By: Bradley Loves


Long title…, I know…., but, there it is, in a nutshell!   Another name for VOICE TO SKULL is VOICE OF GOD, or…, SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY.

This has been bugging me for a long time now and I just had to bring up the question and vocalize it to anyone who will listen!

I just posted a link to a single article (there are hundreds that I’ve read recently) that concern this topic!  The huge amount of evidence that this technology not only exists…, but is being USED by the military on a daily basis is absolutely PROFOUND!

And yet…, I want to know why the “new age” part of the alternative media is so completely IGNORING THIS TOPIC!!

(When I say new age “part” of the alternative media…, I am separating the anti NWO/Globalist/Anti Federal Reserve Alt. Media…., from the “Ascension”/Ascended Master and Channelling Alt. Media!)

This first “part” of the Alternative Media addresses the VOICE OF GOD/VOICE TO SKULL technology constantly on their websites and blogs, and is really helping people to deal with the adverse affects!

Good examples of the first type of Alternative Media Sites would be “Info Wars” with Alex Jones, and Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy, and naturally my site, Love Truth Site with Bradley Loves.

However…, when I get to those blogs and websites that deal only with the “so-called” SPIRITUAL SIDE” of all of the Alternative Media Issues…, like Channelings, Ascended Masters and Ascenion…, I can’t find a SINGLE article on their blogs that showcases this very important technology, or more importantly WARNS it’s readers that it is even out there??

(And I read hundreds and hundreds of websites and blogs PER WEEK!)


Could it be possible that this very technology is TOO close to home for all of those men and women who base EVERY SINGLE THING they do “only” on belief…, and on the “messages” they are getting from the beyond??

Do you suppose that they “feel” that talking about this technology calls into serious question the legitimacy of what they are putting out daily on their blogs…, and as a result…, this extremely important subject has become… TOO HOT TO TOUCH??

Almost down to the last blog…, it seems as if there is some sort of silent agreement to QUARANTINE this particular information…, as if the TRUTH of what it may uncover would be the “undoing” of everything they believe in.

If not at least a curiousity…, it should bring up real questions in people’s minds as to why this subject is so TABOO!

I’m not sure this is a “conspiracy” per se…., but most likely a real EMBARASSMENT to many of the men and women who for YEARS told everyone they knew that reaching out with their minds into the “frequencies” and “tuning in” was the very best thing in the world to be doing!

It’s more likely that it is a real “regret” that they feel for having “admonished” so many others for not just “believing”…, and now have found out that there is very real technology out there that is placing voices into people’s minds which can sound just like “higher beings”…, but in fact are nothing more than military personnel who are very well trained “psychological operations” operatives.

Here is a tiny part of the single article that I posted earlier today:


In 1975, researcher A. W. Guy stated that “one of the most widely observed and accepted biologic effects of low average power electromagnetic energy is the auditory sensation evoked in man when exposed to pulsed microwaves.”

He concluded that at frequencies where the auditory effect can be easily detected, microwaves penetrate deep into the tissues of the head, causing rapid thermal expansion (at the microscopic level only) that produces strains in the brain tissue.

An acoustic stress wave is then conducted through the skull to the cochlea, and from there, it proceeds in the same manner as in conventional hearing. It is obvious that receiver-less radio has not been adequately publicized or explained because of national security concerns.

Today, the ability to remotely transmit microwave voices inside a target’s head is known inside the Pentagon as “Synthetic Telepathy.” According to Dr. Robert Becker, “Synthetic Telepathy has applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with voices or deliver undetected instructions to a programmed assassin.”

This technology may have contributed to the deaths of 25 defense scientists variously employed by Marconi Underwater and Defense Systems, Easems and GEC. Most of the scientists worked on highly sensitive electronic warfare programs for NATO, including the Strategic Defense Initiative. It is claimed that directed energy weapons might have been used to literally drive these men to suicide and 291accidents.

More will be coming on this important topic…,

All my love….


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