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The Black Order was founded in New Zealand by Kerry Bolton as a successor to his Order of the Left Hand Path.[1]

Bolton had connections to other neo-Nazi Satanist groups, being the international distributor for the English-based Order of Nine Angles

Even though the beginning of the introduction to the BLACK ORDER on it’s wikipedia page connects it to neo-Nazi’s…, the true meaning of the word “NAZI” is:  NATIONAL SOCIALISM! 

(An embarrassing connection that almost every single socialist loves to forget)

So who exactly was the founder of THE BLACK ORDER…, and who did he rub elbows with!

Bolton fashioned his group he called THE BLACK ORDER after another deeply Satanic group hailing from Great Britain called: THE ORDER OF NINE ANGLES.  

He was tangentially connected to this group and followed some of their precepts and tenets.

The Order of Nine Angles (ONAO9A) is a Satanic and Left-Hand Path occult group based in the United Kingdom, but with associated groups in various other parts of the world.

Claiming to have been established in the 1960s, it rose to public recognition in the early 1980s, attracting attention for its neo-Nazi ideologies and activism.

Describing its approach as “Traditional Satanism“, it has been identified by academic researchers as also exhibiting Hermetic and modern Pagan elements in its beliefs.


If you look up “PAGANISM”…, what you’ll find is that it is a belief system that predates Christianity, and goes back to multiple “gods” and emphasizes above all other things –  “MAGIC”. 

This “magic” can be either black or white…, but for some reason groups like this one almost always focus on DARK BLACK MAGIC as a way to control other people in order to get what they want – instead of what “you” want!

(In this regard…, the entirety of the BIG TECH INDUSTRY could be accused of adhering to the pagan system of controlling others due to their methods of banning and censoring others!)

Strangely…, Paganism’s early history always seems to wind its way back into SWEDEN – which is one of the most SOCIALIST COUNTRIES that is still considered to be part of the western world.

(Just in case you needed even more proof of the connection between pagan beliefs and Socialism.)

In other words if you are looking for the roots of the NAZI’s and their “occult” beliefs…, then you’ll have to take a much closer look at THE VIKINGS!

In the New York Times article above, you’ll find that Nordic Countries (especially Sweden) are arguing over just who OWNS the many various symbols used by:

  • Paganists
  • Nazis
  • Satanists
  • Vikings
  • Socialists

It seems as if they are all using the very SAME SYMBOLS!   This in itself should raise a ton of red flags just due to the subject matter of the argument!

But why are these supposedly different groups even fighting over the same symbols unless there is a much deeper connection between them.

So…, before you go believing that ANTIFA (a group of Socialist Thugs) is quote “Anti-Fascist”…, first try digging deeply into what Fascism and Socialism really are…, and you’ll find they have the VERY SAME ROOTS!

It looks like these ANTIFA guys could easily belong to the BLACK ORDER to me!!

Even the Movie Industry lends credence and credibility to the idea that there is just some really strange occult crap happening in SWEDEN!

In a 2019 movie called: MIDSOMMAR, the plot of the flick follows a group of friends who travel to Sweden for a festival that occurs once every ninety years and suddenly find themselves in the clutches of a pagan cult, and in the middle of ritual human sacrifice!


In the final part of the movie, the cult gathers together with the paralyzed Christian, and explains to Dani that, to purge the commune of its evil, nine human sacrifices must be offered.

The first four victims are outsiders — Josh, Mark, Connie, and Simon — lured to them by Pelle and Ingemar. The next four victims are cult members — two sacrificed elders and two volunteers: Ingemar, and another villager, Ulf. Dani, as May Queen, has to choose the ninth and final victim, and she sacrifices Christian. Still paralyzed, he is stuffed into a disemboweled bear and placed in a temple alongside the other sacrifices.

The temple is set on fire and as it burns Ulf begins to scream in agony. Outside, the cult wails with him. At first Dani sobs in anguish and horror, but gradually begins to smile.

From the Movie: Midsommar

Pretty gruesome stuff…, but then…, this is what PAGANISM is really all about!   Its about DARK MAGIC and SACRIFICE!

So let’s get back to BOLTON and his newly formed BLACK ORDER, founded in the comfy backdrop of New Zealand.

 In 1980, Bolton co-founded the New Zealand branch of the Church of Odin, a pro-Nazi organisation for “whites of non-Jewish descent”.[3]

He has published and edited several newsletters including: The WatcherThe Flaming SwordThe HereticThe NexusAb Aeterno (assistant editor) and Western Destiny.

He founded the national-socialist Order of the Left Hand Path (OLHP) in 1992,[2][3] following a quarrel with other members of the Temple of Set.[4]

Two years later it was renamed the Ordo Sinistra Vivendi (“Order of the Left Way”),and in the same year created the fascist Black Order.[2][5][6]

It claimed to have a network of national lodges in six European countries plus Australia and the U.S.[2] It was intended to be an activist front promoting an “occult-fascist axis” by mobilizing political groups and youth culture elements such as industrial music.[2]

Bolton created and edited the Black Order newsletter, The Flaming Sword, and its successor,[discuss] The Nexus, a satanic-Nazi journal with special attention given to figures such as Savitri DeviJulius Evola, and Ezra Pound, and which especially catered to the ‘Black heavy-metal‘ movement.[discuss]

It later changed its name to Western Destiny.[2]

In 1996, Bolton formed The Thelemic Society which blended rightist politics with the teachings of the English occultist Aleister Crowley and the philosophy of the German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche.[7][8][9]


As they always are…, the primary TARGETS for these satanic “groups” are:

Political groups and youth culture elements within society that seem to be displaced and searching for meaning.

Needless to say that the core teachings of groups like the BLACK ORDER always go back to men like Aleister Crowley, as well as the various teaching of the TEMPLE OF SET – and introduce these displaced youth cultures to MAGIC as a way for them to “get what they want” and to “force others to do their will”.

The TEMPLE OF SET…, hails from America…, and was founded by Colonel Micheal Aquino…, a known pedophile for the Military!

The Temple was established in the United States in 1975 by Michael Aquino, an American political scientist, military officer, and a high-ranking member of Anton LaVey‘s Church of Satan.

Dissatisfied with the direction in which LaVey was taking the Church, Aquino resigned and – according to his own claim – embarked on a ritual to invoke Satan, who revealed to him a sacred text called: The Book of Coming Forth by Night.

According to Aquino, in this work Satan revealed his true name to be that of the deity Set, which had been the name used by his followers in ancient Egypt.

Aquino was joined in establishing the Temple by a number of other dissatisfied members of LaVey’s Church, and soon various Setian groups were established all across the United States.

Aquino was already a high ranking member of THE CHURCH OF SATAN in America which was founded by none other than Anton LaVey when he quit and formed the TEMPLE OF SET.

And this is where the circle seems to close between these various Satanic Groups operating in America, New Zealand, and Antarctica!

Here you have Anton LaVey (Founder of the Church of Satan) pictured with John Kerry!

And you have John Kerry making his secretive missions to:

New Zealand and then to Antarctica!

On the very day that Donald Trump gets elected President!!  Why?

Because the Deep State that is trying to “run things” behind the scenes is in fact: SOCIALIST – FASCIST – and SATANIC!

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