By: Bradley Loves


The only question in my mind is this:

Why do you continue to be surprised at the LEVEL of EVIL now being perpetrated upon the innocent?


I just posted an important Jay Parker video…, (which had a little too much foul language in the beginning for my taste)…, but after muscling through that…, it got far better.  It was the information that was important anyway and there was a lot of it.

Jay Parker is one of the ONLY people that can tell us what the real AGENDA of those men and women who consider themselves DARK MAGICIANS and SATAN WORSHIPPERS is.   And they really DO have an Agenda!

It’s not pretty…, and for mankind to continue to be SURPRISED and TAKEN ABACK at the willingness of these people to cause harm to the innocent and cause real distress to the rest of us is just STUPID!

It’s out there now…., the information is now available to anyone who wants to pull their head out of the sand!

WE KNOW what they are trying to do…, and yet sadly…, few if any want to take any action to save themselves or the world they live in.

SOMEONE ELSE is supposed to do it for “us”.

Whether ET’s, Jesus, Blue Avians, or just other human beings…, SOMEONE ELSE has to save “us”…, because “we” are not going to go out of our way to put a stop to EVIL.

We need to “not judge” it.  We need to get blissed out…, in the yoga posture while bombs are dropping in Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc, etc, etc,


Nothing happening there…, I guess….,

In addition to that…., we are going to run to the safety of our living rooms and CHANNEL an entity from the beyond who: IS NOT LIVING ON EARTH…, and probably never has…., to comfort us and tell us it will all be “okay”.  (Just like tiny children)

THERE…, THERE…., living in a physical body isn’t important anyway…, it’s just an illusion…, and there is no such thing as pain….

Besides…, they all “wanted that”….., They contracted for that…

And now…, let me tell you another story…, it’s called:

The story of the Three little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf…..

“WE” have got to get smarter here…, or this will all be OVER SOON!

It’s time for those men and women who still have some sanity left to start engaging and helping others to realize that it is WE who have to take care of our world, and it is WE who have to make the necessary changes before things will improve!


All my love….



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