By: Bradley Loves


The many connections of FREEMASONRY run deep, and spread all over the world like a spiders web!  It is like a cancerous plague that has hit mankind from every side, and is trying to stomp out every bit of decency that ever existed upon the Earth!

Sadly…, almost all lower level Freemasons have no clue that their own very high level leaders are using them and their loyalty toward what purports to be a Christ-like and “charitable organization”…, to afford them cover from scrutiny while they do their dark evil!

Just like the CLINTON FOUNDATION…, which claims to be a charitable organization…., it is clear that at the very top levels, it is being run by those who are just plain evil.

The best place to hide pure evil is in a place where NO ONE would ever think to look for it!   Hide it under the cover of a snow white facade of doing good and charitable works for humanity!

It just so happens that Aleister Crowley (Satanist) and L. Ron Hubbard were fairly familiar with one another.


In an interview that he did with “Penthouse” Magazine in 1983…, L. Ron Hubbard’s son talks about his father in the slide below!


So now we have it from Hubbard’s own son!  His father practiced BLACK MAGIC…, or more to the point…, was a BLACK MAGICIAN (of the type I’ve written about extensively.)

Hubbard’s son however does not stop there!


For those who just can’t fathom that this is even possible…, (because most Scientologists will argue passionately against it)…, L. Ron Hubbard also belonged to many Secret Societies.


So…, knowing this…, what were the odds of Hubbard being a Freemason himself?


Let’s look into the symbols once again!






So here, as in my last article…, we find that not only is Pike very strong on SECRECY…, he is an unapologetic supporter of the NEED to deceive and tell lies! But here is how they “justify” telling lies and being deceptive to the masses!


And yet in this article linked below,  I wrote a few weeks ago…, (and then reposted so everyone could read it again…) Secrecy and Deception are in fact 100 percent SATANIC!

Here is part of what I wrote:


Athough seemingly different on the surface…, a very well co-ordinated campaign of secrecy, with deep roots that pervade all of our society, will always lead to SATANISM.  They are woven from the same fabric…, and are part of the same family.

They are the “non-identical twins”, who on the face of it, look nothing like each other…, but have the very same genes.

The key “unifying” factor which links Satanism to Secrecy is of course DECEPTION!

Deception is the EVIL BRIDE which is married to both Satanism and Secrecy and serves them both.

One night…, Deception will spend entirely with Satanism…, helping it to procreate…, and the other night it will spend with Secrecy doing the very same.  You see, deception sees NO DIFFERENCE between the two twins, even though they look quite different on the surface.

It may seem strange to some that the US MILITARY…, which used to be very “Christian” in it’s leanings…, suddenly went so very quickly toward the SATANIC!  The US Miltary at this point today completely embraces Satanism as a normal religious path.

Okay…, so what am I missing?  We already KNOW that most high level Freemasons are Satanic!  Did I mis-speak here?  Was there something about the article that was “out of line” with reality?

Secrecy leads to and becomes SATANIC!

The “RELIGION” of the high level Freemasons therefore…, IS SATANISM!

Next, Albert Pike says something really profound in “defense” of what is being done today…


He claims that the Templars were ALSO decieving the masses with their “public” face religion called: Roman Catholic…, while they themselves had a much higher religion called: Johannism!

He further infers that the Roman Catholic Religion was saved for the people they sought to supplant and to eventually TAKE OVER!

So in this case…, the “lower” Roman Catholic Religion became a TOOL OF WAR

Finally Albert Pike once again talks about Lucifer as the “Light Bringer…, or the Light Bearer for humanity!


Much more will be coming!  This is only the beginning!

All my love….
















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