By: Bradley Loves

This post is meant to be an addendum to the Jeff Rense video interview that I just posted!  It is meant to clarify and clear some things up as well as to underscore and REPEAT some important things I’ve already written on this blog several times!

So, I posted the Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell video for a very important reason, even though I don’t necessarily agree with much of it.   I hope everyone had a chance to listen to it and I hoped that while they were listening to it, they used great care!

Now…, after listening to the video – I have just one question for you?


If you took time to listen to the video interview in the last post…, Jordan Maxwell seems to say that it is/was ET’s – or what the ancient Hebrew language called “the gods” that actually created man.

He bases this on what he calls “pure translations” of the Bible.

Now…, I am going to tell you right off, and in no uncertain terms…, I disagree with this on the face of what was said, but in order for everyone to get on the same page…, we’ve got to DIG DEEPER!

Now, before you go getting all bent out of shape…, let me ask you a really important question first…


This question may seem strange.  But I want you to know that  in fact, it is imperative at this point in the conversation!  I’m only asking you this question because you can not logically know WHO your Creator is, if you do not even know WHAT you are!

You see, some people that may have listened to the Jeff Rense and Jordan Maxwell interview, and when it comes to the part where Jordan says…, well “the gods created man”…, they might have said:

Well, that’s it then…, the ET’s created all of us…

My response to this kind of foolish answer would be: 

  • first a giggle,
  • then a chuckle,
  • then a huge belly laugh…,
  • and then an OMG are you kidding me, you actually bought that crap ???

The only reason that anyone would say such a thing is if they truly thought that the words: “created man” actually meant “created them”.

And, they would only come to this conclusion if they had NO IDEA at all as to what they actually were!

A five year old could make this kind of mistake I suppose…, but then a five year old does NOT know who she is, nor even WHAT SHE IS!


If a five year old was going to learn something very important…, she would need to learn that she is NOT the body that she is living inside of!

Her nature is pure “spirit” (electricity)…, that just happens to have something exceedingly important (and unique) called an ETERNAL SOUL!   

So in truth, what “SHE” is, was made by the CREATOR OF SOULS – A Being of Great Majesty and Pure Love!

Furthermore…, there are a great many “spirit beings” out there who do NOT have SOULS…, so having an ETERNAL SOUL is a very unique gift indeed!

So…, to honestly answer the question:  WHAT ARE YOU?

One must always answer in this way:

I am a Spirit Being that has an ETERNAL SOUL!   

This is the Cosmic Equivalent of having the most technologically advanced “Software” that has ever been, or ever will be developed in all of eternity…, and is “Software” that can NEVER be destroyed…., unless it is destroyed by HE WHO CREATED IT.

So, in a nutshell, it is only by knowing what you are, that you can even answer the question of who made you correctly: 


Now…, if we were to get deeply into the interview between Jeff Rense and Jordan Maxwell…, for Jordan to be talking about the BIBLE in the historical terms that he does…, if you are not first CLEAR on WHAT YOU ARE…., it lowers the meaning of who the actual Creator of man is (or was) down to a group of beings/ET’s/gods who were working merely with physical bodies and genetics!

But in all honesty, I have a huge problem with even THIS interpretation of the conversation in the interview as well!  I’ve stated this many times before on this blog and let me point it out!

I don’t care what kind of ET or “god”…, or Alien Interloper that you are…, YOU DON’T actually “create” living beings!  That is just pure bunk!

What these beings – who consider themselves master geneticists actually do – is to mess with already existing DNA…, and then MODIFY IT in various ways to change or amend something that is ALREADY THERE!

In other words…, the “gods” in the discussion that Rense and Maxwell were having did not CREATE MAN…, but instead took something that was already here on Earth…, and then they modified it…, changed it…, re-worked it…, and then called it “their creation”.

In my opinion…, they DID NOT make any real improvements…, but instead bastardized something that already had TELEPATHY and countless other “gifts” which every species ever created has out of necessity!

So, if you wish to ask the question:

Who created the current physical body form that I live in…, then you might consider that what Jeff Rense and Jordan Maxwell are talking about to be an interesting and perhaps adequate answer, but it has little to do with “WHO YOU ARE”!!

The truth of the matter however is plain and quite simple.

“YOU” are not your “BODY” and you NEVER were!

“YOU” are not the BODY that you are living in…, and so whoever happened to come along and create, manufacture, or even genetically modify the body that you see in the mirror every singe day…, IS NOT YOUR CREATOR!


Do you see why it was really important to have this conversation…, and why if some “so-called”  god/alien/ET  comes along – lands on Earth – and then says:  I CREATED YOU…, what you should be doing is laughing in it’s face!


Because that “Body” is not who or what you are!

YOU are something totally different than what you see in the mirror!


They merely take what they find – modify it to suit their needs – and then call it theirs!



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