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The following is yet another excellent article on the New World Order’s plans to control the minds of the entire population on this planet. It documents the most common types of societal “brainwashing” as well as some of the more sophisticated ones including the US Government’s (The Hub of the New World Order)use of the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska as a venue for remote mass mind control of the citizens of this planet.

The most disturbing aspect in what is occurring here is that the majority of the people on this planet have not yet awakened to what is being done to them. And there is serious concern that they may already be so brain waved entrained to think as they have been conditioned to, that they may now be incapable of recognizing the myriad forms of mind control that they are routinely being subjected to.



Think again if you believe you are in total control of what you think, how you think, and why you think as you do.

Since birth we are all under the manipulation of mass consciousness through major media, schools, churches, etc. Our parents are well versed in the do’s and don’ts of culture, and they indoctrinate us early in our life into these same thinking and behavior patterns. Most of us don’t even know that we are born into this conditioning and continue throughout our lives to be the manipulated pawns of our society, never questioning our thought or behavior patterns.

Mass consciousness is the name of the game. We are herded into accepting the norm that is placed before us, and we don’t give it another thought. We proceed to follow the preconceived agendas of those that want to keep us imprisoned in our herd instincts. We are well indoctrinated subjects. Those who don’t go along with the mass agenda are pressured into conforming. And if we don’t conform we are harassed into acceptance. And if this doesn’t work then we are temporarily or even permanently removed and thus effectively isolated from family and friends in order not to infect others with our rebellious nature (in the name of protecting ourselves and our families). Those running the show want to make sure that free-thinking is not contagious.

We buy into their propaganda on many levels, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. We persist in amassing all the products that constantly bombard us in the all pervasive advertising campaigns that surround us — in our homes watching television and commercials, in our car looking at the billboards and listening to the radio and their constant barrage of commercials, shopping in stores with their programmed sales pitches, etc. We are unknowingly surrounded and engulfed by consumerism and this is part of normal life. It is so much a part of us that most of the time we aren’t even conscious of the programming working on us.

Through social engineering our consciousness is molded along the correct lines. Mass programming is instituted through all avenues — television, radio, news, movies, computer games, magazines, books, and just about everything around us. And we thought we were free thinkers!

What is the current propaganda campaign? Disintegrating social, family, spiritual, and personal values. There has been a proliferation of movies and television programs depicting disintegrating families (breaking down family values and family stability). This is projected as normal life. The message broadcast to the general audiences including children, pre-teens and teenagers is that sexual relationships (no matter at what age) outside of marriage are okay because they are exciting. The destructive message being propagated is that we are free to do whatever feels good no matter who we hurt in the process.

We are further conditioned to accept violence. We witness violence on just about every program. Children continuously watch cartoons that depict characters behaving in destructive, violent, and unusual behavior. From an early age we are being conditioned to accept this behavior as okay.

The daily news programs concentrate a majority of their programming on violence, and we all intently watch the latest violent outbursts. We even enjoy it on certain levels. This is a major planned desensitizing program geared to getting us used to everyday violence, as we accept it and incorporate it as part of our normal environment. In our quest for excitement we anxiously await the next scandal and then immerse ourselves in it until we live and breathe the sordid story, thus escaping from our so-called doldrum lives.

There is not only this overt mind manipulation programming through major media, news, entertainment, video, computer games, significant programming, but the entire population is unknowingly subjected to many covert subliminal transmissions as well.

At no time in history is it easier to promote overall programming of the entire population through telecommunications around the world, thus manipulating and controlling city, state, national and global views. A story is planted in the media and grows through continued emphasis and interest.

Covert programs are in place in various governmental programs. For instance the government program called the Montauk Project that took over after the Philadelphia/Rainbow Project with connections to Brookhaven National Labs, Airborne Instrument Labs, Siemens/ITT and MK-ULTRA, are subjecting the human race to nonstop, invasive and pervasive body, emotion, mind, and consciousness control by the use of electromagnetic frequency transmissions on a worldwide scale. Through these various projects we are being subjected (without our knowledge or consent) to extensive social manipulation and programming, consciousness modification programs, health and mood altering substances placed in our air, food and water supply, and implants unknowingly placed within specified targeted individuals.

Still think we are free agents?

We never get the real truth. There is a massive reality control being performed on all of us – this is the ongoing control upon what we think we see through any media source. There is a constant media disinformation campaign to discredit or promote any government program or agenda. There are massive covert agendas that are promoted in specific ways as well. Exploitation of the masses by those in power is unfortunately the keynote of this technology age.

For instance, who chooses what stories receive media attention, and which stories are left to die a natural death? Major media is forced to check with Washington DC to see what has been cleared for publication by the government. If they choose to ignore this policy, their careers are instantly cut off.

Within the media we witness the propagating of falsehoods, apocalyptic, end of time prophecy, outside attacks of evil, etc. Religions further promote social control, manipulation and blind obedience to authority, creating a psychological framework for mind control programming.

Even New Age philosophy has been infiltrated and manipulated through EM/RF projects such as Montauk Project and HAARP. They are conducting weather/mind/seismic activity that is playing right into the New Age scenario of the catastrophic events of a pole shift, galactic, and planetary alignments.

Our general perceptions are continuously manipulated and controlled. Technology can now cause engineered panic. ELF waves are directed on certain groups creating paranoia and civil unrest, thus the preplanned calling in troops to restore order and take up residence within our cities.

The history of science has been thoroughly and diligently manipulated just like the rest of history. We see and hear what they want us to know, and this is far from the reality of the way things are. The true state of scientific advancement is a secret to the majority. There is an ongoing common suppression of scientific discoveries, deception and manipulation. The existence of other dimensions and time travel is possible and has actually been the source of experiments for decades. Mind control techniques have been perfected and used upon unsuspecting individuals for years.

When a true fact actually leaks out, then these truths are later discredited in order to continue to create and propagate the lies. Our education system reinforces all the preplanned programming, and then the media goes about verifying it. As so it is. This is how the lie keeps building and forming our culture. We don’t know any differently. How could we? Most of us would never come across this information in our everyday lives. We have been effectively blindfolded to the truth. Thus, the social control of the masses continues in every avenue of our lives.

It is believed that most of those reporting alien abductions were actually conducted by government agencies on its citizens with no alien involvement whatsoever. The government continues to implant, test, and experiment with its unsuspecting human subjects while using the alien agenda as a scapegoat.

Science has been promoting the body identification curriculum for years. This is the ongoing promotion of the false belief that consciousness is a product of the brain and the mind is in the brain and not an independent entity. Thus the contention that the mind can be manipulated by outside sources. Science promotes the premise for the lie that there is no free will.

There is a worldwide covert government using mind control and manipulating technologies for their specific agendas. They have put into place electromagnetic fields across the world thus controlling the population on a large scale basis.

The secret government is using intelligence and military agencies to influence and mold society through the effective avenues of media and communications. These groups have perfected highly advanced technology in regards to electromagnetic/RF technologies like HAARP, the Montauk/Phoenix Project, and countless research projects to implement their plans not only on a national scale but the global scale control over our mind, emotions, and physical bodies.

There are numerous projects of this nature that are being conducted by federal intelligence agencies researching mind control programs, from the overt control of basic information given out to the public through major media to covert agendas.

There are highly structured cult-like “belief system” control groups. For instance, preceding the Jonestown, Guyana massacre there was unusual electromagnetic energy reported. A fact hidden from the public is that 700 of the 900 victims were homicides not suicides.

These agencies using EM/RF signals and drugs, can manipulate basic psychological states; interfere with mental functioning and reflexes; control the autonomic nervous system; transmit audible words directly to the brain via pulsed microwaves; create psychotronic mind to computer links (used by Air Force with fighter pilots and flight computers demonstrated on TV); interface with both conscious and subconscious thought processes; plant subliminal messages (especially with specific targets during Rapid Eye Movement – REM sleep).

If we ever thought we were safe in our homes and on the streets of our neighborhoods, think again. These projects reach into all avenues of our lives. We don’t even have to leave our home to be subject to its influences.

NSA’s nanotech computer uses satellite links that can locate, catalog, track and scan literally anyone in the US by reading and recording or correlating/matching the unique bio-electromagnetic signature possessed by each living being, and by monitoring mental, physical and emotional states through subtly evoked EEG readings picked up by extremely sensitive scanning. Targeted individuals can then be interacted with by means of the electromagnetic/radio frequency technology. Targeted individuals are usually implanted with biologically-based transceiver chips making their control more reliable and powerful. It is reported by numerous sources that a plan now exists to implant each and every person at some future time. The computer chips that are smaller than a grain of rice are already manufactured and waiting for an opportune time to inject into our bodies. News sources report the ongoing testing of these computer chips on prisoners (without their knowledge) in order to monitor and modify their behavior.

The mind manipulation programs that were perfected by Montauk on Long Island are now being carried out by HAARP in various areas around the world. There are mind manipulation EM/RF transmitters in most major cities to handle potential troublemakers and dissidents. HAARP has global operations controlled by the covert government agencies.

The Montauk Project and other related military bases are in line with the New World Order objectives. There are reported 10,000 intensely programmed people in the US alone.

There is another sinister covert operation going on in this great country of ours, and that is mind control programming that is targeting specific populations. These are not isolated incidents but actually specified youth directed programming in many areas of our country. For instance, children in all major population areas are being programmed through various devious means. On field-trips and outings when staying at military facilities, these children are being abducted, programmed, and then silently returned. Then triggers and cues that are embedded in popular mass entertainment (songs, movies, and computer games) set off certain programmed behavior patterns within these individuals.

Notice the recent violent actions of boys around the age of puberty (the age of the experimental Montauk boys). Along with this outside influence, we also have youth-directed mass programming through various avenues of the media that we bring into our homes and general environment. Witness the tragedy generated by young boys in the following:

Jonesboro Arkansas massacre in March ’98

May ’98 massacre in Edinboro, Pennsylvania

School shooting in Springfield, Oregon

The interesting aspect is that these violent events are taking place in quiet rural/suburban communities

Another aspect of child manipulation was the famous McMartin Preschool incident and their mass ritual sex abuse upon the youngsters. This was shown to have outright CIA connections.

It is reported that the CIA’s child oriented mind control operations have been administered by an Indonesian religious cult “Subud”. One leader is a principal officer in a major computer games software manufacturing/developing business.

We have all types of conditioned programming that is setting up prejudices within our young. Schools, churches, and the mass media promote and encourage these lines of separation.

In February ’99 Charlton Heston presented a speech to the Harvard Law School Forum. The subject of his speech was freedom of thought and freedom of speech. He appealed to the students to reconnect with their own sense of liberty, freedom of thought, and their own compass as to what is right. He said we are in a cultural war that is taking away our birthright to think and say what resides in our hearts. He pointed out that something is undermining our nation and separating truth from falsehood. (With all the directed mass media programming along these lines of separation and hatred how could it be any different?)

The media and critics are now condemning Heston for daring to speak his mind and that his language is not authorized for public consumption. Because he speaks up for our civil liberties he is branded as a crazy ridicules brain-injured old man. This is the media speaking out. And the public is listening. This is another blatant example of how we are told what to think, say, and do. And if we don’t conform we’re the bad ones to be shunned by the media, our family and friends.

Public figures, professors and researchers, and all those in the public eye cannot really say what they believe. Everywhere cultural and political correctness rules. Heston calls us “… the most socially conformed and politically silenced generation since Concord Bridge. And as long as you validate that…and abide it…you are by your grandfathers’ standards —cowards.”

Music and Mind Control

Music provides access to deep subconscious, emotional, nonlinear/logical portions of the psyche. In this way music assists, intensifies, and boosts the impact of programming. Music can also set off certain triggers within specified targeted individuals.

To illustrate, the Montauk Project has state of the art psycho-acoustic techniques that insert subliminal programming into popular music that can trigger certain responses and changes in consciousness. Music is considered a powerful tool to access the deeper emotional and instinctual levels of consciousness.

For years popular music has been used to influence the “collective unconsciousness” of the younger generation and keep the older generation in line with the covert agendas (don’t think for yourself, listen to the authorities, etc.) Popular music has been infiltrated by the intelligence agencies with their secret agendas, and we have been the unknowing recipients of their subtle programming.

The music of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s was manipulated by this technology. These feel-good songs are still used in mass marketing to sell their products and to promote their covert agendas imbedded in the songs.

Another sinister approach being used is the training, programming and mind controlling agendas that certain music stars are undergoing. They are being trained to fulfill special programmed functions as mass entertainers in the general mind controlled New World Order.

There are specific frequencies and subliminal commands embedded in sound tracks of popular music. These frequencies are dubbed into the soundtrack to reinforce a lyric or message. The songs now have subliminal psycho-acoustically modified and synthesized content. These are hard to detect because it is being projected in the same chord and frequency as the music.

Notice country western songs are of a depressing nature emphasizing failed relationships and physical, emotional, and mental dependencies. This is sending a specific message to a targeted population. And this is what our children and teenagers are listening to every day. This is conditioned programming that we are sending messages to adults to abuse their children resulting in giving over their lives to government agencies (welfare, health, etc.)

. In heavy metal and RAP music there is an overabundance of negativity, hate, violence, destructive messages with subliminal messages also being dubbed in.

Thus we observe that the wide reaching avenue of music is being utilized as an aid to EM/RF mind control programming directed toward selected groups.

An example of someone speaking out about the destructive nature of songs being played to our younger generation is Charlton Heston. In his recent Harvard Speech he told his story about speaking out at a Time/Warner stockholders’ meeting. They were selling a CD called “Cop Killer” by the rapper named Ice-T. This song celebrates ambushing and murdering police officers. Heston read the sick racist lyrics of the song to the stockholders. When he read the lyrics to the press they said they couldn’t print it. And Heston said “I know, but Time/Warner’s selling it.” For sticking up for decency, Heston is now being snubbed by Time/Warner. But he says it’s worth it. He says disobedience means you must be willing to act, not just talk. A good lesson for all of us!


Dick Sutphen in his book and audio tape THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND discusses the process of persuasion and brainwashing techniques that are being used on the public every day. He presents the how-to-brainwash techniques that are widely used in various churches, human-potential training, business rallies, US Armed services, and overt as well as covert government agendas.

Sutphen states that the media is keeping this information from the public because by it’s very nature, mass media uses these techniques to present an opinion and sell its products to the consumers.

Sutphen states that no one ever believes they have been brainwashed. Christian revivalism stated this process in the eighteenth century, by inducing guilt, acute apprehension, and by increasing tension, they intentionally break down the “sinners” to completely submit to the new plan. They wipe the brain slate clean so that the mind accepts new programming. Conversion is a nice word for brainwashing.

The most effective way to achieve conversion is to work on the emotions of the individual and group until an abnormal level of anger, fear, excitement or nervous tension exists. Then judgment is impaired which increases suggestibility. The more this is intensified the more effective it becomes. Then a complete mental takeover is easier. Existing mental programming can be replaced with new patterns of thinking and behavior.

Other brainwashing methods include the use of physiological weapons to modify normal brain functions, such as fasting, radical or high sugar diets, physical discomforts, regulation of breathing, chanting, awesome disclosures, special lighting and sound effects, incense, drugs, shock treatment, and lowering the blood sugar with insulin injections.

More techniques include a repetitive beat (ideally 45 to 72 beats per minute that simulates the human heartbeat), voice roll (patterned paced style used by hypnotists and lawyers), building excitement and involvement, generating a highly suggestible eyes-open mass-induced alpha mental state, and vibrating frequencies.

Another scientific technique frequently used is Neuro-Linguistics. This is a subtle and powerful manipulation program. Subliminal programming is used which includes hidden suggestions that only our subconscious perceives. They can be audio (hidden in music), or visual (in a picture or flashed on a screen too fast to consciously see it). Many audio subliminal reprogramming tapes place their verbal suggestions at a low volume. They also modify and synthesize the suggestions and project it in the same chord and frequency as the music, thus producing suggestions heard by the subconscious mind but undetected by the conscious mind.

We are all in the propaganda machine, whether we are conscious and willing or not. The propaganda and commercial manipulation of subliminal messages constantly bombard us every minute of every day in all forms of advertising and media presentation. There is no escaping this conditioning. We do not know what is behind the music we hear, and thus the use of this dangerous technique on unsuspecting audiences. Unfortunately, there is a continual misuse by many in advertising and political campaigns not to mention the ongoing covert government manipulation.

Other techniques being used to manipulate and program unsuspecting subjects are:

Vibrato is the effect imparted in some vocal or instrumental music causing an altered state of consciousness.

Inaudible ELFs (extra-low frequency waves) that are electromagnetic in nature. ELFs can travel through the Earth and through metal doors.

The Neurophone is an electronic instrument that can program suggestions directly through contact with the skin (you do not hear or see anything) The National Security Agency confiscated the neurophone from the inventor Dr. Patrick Flanagan and are now using it for their own purposes.

All this advanced technology is being used to control human beings. The television is one of the richest sources of programming because we continue to feed off of it day after day. The television places us in somnambulistic states and then proceeds to implant the messages in our consciousness.

With subliminal messages behind music, subliminal visuals projected on television and movie screens, hypnotically produced visual effects and sustained musical beats at a trance-producing speed, we are a society of brainwashed people. And we continue to bask in its effects every day of our lives.

When are we going to wake up and see life for what it really is? It takes a conscious effort to recognize that we are brainwashed victims. We must summon up our will power to stand apart from the mass media propaganda. We must be willing to stand up for our innate freedom to think, say, and do what is in our hearts.


HAARP — stands for High Frequency Active Aural Research Program. This is a worldwide reaching program operated by the Navy and Air Force, along with Phillips Labs and other private industries. They are a successor to the Montauk Project in their interdimensional and time operations, EM/RF mind control, and manipulation operations.

The main HAARP facility is located in Gakona, Alaska, and they have at least 36 sites around the world in operation at this time. HAARP is the control and communications system technology being used by the New World Order to ensure maximum compliance from the population and maximum technological superiority.

In the book ANGELS DON’T PLAY THIS HAARP by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, the authors discuss how HAARP can scan and interrogate the minds of targeted individuals by means of certain EM/RF technology applications. Their minds can be read through artificial telepathy and psychotronic systems. Various internal military documents refer to the many years of testing of these weapons. They have been focusing this research on their use in domestic applications (which means us).

The CIA-NSA-DIA have farmed out many of their psychic research to private independent companies. In this way the projects are going underground and less out of the public’s scrutiny.

Psy-Tech and The Farsight Institute are closely tied to HAARP. The potential impact of this technology gives those in charge global control of the human race by manipulating all life forms on Earth (not just human) on every conceivable level – physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual.

The entire ionosphere of Earth can be configured to perform as a powerful global frequency transreceiver by beaming high-frequency radio energy into it. HAARP technology uses electromagnetic (RF) signals to cause injurious, even lethal physical and mental effects upon certain targeted population groups, called domestic enemies (those that don’t agree with their agendas). These electromagnetic transmissions are used to interact with, interface and interrogate the minds of targeted groups. These activities can take place anywhere in the world.

The August 1995 issue of Popular Science provided information about HAARP technology. A partial list of their capabilities are:

Enhance or interfere with communications.

Develop new radio transmissions.

Manipulate weather patterns.

Weapon related tecnology.

Mind control projects.

Earth penetrating tomography. This technology can see into underground installations, as well as oil and mineral deposits.

Can detect electromagnetic seismic activity that precedes earthquakes. They can also trigger this activity.

Generation of gravitic waves and interdimension/time portals.

Draw energy from the ionsphere.

Push the envelop, which means they can pump electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere.

We are full-fledged members of the technology era. Anything is now possible. The question that we must ask ourselves is how are we using these marvelous advances? In the hands of those seeking to manipulate and control the population, these advances are our downfall. What is their motive? When this technology is used to keep us deaf, dumb, and dependent upon those in power, we have ultimately given away our freedom in exchange for technological advances.

The question remains — “Who Is In Control Of Our Mind?”


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