By: Bradley Loves

The New Age has constantly told us that nothing here is real…, and that in order to “win” the “game” so to speak, here on Earth…,  one must simply “forgive” everything.

I DARE you to tell me this assessment is incorrect!

In other words, don’t fight back…, don’t make waves, and don’t rock the boat!

Simply just “tolerate” it all.

But isn’t that EXACTLY what a “master” tells a good SLAVE?

IF the Earth were really a sort of “testing” ground…, or a “proving” ground for our spiritual awakening…, wouldn’t that awakening ALSO include learning how to stand up for ourselves?

Wouldn’t it be a far better “test” of our spirituality if we at least confronted the DARKNESS and said “no more” …, or “not here”… when it came to manifest in our lives?

Why is rolling over…, and “tolerating it” so much better for us spiritually?

Here’s a good question…

If this is the way it really is…, then tell me WHO BENEFITS THE MOST?

If our only way to salvation is to accept every evil happening on the planet without Judgement…, (as the New Age suggests) WHO BENEFITS THE MOST FROM THAT THINKING?

Why…, the New World Order does…, that’s who!

They benefit…, because they see forgiveness as a weakness…, and will NEVER STOP pushing forward with their agenda.  So…, if there is NO RESISTANCE COMING..., then they will simply move ahead with their plans.

Can anyone find fault with this logic?

Now I’ve talked to many people…, who claim that the “channelers” just can’t be wrong!  They say they would never lie to us!  And yet…, their ideals are FLAWED…, and I’ve just shown you how!

Once I’ve pointed out this little “tidbit” to my conversation partner…, I usually get a long pause…, and then THIS ANSWER comes up!

Well we just need to forgive everything because we are going to be SAVED!  We don’t have to do anything!

Needless to say I roll my eyes…., and try not to laugh out loud when I hear this response.

However…, my thoughts are these:

So you mean to tell me that YOU THINK real spirituality is doing nothing…, allowing very bad people to do anything they want to you and to others…, and then waiting to be SAVED?

Hmmm…, this sounds more to me like what a “three year old” would do!  They would wait for mommy and daddy to come and “save” them.

This also sounds very much like the Catholic Church all over again to me!  I don’t know about you….

I’d like to offer you this news story for your consideration!

In this post found on Zero-Hedge today…, it talks about poultry workers…, who AFTER being denied bathroom breaks while working inside production plants, have been reduced to WEARING DIAPERS…, so they can urinate and defecate into their diapers while standing on line while still working.

They do this because they are terrified of losing their jobs!

This is not just a problem of losing ones job however…, this is indicative of a much LARGER PROBLEM!

The much larger problem here is SPIRITUAL COWARDESS!

Who (besides the damn channelers) have ever said that we have NO RIGHT to STAND UP for ourselves and ARGUE for our dignity?

Because of the NEW AGE…, too many human beings are becoming so “wussy-fied”…, that when the “master” tells them that they can’t have a “potty” break…, they simply go back to work like GOOD LITTLE SLAVES and put diapers on.

Getting back to my original thought…, wouldn’t it be FAR MORE logical that we are here (on Earth) to  “discover” our true self worth…, and to become the embodiment of REAL COURAGE?

And therefore…, when someone else trespasses against our life and our dignity…, we RISE UP and put a STOP TO IT?

Wouldn’t that be a far more LOGICAL use of the polarities in play here…, if indeed both light and dark were necessary as most New Ager’s say?   Would not those polarities be here to teach us to STAND UP FOR OURSELVES?

At least THIS I can grasp…, but the roll over…, and never judge anything approach…, is just too INSANE for me to even begin to comprehend!

The people working in this poultry factory (read the article)…, ARE THE EMBODIMENT OF WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WHO DO NOTHING! 

This is what the world will very soon look like if we continue to take no ACTION…, and if we continue to NEVER JUDGE what is going on around us.

Lastly…, I hope it is not “lost” on your thinking about the IRONY of this story…, because here we have human adults who have refused to “stand up for themselves” and therefore are reduced to WEARING DIAPERS! 


My friends…, think on these things.












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