The Dulce Papers – Chapter 19

Below you are going to find what (in my opinion) is the final REASON why these beings can NEVER be saved!  They are beyond ALL HOPE, and as a result, their destruction is assured!  As you will see below, there is absolutely NO LIGHT left anywhere in them.  They are devoid of it!


The following chapter is based upon some thoughts and questions that had been forming in my mind for some time, until many of these questions were answered when I discovered an interesting volume titled COSMIC VOYAGE, by Mr. Courtney M. Brown, Ph.D.

This work deals with the authors’ personal experiments with remote viewing, along with his trainer Ed Dames, a former remote-viewer for U.S. Military Intelligence who taught Courtney Brown the secret military “R.V.” or “Astral-Magnetic body” viewing techniques which he himself had learned as a member of the military “psi” corps.

From my own perspective, remote viewing operates through the subspace body of a human being who is able to tap-in to the universal psionic field. Since the psionic field is the very foundation of all space-time-material reality, the so-called “master program” of the universe which is made up of a ‘field’ of psionic or thought-form energy, it is not necessarily bound by the limits of space, time and matter.

The psionic energy field seems to be interwoven into the electromagnetic grid structure of all gravitational bodies, with the electro-magneto-gravitic fields of those bodies serving as psionic ‘traps’ for thought-forms which are essentially the psychic ‘residue’ of all thinking beings, and in turn the accumulated “memory matrix” of those gravitational planetary bodies.

These psionic fields contain THOUGHT ENERGY.

Now thoughts can either be based on truth or on deception, so just because this “thought-form energy” has accumulated within the gravitational grid structure of a planet — FROM the time that thinking entities begin interacting with a gravitational sphere — this does not mean that the information which has been ‘programmed’ into these psionic “thought-emotion energy” fields is always true.

Reality, imagination, truth, and deception based thought-forms are all ‘recorded’ ir-regardless of their content within these electro-magneto-gravitic energy grids, just as one might record information within a multi-layered crystal via laser technology.

Supposing one had the appropriate sophisticated technology, they could ‘bleed’ a wall, a rock, or any other object of its thought forms, sounds, or visual vibrations which have accumulated within that object over the years. They could literally ‘read’ the past through these objects.

Like a bio-chemical radio transceiver, some individuals — for better or for worse — seem to have the ability to ‘tune-in’ to and ‘surf’ the ‘universal consciousness’, the ‘flowline’, or the ‘Akasha’ memory matrix which links all thinking entities together on the deepest levels of the unconscious, allowing them to travel to specific places in space and time.

You could say that CONSCIOUS awareness is composed of neural “short waves” which are localized with the individual, however UNCONSCIOUS awareness is composed of neural “long-waves” that reach beyond the individual — for instance the neural states that are active during dreaming, thus explaining why many have reported experiencing “shared dreams” with other people.

You could liken neuro-psionic activity to an ocean.

On the ‘surface’ are islands representing individual third-dimensional consciousness, however the deeper one goes the more the thought-forms merge with each other, just as the sunken earth beneath the islands eventually connects to other islands at the deeper levels, representative of a collective unconscious where the thought forms of thinking creatures merge into one ‘reservoir’.

One of the ‘targets’ to which Mr. Brown’s military RV (remote viewing) trainer sent him was the Grey aliens’ collective mind, and more specifically he was instructed to search out the ultimate command or control center of the collective.

Shortly after this particular experiment began [one of many], Brown found himself in an area where several Greys were working, although he did not know exactly where this was. He ‘followed’ the collective mind or thought-flow and found it to be absolutely massive, giving him the feeling of something unbounded, and almost universal in nature. However, he did detect a center, a definite ‘heartbeat’ of this massive collective matrix, into which and out from which a steady stream of information was flowing.

He noticed, at one point, an unusual ‘subspace’ being that seemed to be directing the activities of the Greys he was observing, and discovered that the bodies of the Greys themselves were incarnated by such ‘subspace’ beings (non physical) which apparently entered the Greys’ embryonic bodies and used them as vessels to manipulate physical reality.

Brown was then instructed to locate other of these beings who apparently controlled the Grey collective from a subspace or astral level, and found himself in an area where several of these subspace or para-physical entities were located.

As he continued towards this ‘center’ the number of subspace or non-corporeal beings increased until he came to a place of much activity, something like a grand central station type of area, where these beings were very active in various pursuits.

He did not know exactly where this was, but noticed that the closer he came to the control ‘center’ the more he sensed an increasing rigid atmosphere of absolute military-like control. He came to what he sensed was the central governing center of the subspace beings’ activity, and in the center of this there was another area where a “council of 10” very high-level subspace or para-physical entities congregated. These were apparently the governing principalities who were engaged in running the whole operation. The security here was absolutely incredible.

Then he perceived the SUPREME LEADER of this council of 10 para-physical entities… and at about this point Courtney Brown was jerked back into his body, so to speak.

He sensed that this leader had detected the presence of his own subspace, astral or magnetic body which he had projected, and had followed this RV ‘intruder’ back to his physical source. Brown and his trainer felt an oppressive, dark ‘cloud’ enter the room and it stayed there for about half a minute scrutinizing the scene. It left, apparently seeing the two RV’ers as “small frys” who were not worth wasting its time on.

Before Brown’s expulsion from the command center however, he was able to perceive for a brief moment what this being was really like. He or it was an extremely powerful being, but one with a twisted personality that was full of darkness. Apparently this being had come into conflict with another Force which it saw as its enemy.

Brown sensed within this being a severe self-esteem problem, in spite of its incredible power, and because of this it had a consuming desire to be worshiped by others.

Brown was confused when he sensed that these subspace beings, and in turn the Reptilians/Greys, were actually COMMANDED by this leader to engage in self-indulgent and destructive activities. This being apparently wanted his servants to use self-indulgent rewards or fear of punishment to maintain the absolute hierarchical command structure within its empire — as well as through the rest of the subspace hierarchy, and in turn throughout the Reptilian Grey’s collective ‘hive’ society that they completely infested.

Brown also got the impression that it was FEAR and PRIDE — its perceived NEED to be worshiped — that kept this being from negotiating with its ancient enemy, and that this being was utterly desperate to maintain its very survival or existence [strange for a seemingly immortal subspace being] and chose to resort to rebellion and terrorism in a desperate attempt to take control of the situation. Brown received a strong impression that this being was the ultimate universal terrorist!!!

Apparently because of its all-consuming ego this being would NEVER humble itself before its ‘enemy’, and the same might be said for most of the upper echelon of the hierarchy who depended on the praise of their fellow collaborators to maintain their illusion of self-importance.

These beings, one might say, had long ago and of their own free-agency ‘imploded’ in upon themselves — becoming ‘spiritual black holes’ with all-consuming appetites, absolute astral vampire-like parasites, having extinguished all ‘light’ within themselves and therefore being unable to be brought back “into the light”.

Incapable of giving out any ‘light’, they have become totally reprobate, devouring any and all life and innocence around them that they can possibly consume.

The leader of this subspace ‘collective’ had long ago drawn these other dark beings into itself, like a large black star devouring other smaller ones around it.

This irreversible state MIGHT not apply entirely to ALL of these “subspace” beings, as we will see later on.


Now if we go to the book of Revelation, chapter 12, we find that the ultimate leader of the serpent race’s collective or ‘hive mind’ is Lucifer, also known as the “great red dragon”, the “old serpent”, “the Devil” or “Satan” in the same chapter.

Lucifer was one of the three original archangels [aside from Michael and Gabriel] who each apparently had charge over one-third of the light beings whom the Almighty had created… possibly numbering in the billions or trillions.

Now if you’re a hard-core evolutionist you may not want to suffer through the rest of this chapter, as physical evolution cannot account for spirit entities, nor for the human soul for that matter.

As for myself, I have a “creationist-evolutionist” concept of reality, or that life in this universe was ‘created’ by an Infinite Intelligence and then allowed to ‘evolve’ from there in various directions guided by the Creator.

A better term might be ‘change’ rather than to ‘evolve’, in that the term ‘evolution’ is equated with ‘Darwinism’ in many minds.

Remember it has ALWAYS been the THEORY of evolution, not the LAW of evolution. If one is honest with themselves, they must accept the fact that evolution flies in the face of the Second Law of Thermo-Dynamics.

Now that is a LAW, not a theory — so which one are we to believe? In addition to this, a vast number of protein molecules would have had to exist for even the simplest life-form to appear. Just how these molecules could have come together by chance and resulted in an organized life-form with complex DNA programming and all is beyond me. According to the laws of probability the life-span of an entire galaxy would not be enough time for just ONE protein molecule to come together BY CHANCE out of the dark chaos of lifeless matter, if at all. Then again there is the question of where the original matter came from which supposedly resulted from the ‘Big Bang‘ [THEORY], if ever there was such an event that might have occurred.

Lucifer, as most may know from theological and eschatological traditions, reflected the infinite ‘light’ of the Creator with great brilliance, and therefore was given the name Lucifer, meaning “light bearer” — ‘bearer’ being the operative word here.

Lucifer reflected the light of the Almighty like a diamond reflects the light of the Sun.

However, Lucifer began taking his attention off of the SOURCE of all Life and began giving HIMSELF credit for the ‘light’ that he bore, and the next step was inevitable — Lucifer became jealous of the position which the Almighty One held.

Now I realize that many of you have different concepts of ‘God’, however let us just indulge in a thought experiment for a moment. If one accepts the concept of a ‘Trinity’, then one cannot accuse God of vainglory, for the Father is ever seeking to glorify the Son [the Logos or the Living Word] and the Spirit [which the Father and the only begotten ‘Son’ of God share].

The same holds true with the Son and the Spirit, both of them selflessly seeking to give ‘glory’ to their other two counterparts of the Godhead. How can God be three distinct personalities yet one single ‘God’? [the pleural ‘Eloheim’ God AND the singular ‘Jehovah’ God at the same time?].

One might just as well ask, how can the universe be ‘one’ universe yet consist of space, time and matter… three distinct aspects, yet take one of them away and the singular universe ceases to be? We can also use the ‘trinities’ of ultraviolet-visible-infrared [LIGHT – and imitating the Father, Son and Spirit, ultraviolet light is invisible, mid-spectrum light is visible, and infrared light felt]; or length-width-height [SPACE]; past-present-future [time]; energy-motion-phenomena [MATTER], proton-neutron-electron [ATOMS], and other ‘tri-une’ manifestations in nature such as in humans themselves: the physical-material body, the soul(ar)-mental body, and the astral-spiritual body and the sub-levels of each of these three distinctions… we ourselves being three-in-one beings.

If I’m beginning to sound preachy, then please bear with me. I believe that many of you will agree that the Grey phenomena has BOTH a physical and a supernatural nature, and that we cannot fully understand one without accepting the other.

One could equate this to the division within the UFO research community in the 1950’s and 1960’s over whether UFO‘s were nuts and bolts craft or ethereal supernatural manifestations.

Well… why not BOTH?

So then, Lucifer, in his jealousy, rallies his followers [one-third of the angelic beings] together and convinces them that God is being unjust, that He’s holding out on them and that he [Lucifer] has as much a right to be Almighty God as does God Almighty Himself.

In addition to this, Lucifer tells his followers that they too can be Almighty Gods, all they have to do is follow him in the rebellion.

Now, promising them godhood is very strange, since the more ‘gods’ there are the more the term ‘God’ loses its singular distinction. It’s like a potential president promising every U.S. voter that if he is elected then he will simultaneously make all of those who voted for him Presidents of the United States!

Do you see the insanity?

Perhaps not, but it seems to be obvious to me. You see, from my perspective if we are all gods – then there is NO God.

Pantheism must ultimately lead to Atheism.

If that’s the way you wish to believe then you certainly have the free agency to do so… But I’m only trying to make a point that according to traditional Judeo-Christian eschatological beliefs, this is the deception that Lucifer used to gain his recruits — the promise of ‘godhood’ or self-deification being the original ‘venom’ of the serpent [Genesis chapter3].

And this is the very deception that the serpent-inspired Bavarian Illuminati cults via the Scottish Rite have used to gain their recruits for a Luciferian World Order on earth, first by infiltrating Masonry and then in turn by infiltrating the major religious denominations of the world.

Now, you can either accept this, or leave it as you will, I’m not trying to force any beliefs upon anyone, just attempting to provoke some thought on the possible nature of the supernatural forces motivating the Greys’ collective.

Since ‘theological’ manipulation is a major part of the Greys’ agenda, the eschatological component is one that must be dealt with in order to understand the rest.So the rebellion began, and the heavens were torn in two as the standing and fallen angelics warred with each other, resulting in the fallen angels being cast from the realm of Eternity and into the physical inter-galactic universe.

Could the ‘subspace’ beings described by Courtney Brown be fallen light beings or rebel angels?

Brown stated that this ‘leader’ in ancient times had his followers incarnate the reptilian Grey society, and had ordered them to sabotage their race.

The fourth planet of Zeta II Reticuli was the Greys’ “home world” at the time, however Zeta II Reticuli is a star lacking in sufficient carbon content to allow for the ‘natural’ development of carbon-based life [this is for those who may still cling to the ‘evolutionist’ philosophy], so the Greys must have colonized that world sometime in the distant past.

The subspace beings, according to Brown, animated themselves through the Greys and turned them toward a mindset of self-indulgence, which in turn led to the drive within the Greys for immediate gratification at the expense of their future and their world’s resources [sound familiar?].

Once their world had become a polluted, radioactive ruin which was threatening their very genetic survival, the subspace beings under the command of their ‘leader’ offered a solution — all the Greys had to do to survive was to give up all individual rights and emotions, and submit to a collective-mind which would control every aspect of the Greys’ culture — for their own ‘good’ of course, they were told.


They went for it, and now they are desperate to undo what they did.

Using the excuse that individuality was the root of the problem, the subspace collectivists took things to the opposite extreme and insisted that assimilation into an absolute collective-mind was the answer.

In other RV experiments, Brown ‘saw’ humanoids living on Mars in some past era.

A large planetoid grazed the atmosphere with such violence — barely missing the surface — that storm of enormous magnitude swept across the planet and much of the atmosphere itself was blown out into space.

The Greys [who were observing this event and could have prevented the disaster] arrived as the planet was in the midst of upheaval, and offered to ‘rescue’ the Martians, but at a price — namely that the Martian humanoids surrender their society to the control of the Greys’ collective and that others be cryogenically preserved in order to ‘preserve’ the humanoid Martian race.

Actually according to Brown the main purpose of the cryogenic project was to ‘preserve’ them as sources for genetic materials to upgrade the Greys’ race from time to time.

It was doubtful that they would ever be awakened, at least en masse.

This occurred mostly after the Martian humans had escaped underground and were desperate for survival — every day being a struggle for existence.

NOW, according to Brown, Mars is under the control of the Greys, although some pockets of humans and ‘hybrids’ may remain in various places underground.

Other sources claim that in 1985 the joint-operational “Alternative 3” facilities on Mars were sabotaged and taken over by the Draconians, or reptiloids and greys serving the Luciferian collective.

This was apparently one of several ‘purges’ that the aliens have carried out in order to ensure the absolute conformity of the human collaborators to their agenda, that is by purging out those renegades who possess too-much [from their perspective] individuality, which is the mortal enemy of their collective.

There is reportedly an elite force of 2000 ‘original’ Greys based in the Martian moon Phobos. These Greys are reportedly the ‘hosts’ for several million ‘clones’ that have been bred to serve the reptilian elite in this system.

As suggested the Alternative-3 — or the so-called pure-bred Aryan “super race” — humans on Mars and Luna may have been ‘purged’ due to some level of resistance against the Draconian-Orion-Reticuli collectivist forces with whom they ‘collaborated’.

Apparently these humans saw that the two-sided ‘collaboration’ was turning into a one-sided ‘dictatorship’ controlled by the reptilian elite, and this ‘purge’ within the Martian and Lunar Alternative-3 facilities eliminated the resistance factions and ensured that only the most die-hard and devoted mind-controlled ‘Aryan’ slaves remained.

In other words, these Aryan ‘elite’ suffered exactly the same fate that they had planned for us ‘lower races’ on planet earth.

One source has stated that these events on Mars and Luna were one of the main themes of discussion at the notorious meeting which took place between George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev and the Eastern spiritual leader Maitreya […whom the secret government has reportedly been teleporting around the world using Montauk-type technology in an attempt to provoke a worshipful response from those to whom he appears.

Maitreya is the New World Order’s “ace in the hole” …, and may or may not even turn out to be “the one” mentioned in Revelation chapter 13].

This meeting took place on the Island of Malta in the late 1980’s, and resulted largely out of Bush and Gorbachev’s terror over the events taking place on Mars and the Moon, as well as similar threats that were being faced by the “Alternative-2” underground colonies maintained by the Military-Industrial Establishment in ‘joint-capacity’ with the Greys.

However let’s get back to the subject at hand.

What Brown sensed was that the Greys were desperate.

They realized that they not only needed to genetically upgrade their race, but also needed to attain emotional individuality in order for their culture to survive [and this may have something to do with the ‘hybrid’ projects].

However they are trapped by the collective itself… there is presently a great sense of panic within the collective combined with a bizarre sense of protection which the combined psychic continuity of the collective provides.

Although they are desperate to attain emotional individuality which they are attempting to do by interfacing with humans, assimilating human genetics, and producing quasi-hybrid genetic offspring, they cannot fully make the break from the collective without the help of those who already exist in an individualized state, namely the humans.

For those of you who are familiar with the scenario of the ‘BORG’ collective in the “STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION” series, certain episodes depicted a Borg entity by the name of ‘Hue’ who had developed emotional individuality during his captivity aboard the Enterprise that resulted from his association with human individuals.

He was later sent back into the collective and introduced the idea of individuality, and in later episodes gathered quite a following of other ‘Borg’ who had also broken-free from the collective and had developed emotional individuality.

The Reptilians are not alone in this dilemma, since many, many human cultures are ‘trapped’ in collectivism as well, such as those who are part of the Ashtar or Astarte collective.

The problem with the collectivist Greys is that — although they need the humans — the self-destructive instructions coming down through the collective itself from the Luciferian hierarchy are SABOTAGING all attempts to deal with humans on a reasonable basis.

Once they establish an agreement with a humanoid culture for whatever motive, the collective commences to use the agreement for its own imperialistic agendas, and the human collaborators are betrayed and sometimes destroyed [as in the case of some of the Alternative 2 and 3 bases], and war and/or conquest inevitably results.

The only answer to the problem that I can see would be to concentrate on severing individual reptiloids and greys from the collective and attacking the “control centers” of the collective itself.

In this case mere technical and psychological attacks will not be enough… supernatural warfare will be the only answer since we are dealing with ‘subspace’ beings.

We need the help of the standing angels, yet at the same time we need to be careful since the fallen angels are good at masquerading as standing angels, which they have often done with those humans who have ‘channeled’ these entities via occult means — the ‘Heavens Gate’ cult leaders and others like them for instance — feeding these ‘mediums’ with information which has later turned out to be false, manipulative, or even deadly propaganda.

We must realize that the ONLY being in the collective which is allowed to exercise individual choice is their dark leader, and to a lesser extent the inner council, and these beings do NOT want the Reptiloids and Greys to attain emotional individualism.

But what about other ‘collectives’ like the Ashtar or Astarte collective?

Just who is this ‘Ashtar’?

Why is the Ashtar collective so involved with the Dulce base activity in joint capacity with the Greys and Reptiloids?

Is it, as contactee Israel Norkin claims, because the “Unholy Six” star systems of Orion have infiltrated the Ashtar collective to a massive extent?

What about the bald 9-foot tall Reptilian “from the Pleiades” who supposedly defected from the Draconian collective, HATONN?

Why hasn’t Hatonn been warning about this infiltration of his own collective? Is it because he is secretly working FOR the Draconian-Orion empire? Certainly if he was truly converted from the Draconian collective he could be a lot more zealous in exposing it… especially its infiltration of the Ashtar collective itself.

If we are to believe reports of “Star Wars” taking place within Sirius-B where the Ashtar collective has one of its major headquarters, then this leaves open the possibility that the Ashtar collective-alliance is in the process of splitting or has split down the middle between an interventionist Draco-Orionite faction and a non-interventionist Andro-Pleiadean faction…

Now for some further theological speculation…

In II Peter 2:4 we read that:

“…God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.”

This verse is apparently speaking of the high-level leaders of the ancient rebellion, who were so malignant and evil that they were bound in dark prisons deep under the earth.

However the Bible gives several accounts of fallen angels or demons that are fully ACTIVE on the SURFACE of the earth, so we must conclude that these were lower ranking angels like the ‘elementals’ who were merely following the “party line”, since they are allowed more-or-less to roam about the earth freely.

If such angels were ‘condemned’ when the first war in heaven ran its course, then WHY are they still allowed to more or less roam free?

Is God possibly giving them TIME to reconsider their ways?

Does the above verse mean that ALL fallen angels are irreparably doomed? Or, has the Creator in his infinite mercy given SOME of the fallen angels — those who still maintain a semblance of regret for their part in the rebellion — one last chance by allowing them physical incarnation through the Reptiloids and Greys?

Could this be why the Greys are so absolutely desperate to attain emotional individuality in spite of the restraints of an individuality-killing collective?

Could their very eternal destinies be at stake?

A few years ago I would have totally rejected the possibility that some of the fallen angels could be included in the plan of redemption, yet now I wonder…

Now before you begin labeling me a heretic, I would like to quote three versus regarding the serpent race [Greys, Reptiloids, etc.]:

“Now the serpent was more subtil [intelligent/cunning] than any beast of the field… And the Lord God said unto the serpent… I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed.” — Genesis 6:1,14-15

In its full context these verses imply that the fallen archangel Lucifer was the being that had incarnated this particular reptilian — possibly something akin to a veliciraptor or stenonychosaurus equallus or a similar type of bi-ped saurian hominoid — and in turn the entire serpent race, promising them power over man and nature if they would allow the Luciferians to re-incarnate through their race at will.

Whether you take this passage literally or symbolically, the message is essentially the same.

Lucifer used the serpent race to deceive the humans into sabotaging their own connection with the God-Source and thereby sabotaging their supernatural dominion over the lower life forms — and from that point onward these lower life forms began turning wild and untamed because the downward ‘flow’ of LIFE and ORDER had been broken at the human level, as DEATH and CHAOS began to reign. One of the races which reverted to their base animal or predatory instincts was of course the serpent race, which originally held a position somewhere between mankind and the beasts. Due to mankind’s ‘fall’ and the reptilians’ alliance with the Luciferians, the serpent races began taking the upper-hand over the human race — or rather, the fallen angels began taking the upper hand over the human race THROUGH the serpent races.

Today one could say that we see basically the same thing happening, however in this case the “Luciferians” are known as “subspace beings”, and the “Serpents” through which they have incarnated are known as the “Grey Aliens”, who are attempting to enslave humankind by offering them/us Trojan-horse gifts or “forbidden fruit” in the form of occult-technology to those intent on using this technology to establish “god-like” control and domination over their fellow man.

As King Solomon once said, “there is no new thing under the sun”.

But the point I want to make is that according to the verse given above, fallen angels have been re-incarnating through the Grey and Reptiloid [serpentine] races for several thousands of years.

And another verse:

“In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.” — Isaiah 27:1

This verse, unless I’m mistaken, is speaking of the reptilian COLLECTIVE itself, which could be considered as a “piercing serpent”.

And then the following verse, which literally threw me for a loop:

“Praise ye him, ALL his angels: praise ye him, ALL his hosts… Praise the Lord from the earth, ye dragons, and ALL deeps.” — Psalm 148:2,7

Now unless I’m grossly misinterpreting scripture, it would seem that here God is saying that the [fallen-angel-incarnated] serpent races are told to praise the Almighty — who after all was their creator before they allowed their own race to be corrupted. This MAY apply to both the spiritual-angelic and physical-bestial natures of the serpent races. Other verses that we might add to the one above include:

“Let EVERY THING that hath BREATH praise the Lord.” — Psalm 150:6

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to EVERY CREATURE.” — Mark 16:15

“And EVERY CREATURE which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.” — Revelation 5:13

In order to make the choice to appropriate the redemptive work of the Christ, the Reptiloids and Greys would have to develop emotional individuality and somehow become dis-connected from the “Luciferian collective”.

They already possess the first requirement, being creatures possessing the “breath of life”. In order for a created being which has fallen from grace to be redeemed, they must possess both a spiritual and physical nature. Part of their nature has to ‘die’ in order for the other part to live, just as the outward ‘worm’ of a caterpillar must die so that the inward ‘butterfly’ can live.

Although in this case the symbolism is spiritual, it is essentially the same. An entirely spiritual being like a fallen angel in this case could not be redeemed unless it possessed a physical body — as they would not possess a physical counterpart of themselves that could ‘die’ so that the spiritual counterpart could live.

This would not necessarily be a physical death of the body, but a death of the ‘corrupted’ or ‘fallen’ nature resident therein.

This fallen nature must first be acknowledged just as any other ‘disease’ must be acknowledged in order to be cured.

The ‘death’ of the fallen nature is a death by proxy resulting from a faith-connection to the mysterious working at Calvary, wherein the second member of the Godhead became ‘flesh’ to serve as the final ‘Passover Lamb’ in order to receive the full retribution for all of the imperfect acts that all created beings with the “breath of life” have committed before an absolutely perfect Creator.

The KEY would be however to consciously APPROPRIATE this ‘Work’ by directly asking the Almighty for the chance to become a part of this mysterious working at Calvary, which in essence serves as the ‘heart-beat’ from where the universe is to be regenerated from its fallen state.

If all PHYSICAL life in the galaxy or universe originally had its origin on planet earth, then earth would have been the appropriate place for the Almighty to manifest Himself in physical form, to shed His life-blood so that the creation might be redeemed by this very Divine and absolutely pure/pristine life-essence which the Creator had loosed into His creation, as a Divine “blood transfusion” if you will. This Divine flow was loosed into the physical universe through the un-corrupted AND incorruptible LIFE-blood of the last “Passover Lamb”, which was shed and poured out into the “cradle” of life, planet earth.

More and more cultures out among the stars are beginning to realize, through ancient records that are being uncovered, that planet earth is indeed the “cradle” from whence their distant ancestors emerged, the original “cosmic gene pool”, and that in a sense they are connected by an invisible umbilicus to the “mother” world, and as they begin arriving here en masse to visit the “genesis world” we Terrans or Eartheans must realize that in a sense they are also a part of this world.

The challenge will be to learn how to respect each others INDIVIDUALITY, and how to claim the FREEDOM and LIBERTY that is the inherent right of all human beings, so long as it is practiced without violating the personal space and sovereignty of our neighbors — whether they come from realms below, above, upon or even parallel with this world… this emerald world… this garden planet… this ‘divine tear’ known as planet earth.

So long as an ‘alien’ force with ancient documented ties to planet earth ‘claims territory’ adjacent to this planet which has NOT YET been claimed, such as undeveloped underground areas, there should be NO problem from those living on the surface. In the same way surface dwellers should respect subterranean cultures TO THE EXTENT THAT those cultures respect them. Being an individualist, I am a firm believer that every nation on/in earth deserves to maintain its individuality and cultural distinction SO LONG AS they do not violate the sovereignty of their neighbors. Each country should have the right to determine its own economic, political and spiritual destinies SO LONG AS they do not violate the same of other countries.

It goes without saying that I am totally against a one world collectivist government which cannot tolerate individuality or independence in any form. However the loss of national sovereignties are often the result of human greed, for instance international bankers loaning billions to smaller countries fully knowing that the selfish leaders of those countries will squander the wealth and fail to re-pay the loans, thus opening the way for the ‘banksters’ to claim that countries’ national reserves, mineral rights, properties, and other national resources along with a loss of sovereignty. I would hope that the respect for sovereignty on a national basis would cascade down to the individual level also.

In addition to the above, unless their existence is being threatened by radioactive dangers or some other threat, a sub-surface culture should not interfere with the activities of surface cultures: they should not steal resources, release radioactive poisons into surface environments, or biological diseases, or mutilate animals, or abduct people against their will, or use focused electronic beams to invade the privacy of those on the surface, or interfere with the minds of surface dwellers in any way, or engage in ANY FORM OF INVASION OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY OR THE SOVEREIGNTY OF ANY OTHER NON-SURFACE COMMUNITY.

Many alien forces, especially the draconian-interventionist-collectivists who DO NOT respect individual sovereignty, have VIOLATED this universal law and as a result their territories MUST inevitably be INVADED by those cultures whom they are abusing or violating in order to preserve their national security.

And it also goes without saying that the ‘Dulce empire’ has EARNED the WRATH of Americans due to the UNSPEAKABLE atrocities being carried out there against OUR OWN PEOPLE.

I absolutely recommend that a full-scale Congressional-backed invasion and take-over of the Dulce base and its peripheral facilities would be FULLY JUSTIFIED, and the SOONER THE BETTER!

After all,


Once all resistance within the Dulce facility is SMASHED and its captives are LIBERATED, and after all activities there are brought under FULL Congressional oversight, those agents operating within this facility should be tried and prosecuted by due process of law, be they human or alien, and if not executed or imprisoned they should be banished from the planet until they can PROVE that they are able to respect human individuality and freedom.

We ourselves must learn the same lesson, since it was in most cases men who violated our trust and Constitutional sovereignty as U.S. citizens — and in fact as world citizens — who have ‘betrayed’ us to these alien parasites by opening up the door for them to come in, in many cases in order to facilitate their own desires to DOMINATE their fellow human beings.

When the Dulce base is conquered and subdued, we should commence to liberate other oppressed areas within the underground network. Let us remember however that, aside from assisting in their ‘liberation’, we as Americans or world citizens should not [in our retaliatory actions against invasive subterranean centers] violate the territories or sovereignty of other interior dwellers who have NOT participated in the draconian-backed abductions and attacks against the citizens of America and of the World.


Even if the above work is not completely true…, it is certainly something to think about~Bradley








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