By: Bradley Loves


I did not think I would be writing this second part so soon…, but I’ve gotten a few really good comments on the first post.  I’m glad that people are paying attention, and there are some excellent questions that have been posed!

All I can do is speculate at this point!

If I were going to be perfectly honest with you, I would say that we have breached the “cutting edge” of where the Secret Militaries of the world are at right now…, and they are asking the very SAME QUESTIONS because they probably don’t know either!

So in a manner of speaking we’ve just landed this blog directly on top of one of the more CLASSIFIED topics you’ll ever find on the planet!   This is the kind of thing that is being talked about in underground situation rooms between top generals and their staffs.

  • How do we deal with people who have become possessed by demons?
  • How do we deal with people who have been taken over by A.I.?

The trouble here is that we are dealing with the “unseen”!     If it is demonic entities…, then they come from a realm or level of existence that we normally do not have access to!

For all practical purposes…, they should not even BE here.   But the “dark magicians” (just like Dr. Frankenstein) can not seem to help themselves in their desire to “conjure” and use these entities for their benefit!

This is where super advanced geometry comes into play because of the fact that the various realms of existence are purposely placed at right angles to each other, as well as maintaining strong magnetic fields in order to keep one from accessing the other and to keep them separate.

(In other words, GOD created these realms to be separate from each other for a GOOD REASON)

Magicians always use “magical circles” made of Geometric Shapes to “TRAP” entities from other realms!  If they call them forth, and can get them to appear in our reality…, these demons become trapped by our geometry since it is so different from their own.

As I’ve written before, this is why SCALAR WAVES are so extremely dangerous.

It is because these waves actually propagate at right angles to our current space time and thus BLEED into other realms of space time and especially into the past of our own space time.

(If you attack someone with a Scalar Wave in the present…, you are also attacking their “past self” at a much younger age at the very same moment!)


The knowledge of the “MYSTERY SCHOOLS” is very dangerous stuff indeed because it deals with these other realms of space and time…, and (very) unfortunately…, those at the top level of the Freemasons and other “Secret Brotherhoods” over time were able to infiltrate and then gain total control over this information.

This is when they started their “Secret Societies” and is why JFK was actually killed in Dallas, Texas in November of 1963 when he spoke out against Secret Societies and their Secret Agenda!

This speech he gave is outstanding!  Listen to the entire thing!

These Secret Society groups that JFK was talking about were specifically started to pass on this extremely potent information of the Mystery Schools to very dark people!

Now…, for those who don’t think so…, let’s look at this for a moment and see how things are now compared to how they used to be and should be!

The Ancient Mystery Schools were very well known about in the past!   They were about as well known as STANFORD or OXFORD Universities in the days of Ancient Egypt.  Naturally they were very selective in who they took in as students…, and only the best of the best could get in.

Those who were accepted knew that it would take a life of dedication and hard work to learn what the MYSTERY SCHOOLS taught and knew of the rigors involved.

But…, the fact remains that these “schools” were not hidden or kept a huge SECRET!    Everyone knew about them!  They were kept out in the open!

Let’s compare that to how the Illuminati run their organizations!

Once they had infiltrated the Mystery Schools (long ago)…, and had gotten their own people into the top levels…, they BURNED or DESTROYED the temples and the libraries that had been used to teach good people on Earth…, so that this knowledge was no longer available to just anyone!

Their goal was to HIDE IT AWAY…, and to keep it for themselves alone!

The mystery schools taught the ultimate power…, and the new caretakers of that knowledge did not want just anyone having that power.  They set up a very complicated and very secretive world wide program (steeped in lies and deception) called:  SECRET SOCIETIES.

These SECRET SOCIETIES would then spend years watching those who joined up with their organizations while evaluating them for things like loyalty and ambition, as well as a willingness to occasionally go to the dark side!

During the entire time they spent in the lower ranks of their secret societies…, the leaders were lying their asses off and telling their members stuff that they thought was meaningful…, when it was just a way to keep them supporting their organization with endless time and money.

Only when they felt a certain member is “dark enough” or “corruptible enough” did they invite them to the highest or most meaningful levels of the group where they then got exposed to the actual knowledge of the Mystery Schools!

This is the stuff that at one time was only “taught” to very best and very loving people!  Now it was being taught to the worst that humanity has to offer!

They created a PYRAMID STRUCTURE to pull in many people from every country in the world…, but only the most EVIL people at the very top got to know what is really going on…, thus they maintained total control over everyone living on the Earth!

See the symbols below to get a grip on just how LARGE this organization has now become!

Click on image to enlarge

Here is the original LOGO for the LUCIFER TRUST started by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey (Freemason).   The Lucis/Lucifer Trust is the guiding force behind the UNITED NATIONS!

See the strange post from only yesterday!


Utah state legislature provided $650,000 for conference

The “UN” wants to take over AMERICA…, and they are doing everything in their power to move swiftly and surely to do this behind the back of ordinary Americans!  This is a race against time!

So what is “really” happening here on planet Earth!

In the last 100 years or so…, these SECRET SOCIETIES have made contact with ET’s (Extra-Terrestrials) and ED’s (Extra-dimensionals) from other realms and have made “treaties” with them.

They are hiding all of this technology and information from the populations of the Earth because just like their SECRET SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS DEMAND OF THEM…, everything that is of any value what-so-ever must be kept secret and used ONLY for the “BROTHERHOOD”.

This “brotherhood” is the LUCIFERIAN BROTHERHOOD!

Everything they discover or find of value is thusly used to help them maintain total control over the masses or the lessor people, and is only given out to those very few at the top whose “agenda” is to bring forth LUCIFER as ruler of the Earth!

This is where the use of DEMONS…, as well as the use of super advanced technology comes in!    This is also where their willingness to use A.I. to actually help them CONTROL OTHER PEOPLE has come from!

These people have built (using OUR money) hundreds of DUMBS – Deep Underground Military Bases – where some of the most advanced technology that they have discovered and have gotten from these off worlders can be developed and then used to ENRICH only their secret groups!

If you are part of their Secret Societies…, then you are making not millions, and not billions…, but you are making TRILLIONS of dollars off of the technological transfers that are going on between humans and off worlders!

Think Lock-Heed, Boeing, Bell and Howell, Seimens, Cisco, Wakenhut, and hundreds of other major corporations!

Countless big banks and big corporations are all in on it!  As well as certain very corrupt member of Congress!

The PROFIT FEST that is taking place behind the backs of the poor and the destitute living on Earth is an ORGY OF BLIND MONETARY GREED where those who are “in the know” are swimming in piles of money and they are using hundred dollar bills to light cigars while every other human being on the planet slaves at minuscule wages or worse starves to death on dirt floors in filth!

True to form…, these men and women really are the worst of the worst that Earth has to offer…, and it is only due to SECRET SOCIETIES that they are in charge of anything!

My opinion is that they all need to die!

The world should not only rise up against these human monsters…, but should kill them in the most painful and brutal ways imaginable!  They are that EVIL!

Their sick “loyalty” to their own brotherhood…, while millions and millions (billions) of people suffer and die daily are the mark of the most degenerate and dank souls the entire Universe has ever seen.    I pray to GOD these souls will be destroyed for all eternity!

So why don’t we know what is really happening here on Earth??

Because almost every single member of the FBI/NRO/CIA/NSA/MI-6/MOSSAD…, etc.  including countless Police, Judges, Sheriffs, Lawyers etc…, all belong to SECRET SOCIETIES!

They have all sworn oaths of allegiance to their brotherhoods long before they swore oaths to protect the innocent people living on the Earth.  That is why when push comes to shove…, they always protect the pedophiles, murderers, rapists, and thieves first (if those people are in their brotherhood) and work very hard to cover for them if they are found out.

There are FBI and CIA Agents stationed in every single underground base (DUMB) there is.   They know about ALL OF THEM.

And whenever someone who is working underground wants to tell the truth and blow the whistle…, it is these “officials” who threaten them, hurt them, bankrupt them, torture them, and kill them if necessary!

Phil Schnieder was murdered for revealing the existence of underground bases!

That is why these men and women deserve to DIE the worst deaths that a human being can die!  They are traitors to all of mankind and because of their efforts billions of innocent human beings have suffered unimaginable horrors in the last 100 years of our Earths History!


This is why I will stand directly in front of the THRONE OF GOD and witness and testify against these human monsters until every single one of their crimes against the rest of us has been revealed!  At that time I will BEG GOD our heavenly Father to throw these souls into HELL for eternity!

At any rate…,I think you are beginning to finally get a grasp of the nature of the battle that we are fighting, and who we are fighting against!  Kennedy was killed by them (only so they could use advanced technology to benefit their own families) at the expense of all the rest of us!

This battle is GOOD vs. PURE EVIL!

There are ONLY two sides to this battle!

You must choose a side!

These Secret Society people have no IDEA of the sh*tstorm that is coming their way very soon!  They threw in with LUCIFER…, and they threw in against the rest of mankind – their own species for crying out loud!  There is no greater TREASON than the treason that one commits against their own kind!

On the level of the Soul…, it does not get worse than that!

There will be a Part Three…, if more questions are asked and I can be allowed simply to speculate upon the possibilities!

All my love….


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