By: Bradley Loves

Prime Creator is the single source of ALL THAT EXISTS.

I have little time for people who want to be childish about such things. One of my readers has posed that question in a blog post entitled:

Do You and Your Prime Creator ….(etc.)


Newsflash…, my Prime Creator is Thee Prime Creator…, and is Your Prime Creator.

Why is that difficult to understand?

Does it confuse you because I use a word that has not previously been used?

If I were to say:

GOD, JEHOVAH, ALLAH, BRAHMA, …, or some other word…, (words that have already been co-opted and dragged through the mud) how would that help??

Remember this:




A question like:

Well just who is YOUR GOD??

Is one of the smallest questions a human being can ask.

It proves that the “mind” of this individual is still stuck in extreme duality, and extreme confusion.

I agree that there are many “lessor” gods…, (small “g” thank you very much)…, but these egotistical beings…, originally created by PRIME CREATOR are just that…, creations!

Lucifer is/was/and will always be…, a “creation”!!

Lucifer was NEVER, and will never be “more” that what PRIME CREATOR gives it.

Because Lucifer (as well as all other lessor “gods”) are simply creations of the ONE SOURCE OF ALL…, they can not possibly be equal to…, or take over…, or assume the authroity of PRIME CREATOR.

The lessor “gods” in the cosmos are the FALLEN ANGELS…, led by Lucifer…, and who are determined to force humanity away from the source of creation.

PRIME CREATOR is the energy of LOVE that created Jesus, and holds out hope for mankind that they will RETURN to the source that created them.

However…, let’s be clear here that “Jesus” as he is/was protrayed in the western religions is NOT the being that Prime Creator created, nor is the reason for his creation being talked about properly.

The outlandish “lessor gods” have set a “trap” for mankind.  They see human beings as “lessor beings”…, unfit and undeserving to called “creations”.

They are using ALL of their magical powers…, (powers given to them by GOD) to entrap mankind…, and to extinguish mankind.

Jesus is the “gift” given by PRIME CREATOR that defeats the dark magic of the lessor “gods”.

What one needs to remember is that we are “fighting” a SUPER-NATURAL WAR!

We are fighting beings that PRIME CREATOR knows very well, becuase he created them.

We are fighting beings that he gave much power and authority to!

They are not just here on Earth…, but exist in much higher dimensions and levels.

To think that once you “defeat” them here on Earth…, and it’s all over…, is very short sighted!

You have NO CLUE as to the vastness of creation…, or of the power of the Fallen Angels.

The TRAPS for mankind are everywhere…, and they exist on the higher levels as well.

Knowing how much POWER…, the lessor “gods” have…, (because he gave them this power) …, PRIME CREATOR created a single key…, that would turn the lock…, and allow mankind to BY PASS all levels of traps and all levels of enslavement that have been put into place by the FALLEN ANGELS and the lessor “gods”.

This includes the millions of TRAPS on other levels and other dimensions of CREATION.

PRIME CREATOR knew of the jealousy and the hatred his “lessor” gods have for mankind…, and he put into place a way to bring back these souls.

So who then are the Luciferians working for???



One of the Fallen Angels who has no use for mankind.

More will be coming on this later…, but if you have been paying attention at ALL…, you can see what the CABAL has been planning for Earth…, and who is behind it.



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Okay…, so “what’s your point”… (?)




  1. Tiona

    Thank you for the insight, oversight of the aspects of our existence. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with peace and love of our light.

  2. megan reid

    Well said Bradley! People don’t “get it ” because they have been so deeply programmed lifetime after lifetime to make sure that they don’t! Until one day somehow something mysterious happens, something clicks into place, call it a “aha moment” and they start to question things and to genuinely seek truth and to discover a rebellious spark within that refuses to conform any longer and to be bamboozled and lied to any longer. People start by seeing the double standards of every day existence, they see the stark contrasts between those who have and those who don’t and they begin to ask themselves that timeless question “WHY”! Why do some pretty nasty and selfish individuals seem to have it all on one hand and on the other some loving, good hearted and beautiful souls are denied any comforts at all and are treated in the most evil manner imaginable. Then they think if there is a god then why does he let this happen? Why doesn’t he stop the evil in the world? Then the search begins for the seemingly elusive answer to these questions begins!

    Thank you for all that you do to awaken humanity Bradley, don’t despair. for your words might just be what someone needs to read to act as the trigger for them to ask that question “WHY”?

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