I am posting quite a few Alex Collier Videos at this time because I want people to get familiar with his work – and his message. I am very happy to post his videos, he is a very genuine and loving man!

Most of it is sound and truthful!  The only part that I take exception with, naturally, is his understanding of GOD the loving Creator.

Almost all of his spiritual information has come from actual living human beings who were from the 5th dimension! 

This being said – “now” is a VERY GOOD TIME to explain a few things and to really drill down into this idea that once you are in the 5th dimension – you KNOW EVERYTHING.

You do NOT!

The Andromedan’s live a lot longer than we do here on Earth.  They are more spiritually evolved in the sense that they are non – violent, they have tons of proper morals and ethics, and they treat each other with much love and kindness and respect!

This does not mean that they fully understand GOD.  Actually far from it.

They have moved forward and upward a few dimensions where telepathic communication is now possible – instant healing due to frequency and sound is possible and many other wonderful things.

They are more “refined” examples of human beings.  And because they exist on the 5th dimension – they can not only see and watch what is happening on the 5th dimension – but they can also see and watch what is happening on the 4th, and on the 3rd as well.

They can see into the dimensions BELOW them.

This is how the DRACO and the ORION GRAYS – most of whom are either 4th dimensional regressives or even 5th dimensional regressives – aka Dark or Negative Beings – can see into the 3rd dimension so that they can attempt interference with our level of reality.

They are NOT supposed to do this – and this goes against GODS RULES.

Even though the Andromedan’s are from the 5th dimension – they only know what they know – and they KNOW what 5th dimensional beings would know.  Therefore – anything that they TAUGHT to Alex Collier as their understanding would come from that level of knowledge.  This is a level that while extremely wonderful and expansive – is still 5th dimensional.

Alex – and other alien contactees – have correctly stated that 5th dimensional beings are “mentored” and “guided” by Sixth Dimensional Beings.

The reason they are mentored is due to the fact that they need to LEARN (yes learn) an awful lot in order for them to rise up to the Sixth Dimensional Level.

Now, as I’ve stated in my writings, moving forward and upward through the levels is tricky and is something that comes from ALWAYS choosing “good”.  And far from what the PRIME DIRECTIVE of the 5th dimensional beings states – sometimes the greatest “good” comes from doing a planetary intervention and helping an entire world to get RID of some very dark beings.

GOOD does not always = non-violence!!

The trick is to KNOW – yes I used that word KNOW, when taking forms of military type action is required in any given situation or moment and THAT INFORMATION can be had if one has a direct connection to GOD!

Sixth Dimensional beings can “see” what is happening in the 6th, as well as the 5th, the 4th, and the 3rd dimensions below.  However, even THEY do not know everything!  You see, sixth dimensional beings are guided and mentored by seventh dimensional beings because they have a lot to LEARN (yes learn) if they are going to move forward and upward into the seventh dimensional level.

Seventh Dimensional beings can “see” what is happening on the 7th, as well as on the 6th, the 5th, the 4th, and the 3rd.  They are mentored and guided by beings who come from the 8th Dimension – because as 7th dimensional beings – the have a lot to LEARN (yes learn) about what it takes to live and operate on the 8th dimension.

So I hope that you are starting to see a pattern here!

Now – when PRIME CREATOR – yes there is a GOD – asked for volunteers to come to Earth and help the souls that were trapped here, HE asked for (and got) volunteers not just from the 5th dimension – but also from the 6th dimension, the 7th dimension, the 8th dimension – all the way up to the 11th dimension!

This means that there are beings walking around Earth in a human body who have come from such a high level of Creation – that their LEARNED GENETIC KNOWLEDGE is far, far, far beyond that of the Andromedans – who only exist on the 5th dimension.

What does that mean in practical terms?

Well, if you WERE coming from the 9th or 1oth dimension of Creation – and had LEARNED all that you needed to know in order to be there – your knowledge and understanding of GOD – the PRIME CREATOR – would be woven into your Genetic Memory in such a way that beings of lessor dimensions are NOT aware of.

In other words – you would just “know” so much more about GOD – HIS LOVE – and HIS CREATION than even beings that were living on lets say the 8th or the 7th dimensions.

It is THIS KNOWLEDGE that prompted the Draco and the Orion Grays to create “light quotient detectors” in the first place – and even though they may not have known or understood which level of creation an advanced soul had come from – they knew it was advanced – simply by the level or quotient of LIGHT that the new born baby (soul) was giving off.

So what did they do with this knowledge?

They broke one of GOD’s most sacred rules and they ATTACKED these very high level souls relentlessly – feeling that they were a danger to their New World Order TIME-LINE.


Now – you may or may not know this – but this is akin to attacking and brutally torturing GENERALS and HIGH LEVEL AMBASSADORS – compared to regular privates in a war time scenario.

Even here on the Earth – NO ONE would even think of torturing a General – its just not done for various reasons of Protocol between the battling factions which forbids this kind of high level attack.

So what do you feel GOD would have to say upon seeing the Draco and the Orion Grays viciously attacking 10th and 1th dimensional VOLUNTEER SOULS?  Souls that were so far beyond them – that they could not even imagine what these souls meant to GOD.

What do you think GOD would have to say about that?


It is to teach you that 5th dimensional souls/human beings who are currently living in human bodies in the 5th dimension – do NOT know everything.

Thus – when it comes to GOD– and HIS KINGDOM– they can get it wrong!  They can get it wrong simply because they are currently inhabiting a physical body – and even though they are very long lived (2,000 to 4,000 years) on their level, they have not “seen” GOD – and thus are not sure who or what GOD really is.

The better soul to ask about GOD is the soul that has come from a very high dimensional level – and believe it or not – there are some who are currently walking on the Earth – and living in a 3rd dimensional body.


As I’ve said and written before.  They came to help.  They do NOT need to be here!  They did not need to come to this planet, this realm, or to this dimension.

They are NOT stuck here like the rest are.  They have ALREADY earned their way up to the high level that they came from and they WILL – mark my words – return to those very high levels – GOD HAS PROMISED – the very moment they die.

They would never have volunteered if otherwise.

Alex Collier is a GREAT SOURCE of information as concerns the Andromedans and their technology – their lives and the culture – and their understandings of the Universe.

But – they are 5th dimensional beings.  Thus, their understanding of GOD is limited.

My recommendation is this – if you want a better understanding of GOD – seek out Gene Decode!  Or, continue to read here on LOVE TRUTH SITE.

You never know just “which” dimension I might have actually been on BEFORE I volunteered to lend a hand here on Earth.

Oh – and like I’ve written before – there are gonna be a whole lot of very sorry souls – who used Off World technology to identify high level souls – only so they could be TARGETED and ATTACKED and TORTURED viciously.

This is/was a COSMIC NO-NO!

They need to prepare to get more than just their hand slapped!

Finally – isn’t in interesting that the Draco and the Orion Grays would NEVER do this themselves – but instead they ordered others to do it?  You know why?  Even THEY were terrified of the consequences of doing such a thing and breaking such a rule set in place by GOD HIMSELF.




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