By: Bradley Loves


This is really going to COOK YOUR GOOSE PEOPLE!

NEON REVOLT has written another fantastic EXPOSE’ for us all talking about the clumsy/dopey “FBI” Special Agent J-Rod who filed a “Searh Warrant” at 8chan.

See here:

Deep State Attack on 8Chan! @FBI Special Agent Caught Manipulating the Boards! #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT


Now…, after reading this long article about just how dopey this FBI agent seems to be…, I’ve got another bombshell for you all!

A “J-ROD”  is an Agency term used to describe OFF WORLD ALIEN GRAYS!

Dan Burisch who was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy many times used ONLY THIS SINGLE WORD…, (J-ROD) to describe the alien grays that the US Secret Space Program was working with!

So is this FBI Agents name really J-ROD??

I think the entire name is FAKE, PHONY, and a CON!

And that just adds more sauce to an already over-cooked GOOSE!

See also this:

Now…, for your information…, Dan Burisch always said that the J-Rod Gray was a TIME TRAVELER from the future!

Is this FBI agent claiming to be from the FUTURE??

And is he a white hat or a dark hat from the future??

And what’s he doing on 8 Chan if he’s from the future??

Is he trying to start something??  Is he trying to UNDO Q Anon??

Questions – Questions……


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