By: Bradley Loves


I’m sorry…, but this post is going to (by necessity) start out quite bluntly!

I’ve done the endless research, and I’ve put the dots together, which is why I am going to start out by saying to everyone reading this…, YOU JUST AREN’T GETTING IT, because you haven’t looked HARD ENOUGH.

The REASON that billionaires are pushing world wide depopulation so totally and so completely at this time is that the technology and the ability to make people LIVE FOR A VERY LONG TIME has already been developed and discovered!

Whether you want to talk about the “20 and back Program” where actual human beings are “age regressed” 20 years…, or…, about the Bio-Med Beds that can cure any disease and rebuild the entire human body from scratch…, WE HAVE THIS TECHNOLOGY!

(Most likely developed with the help of Aliens)

So what is the thinking then?  Why reduce the global population??

I will let the ELITE tell you in their own words…, given to you in a Hollywood movie called:  IN TIME

Here is direct quote from that movie.

For a FEW to be Immortal (live forver)…, MANY must die!


(Oh…, and guess who was in that movie…, none other than Globalist and Satanist Justin Timberlake)

The import of this statement is extremely CLEAR to anyone paying attention.

The “technology” to allow people to live forever will NEVER be given out, because then EVERYONE would want to use it.

HOWEVER…, if the billionaires in our world can find a way (as we speak) to REDUCE the population of the entire world (get rid of the undeserving ones) to say a mere five hundred million (and then strictly control population growth afterwards) THEN…, this technology can be given out to the public…, and people can be ALLOWED to live far longer lives.

Up to 1,000 or perhaps even 5,000 years!

So who gets to choose who lives and who dies?


The ones with all of the money…, like OPRAH WINFREY, BILL GATES, WARREN BUFFET…, GEORGE SOROS…, the ROCKERFELLERS and the ROTHSCHILDS…, etc.

Because they hold lots of MONEY…, they see themselves as the most DESERVING.


However…, as we speak…, (just in case you missed it) there is a huge concerted effort to DEMONIZE WHITE PEOPLE (especially white men) by the Globalists.

Not because white people are weak and unworthy…, but because THEY ARE STRONG!

The globalists do not want anyone who is inwardly strong and capable still left on the planet who could FIGHT with them.

They want people who will willingly take their place as subsevient slaves and do as they are TOLD!

Thus, before they roll out the “life extension technology” they must selectively get rid of ALL OF THE COMPETITION to their Global Schemes.

If you DO ANY RESEARCH AT ALL…, you will see that this technolgy does in fact exist!  It’s already here on Earth!

So now you know EXACTLY why the Illuminati is pushing “depopulation” at every single turn!


But in order for a FEW to be immortal…., MANY must first die!





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