By: Bradley Loves

Knowing that “TIME” has been compromised (as Phil Corso Jr. has told us) is the “KEY” that unlocks the mystery to our FUTURE!

At this point…, the “ball” so to speak is in “our court”.

If there ever was a time or a moment when the golden opportunity to make a change for the better (and not the kind of change “promised” by politicians) but I’m talking about a real “grass roots” change from the bottom up…, it is THIS TIME…, and THIS MOMENT!

We are the “deciders” of our own destiny…, and it is WE that are going to have to carefully craft the VERSION of history we would like to see from this point on.

The SATANISTS (at the very advent of TIME TRAVEL) cast their hat into this ring, and opted for a “version” of history where there is a ONE WORLD ORDER, a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, a ONE WORLD CURRENCY, and a ONE WORLD RELIGION, dedicated to their “god” Lucifer!

This happened for certain back just after World War II, when the various methods of Time Travel were found and worked out.

WE are now “playing catch up” to a game they’ve already been at for basically 70 to 80 years, through the use of very advanced technology!

So my question to YOU (the reader) is this:


The future is not “set” in stone because it is now well known that there are many alternatives…, and ALL OF THEM ARE POSSIBLE!

Since the future (and reality) are collectively created…, then it is going to take ALL OF US…, using our hearts and our minds (IN ACTION)…to steer ourselves into a happy future!

Sitting on the fence…, (doing nothing) as I like to say is NOT going to “steer” us toward a golden future because there are ALREADY men and women in the MILLIONS who are “rowing” the boat of Earth’s History with “mad” abandon toward a SATANIC FUTURE.

By their actions…, and by their choices…, and by “ENGAGING” with the world and all those around them…, they are “steering” us toward their desired outcome!

Countless men and women who CALL THEMSELVES SPIRITUAL…., have been sitting around…, (doing nothing)…, preferring not to engage with the world at all…, (calling it “unreal”) and hoping to ASCEND out of it “asap”, have been standing “out of the way” and watching, as the SATANISTS PUT FORTH REAL EFFORTS toward their New World Order, and make progress by the day, by the week, month and year.

No one can disagree with what WE are seeing with our OWN EYES.  If you’d only actually “LOOK” at what is happening for “yourself” and not run off to channelers every time something happens…, you’d be far better off in forming a proper opinion on things.

Because…, just as the CATHOLIC CHURCH gave every man, woman and child a “version” of history and a world view to think about…(every seven days) from the pulpits across the globe in years gone by; as we speak….,  the CHANNELING COMMUNITY (The church 2.0) is giving every man, women and child who are willing to read and listen to them, a “version” of history, and a “world view” (every seven days) from the computer keyboards from across the globe.

These new, modern day “priests” are the so-called “prophets” of the church 2.0, and who “willingly” open themselves up, and allow an UNKNOWN ENTITY…, (that could be any being, from anywhere) to take control of their body and send forth a message!  What they don’t realize is that our Secret Government has already developed very advanced technology that can “transmit” a carrier signal of a “voice” directly into a person’s skull (by passing the ear-drums) in such a way as that it sounds just like a persons OWN INNER VOICE!

This technology is hugely dangerous and when not taken seriously into account, can be epic-ally damaging to our society as a whole.

Firstly, only an absolute “CHILD” would “believe” that there are no dark entities out there…, and that every being or entity “broadcasting on your frequency” and using your body and mind as a “receiver”  always tells the truth!

Forgive me for being absolutely frank here…, but that’s just being DUMB!

We as humans can’t even “trust” people (men and women) who we CAN SEE to tell us the truth!  We can’t even trust our own kids…, to tell us the truth!  How, pray tell how…, in all of GODS CREATION…, are we supposed to believe that every message being “broadcast” and picked up by a channeler is TRUTHFUL??

The sad and the sick thing is that I know of at least a dozen websites that are operating as TRUTH DISCLOSURE websites and their entire format…, and EVERYTHING they post out to the public as the truth (down to the last article) is based fully on channeled information…, and NOTHING is based on actual human research!

If you go to some of these sites…, you will find at least a half dozen NEW channeled messages each and every day…, telling us that it’s all being done for us…, not to worry…, that OBAMA is actually a “great soul” (regardless of the “fact” that he had lied to us constantly)…, and many other things.

These messages (in my opinion) are CONS…, because they are telling the majority of awake people NOT TO WORRY…, and NOT TO GET INVOLVED!  Just sit by on the side (like good little sheep) and let the big boys take care of things for you!

And, if you want “updates” about what is “really” happening…, we will tell you every seven days how it’s all going behind the scenes.

Just like your favorite TV Soap Opera…, through the means of “channeling” you can “tune in” on a weekly basis and find out what is happening in: THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES!

There is “no need” for you to get personally involved here…, since you are too small, too insignificant, and too puny to make a difference on your own.

Just wait for those who are already busy “behind the scenes” to do it for you…, sit back and watch the show”…, it’s all going to happen……...SSOOOOOOOONN

We’ve got to be smarter than this.

Personally…, I’d very much like to meet one or more of these people working “behind the scenes”…, because I’ve never met one!

They say they are out there…, but not ONE has ever contacted me personally!  WHY?   My blog is all about the TRUTH!

If they’ve got the “truth”…, I’m all over it!  I’ll post it from here to the moon and back!

I tried very hard to get into contact with “several” people who claim to be in the know (one of them: COREY GOODE) who you all know of…, absolutely REFUSED TO TALK TO ME…, and ran from me like a “frighten deer” who felt like a “truth hunter” had just shown up…, and “story” might just start to “unravel”.

Others (like Andy Basaigo) was more than happy to talk with me anytime…, had lengthy conversations with me…, and is one of my Skype contacts.  He is kind, courteous, thoughtful, truthful, and very interesting in getting out what is being hidden.

You see…, those not telling the whole truth do not DO WELL…, when asked the very hard questions!  What they really want is BELIEVERS!  

What the want is men and women who are already willing to take every word as gospel…, as if they are sitting in church and not ask questions!

Men and women who will simply sit down like school children and “take notes” as they “tell us” everything we need to know!

They do NOT WANT someone asking them HARD QUESTIONS…, which is why Corey Goode refused from the very first moment to even have one word with me in a interview style format.

Andy was “available” to consider my questions on Facebook (early on) anytime.  And it seemed to me that early on…, he was talking to anyone and everyone…, not just “trusted researchers”…, which is a canned term if I’ve ever heard one.

So…, here’s the deal…, If there is one of these men (or women) working “behind the scenes” and are working for the freedom of humanity…, IF THEY ACTUALLY EXIST…, drop me a comment and get with me for an interview!  I’m one of the nicest people you’d ever want to talk to…, unlike what you may have heard to the contrary.

Back to the real purpose of this post!

WE do have something to say about which future we will experience!  It comes about as a result of all of our choices and actions that we take each and every day!

If we sit in our homes and do nothing but read channeled messages weekly…, then we are no better that housewives who are tuning into their favorite SOAP OPERA every time a new episode comes out…, so that we can “see” how the drama is unfolding.

GET YOUR BUTTS OUT OF THE SEATS…, and start to participate!

Action is what changes things…, and creates our future!  The Satanists know this…, and they have had about 70 years of a head start on the rest of us in creating their New World Order!  It’s time that we caught up by making our OWN DECISIONS and taking “actions” that steer history toward the GOLDEN FUTURE, instead of the Satanic one.

YOU are needed!

Please consider that you are important enough to have a “vote” in how the future of our world unfolds! YOUR ACTIONS are what the Universe both sees and records!

Thoughts are only wishes…, until ACTED UPON…, and unless you know how to use your WILL, and your INTENT (daily) to combine magnetics and harmonics (just like the Ancient Magicians did)…, you will make very little headway by sitting in your armchair!

All my love,










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