By: Bradley Loves


Donald Trump is being “impeached” as we speak only because he is an “outsider” who has never been “read in” to countless Military and Black Ops Programs!

As much as he must “know” already about all of the Alien Programs that are on-going…, the entire length and breadth of how the American People…, and the rest of the people of the world have been LIED TO…, is both staggering and astounding!

Adam Schiff is head of the House Intelligence Committee…, and as part of that Committee he is part of the so called “GANG OF EIGHT”.

As part of that tiny group, he and seven other members of the United States Congress are fully informed about all things concerning the Extra-Terrestrial Presence…., Time Travel, The Secret Space Program, Life on other Planets and most likely thousands of other TOP SECRET PROGRAMS and PROJECTS.

So why…, are “they” so desperate to IMPEACH Donald Trump?

Because every single one of these GANG OF EIGHT members have LIED THEIR ASSES OFF for years to the American people!  They have committed TREASON against the very people that put them in office by hiding truth and knowledge that is so important and so vital…, that it would change EVERYTHING HAPPENING HERE ON EARTH!

As Americans we have a RIGHT TO KNOW these things…, and SCHIFF and company have literally “crapped” all over every single American by not immediately holding a press conference and telling them what he knows!


He deserves, along with the rest of the GANG OF EIGHT, to burn in the fires of HELL for all of Eternity!

So what kind of information exactly am I talking about?   What kinds of things is he HIDING from the rest of us…, AND thus hiding from Donald Trump??

Check out this interview that Kerry Cassidy did with a man named  Henry Deacon!

You can also find it here:


This is what people like SCHIFF are terrified of!

They are scared of the American people!  They are terrified of us!  If we ever manage to find out just how much has actually been hidden from us…, and how much we have been lied to…, it is GAME OVER for these BOZOS who lied, and lied, and lied, and lied, and lied, and lied, and lied….

The very moment Donald Trump was elected as the US President…, every man and women who has sat on fantastic knowledge and amazing discoveries started crapping in their drawers.

They, one and all, have cheated, scammed, lied to, and caused GREAT HARM all over the world by not coming clean with what was really happening out there.

How many times do I need to say this….


No man has the right to keep SECRETS from all of mankind of this caliber and importance…


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