By: Bradley Loves


Long story short…, there is only one reasonable answer as to why the FBI refused to indict Hillary Clinton, and that reason is this:

She KNOWS where all of the bodies are buried!

Which simply means that:

She knows about EVERY illegal, immoral, and corrupt thing that has been done in this country since George Bush Senior helped to assassinate JFK.  That “tiny” little visit on Loretta Lynch’s plane…, was a “reminder” given by Bill…, that if “Hillary” goes down…, then EVERYONE GOES DOWN!

This could mean that as many as 10,000…, if not even one hundred thousand, totally corrupt politicians, bankers, agency staff, Judges, Police, Lawyers, Generals, and even Catholic Cardinals would most certainly GO DOWN TOO!

There are “countless” immoral, corrupt, and complicit men and women living all across the United States who have committed endless treason, and have committed decades of high crimes against the people of not only this country…, but the ENTIRE WORLD…, who were in danger of GOING DOWN TOO!

Bill Clinton…, bless his soul…, reminded Lorreta Lynch of this fact while he was on her plane!

In other words…, Hillary would have sung like a canary on steroids, spilling EVERYTHING she knew…, and knowing this…, the entire government caved instantly.

If this really is the case…, then there is only one thing left to say my friends.


Make no mistake about that my friends, this country is in desperate peril…, and it is on it’s very last breath!

I am sending out this WARNING, to every other country in the world who does business here! And, even to the visitors who may come here…, BE WARNED!

You see…, the truth of the matter is now clear that from this point on…, the USA CORPORATION can NEVER, and will NEVER get another honest man or woman running it ever!

The criminals who have already committed endless crimes, can NEVER take that chance! Not even once!

They can not afford to have a man like Donald Trump in the White House…, even if he is a little crazy…, because the lives of countless, and I really do mean COUNTLESS criminals depend upon having the highest seat of power in world STAY IN THE HANDS OF THE CRIMINALS….., FOREVER!

The USA CORPORATION as it is today…, is no better than a common junkie on the street who is laying in the proverbial gutter!

It “mainlines” criminal activity, corruption, and absolute evil, directly into the arm of it’s almost dead corpse…, which is the body of this once great nation…, and the entire world is looking on in horror!

No one living here is willing to do anything about it by the way…, least of which is the cowardly Military…, because you see…, they have committed certain crimes too, that they are ashamed of, and want to keep covered up!

Thus, the Military, is totally willing to watch the entire COUNTRY go down in dark red flames…, as these criminal families literally DESTROY IT on their watch!

They may want to start making “plans” for the coming time soon when the COUNTRY they grew up in is DEAD!

Perhaps, they can get a job working for the Chinese Military…, or the Russian Military at that time. Or maybe…, just like the rest of us…, they will find themselves out on the street…, begging…, with nothing to eat…, and no homes to live in…, because they allowed the CRIMINALS to take IT ALL.

To be sure…, I am not the only person who thinks this!  Preston James, from Veteran’s Today, wrote about it just a few days ago!  In a quote from his latest article found here:


He said this:

Unless the unexpected occurs, the Cabal works hard to see presidents elected who will fulfill two important objectives for them:

1- The Cabal’s first and most important objective in the election of any US President is to do everything possible to make sure that any President who is elected will maintain complete cover-ups of all previous major crimes of the Cabal that are simmering beneath the surface. This is essential to the Cabal’s long term survival because if these serious crimes are completely exposed such could expose and neutralize the cabal’s power base with We The people.

It is vitally important for the Cabal to make sure the elected and appointed USG officials maintain the cover-up of the Cabal’s outrageous RICO crimes including the numerous false-flag terror ops inside America as well as their criminal use of the American military machine to commit serious war crimes in aggressive foreign wars for the Cabal.

Obviously as JFK pointed out, without abject secrecy this massive criminal conspiracy would not be able to function because at some point We The People would rise up at every level and do whatever was necessary to route these infiltrators and traitors out of control positions in our USG and institutions.

So there you have it my friends.  Our next President will be Hillary Clinton!

After Hillary…, it will be one of George Bush Jr’s daughters…, or…, perhaps Chelsea Clinton!  Then, it will be Michelle Obama’s turn…, and after her, it will be one of the Obama’s daughters.  We, as a country will NEVER BE FREE from the Bush, Clinton, Obama Crime Syndicate here in this country…, because all of the crimes that were committed by those who came before…, have to be covered up by those who come after!

This is an endless cycle!

You think I’m kidding right?  Now YOU are the one who’s insane!

Let’s look back at the actual HISTORY!  

George Bush Sr. was the Vice President of the US from 1980 to 1988!  Then he became the President!  That went on for 4 years until 1992!

At that time, his best friend and confidant Bill Clinton was elected, and was President for 8 years until 2000!

Then, George Bush Jr. got in to the Presidency through theft of the election…, and was President until 2008.

Finally, Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro), a man whose mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a CIA Asset…, and reported directly to George Bush Sr. got to be President.    He was President from 2008 to 2016!

And now…, it’s Hillary’s turn to do all of the cover ups for everyone “criminal”…, and make certain that NO ONE EVER GOES TO JAIL! 

Why do you think the BANKERS from Goldman Sachs want her so desperately??

You think they “like her” as a person?  NO!  They are terrified of going to JAIL for the endless crimes they have committed against AMERICANS!

If she gets elected…, she will be President for 8 years, and then it will be either Chelsea’s turn, or, one of the Bush Sr.’s grandchildren’s turn to keep all of their friends and relatives out of JAIL.

So let me see here…, 1980 to 2024 (the end of Hillary’s term is how many years?)

44 Continuous Years of either a Bush, a Clinton, or an Obama!  All of whom are related to each other through Bush Sr.

We may as well pray over the body of the dead corpse of our once great nation!  It is now in the hands of PURE EVIL!






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