually supports everything that I am saying.

All I can say is that I will continue to try to help by reminding those who read my articles that very little of what is really important can be SEEN, by your eyes!

For now…, perhaps I’ve given you enough to think about.

I ask you to sincerely consider that we are a collective…, and that what is being suggested by the NEW AGE (An Ascension of individuals) can NOT happen in the way they suggest.

The Earth will go as a whole…, either one way or the other!

To “keep your vibration high” as they are so fond of saying…, and ONLY pay attention to their own lives…, is in TRUTH a SATANIC PRACTICE…, as Mark Passio say’s in his NEW AGE BULLSHIT video.

Please take the time to watch these two video’s today!

All my LOVE!


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