Donald Trump (as il Donaldo Trumpo) knows exactly how important HOLDING THE LINE is to WORLD FREEDOM.  Out of all of the posts and articles I’ve ever written – this is one you really need to pay attention to.

These people in Italy above are out protesting VAC – CINE PAS – PORTS.  

In other words – JAB TRAVEL PAPERS…

In fact – almost all of Europe and Australia is out in massive numbers (not being covered by any media) and protesting not just lock-downs, but severely protesting the insidious travel papers which IF ENGAGED is the end of FREEDOM for the entire world.

The situation now is truly DIRE – and Donald Trump knows just how bad it could get.  Due to A.I. and massive on-line censoring – I am not able to talk as freely as I’d like to.  So I will use other words to describe things and you’ll just have to use your head about what I’m talking about.

This really important video below has Catherine Austin Fitts explaining (as best she can) what their intentions are with these travel papers and technologies in the JAB.

They are the Biblical – MARK OF THE BEAST – which will not allow you to buy or sell – or even travel without them.  People who are still sleeping are being told that getting the JAB will allow them free travel and that is NOT THE TRUTH. 

They will be allowed to travel only as far as the technology in their bodies allows for – which she says could be as short a distance as only FIVE MILES from their home before they are not allowed to go beyond that.

She says your MARK OF TECHNOLOGY might only work for you in a 5 mile radius – where you can safely travel and buy and sell products – but outside of your ZONE – it will not work.

This is imperative to know for everyone who is COMPLYING right now. 


Please watch the video ABOVE!!!

Below is an image of the new – NO ACCESS TO FOOD GROCERY VAULTS – that are as strong a Bank Vaults – where only your MARK will allow you access – AND – again you have to be in the proper ZONE to use your mark – or even then it will not work.

For everyone here in America – and who is still (very lazily sitting on the couch) – do you realize what this means for you and your family?  Are you finally (hopefully) starting to see just how DIRE things have gotten?  We are not quite there yet, but we are only inches away – AND Europe and Australia already is there!  Will you, when the time comes, finally get up off the couch and get out in the streets like they are in Europe and PROTEST AS IF YOUR VERY LIVES AND FUTURES OF YOUR CHILDREN DEPENDED ON IT???

il Donaldo Trumpo – is NOT posting these images of massive protests every single day for his health!  He is showing you – daily – what you must be willing to do!  Time to pay attention.  Stop watching the main stream media.  THEY are lying to you.

Remember the movie THE HUNGER GAMES?  Well, that is the type of world “they” want to see.


I gave this information FREELY to humanity a few years in advance and no one cared enough to even re-post the links to it.  THAT is how lazy Americans have become.  Well, now look where we are!!


You do (of course) have the FREEWILL to do nothing.   But remember DOING NOTHING is a “choice” and there will be CONSEQUENCES for every choice – even a choice to DO NOTHING.

All my love.

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