By: Bradley Loves

Consider this post a continuation of what I wrote yesterday!

In order to put the title of this post into the correct framework…, I am going to ask my readers to please go to the Activist Post website and read this article linked below:

“Like Being Arrested in Iran” — BBC Journalist Detained, Interrogated At US Airport

As I tried to explain in my post yesterday…, we have to LOOK DEEPER and be “smarter” than the average guy and gal on the street…, if we are really going to start “getting it”!

I have a lot of respect for the writers at the “Activist Post”…, and yet this one single article is all the proof that I need to show you just exactly HOW…, we as readers are being “played like fiddles”!

This post is supposed to tug at your heartstrings…, (which it does very well) and every single word in it wants to LEAD YOU (like a sheep) to a certain conclusion!

However…, (and please read the article first…, so that I don’t have to explain what it says)…, I take exception to this article as a whole, because “we” are not being told the entire backstory!

This piece centers around BBC World Service journalist Ali Hamedani, (who just happens to be from Iran) and his “extreme vetting” experience at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

I am completely SUSPECT of this article…, and of it’s possibility of being a “staged” event, or at the very least…, a “set up” meant to sway emotions!


Let’s think clearly here! (A novel idea to be sure).

We know that the BBC has been hammering Donald Trump endlessly on most of his policies ever since he was elected President.  We also know that the BBC has been walking in “lockstep”…, (almost like Nazi’s) with the Globalist “agenda” for years…, and if you read articles there (as I used to) you’ll see this clearly.

But it goes far, far DEEPER than that!   We ALSO KNOW that the Pedophile Jimmy Seville WORKED for the BBC!   He was also very close friends with Prince Charles and the Royals!

We have since learned (after lots of reading and research) that the BBC has actively hidden…, covered up…, and facilitated the sexual abuse of young children for decades.

The BBC has censored…, refused to publish evidence, and even “praised” actual criminals… KNOWINGLY!   So they are not “squeaky clean” as the saying goes!

We also know that the people at the very top…, the Elite…, are into Ritual Child Sacrifice…, Rape of Children…, Kidnapping…., and Child Traffiking!

My “opinion” of the BBC…, as a “News Organization” for this, and many other reasons is at an all time low…, just because I think that the organization is wholly and totally corrupt at the very top of it’s structure.

In addition to it’s leanings toward “protecting” criminal pedophiles…, the BBC is known to support the largest banks in the world (Rothchild’s Banking System) which includes the City of London…, and it’s “agenda” of Globalism!

Almost every article they put out daily has been against the Populist Uprising happening across the world and those who support it.  They hated Brexit…, and they hate Donald Trump.

Okay…, so that being said…, “IF” I were in a position at Chicago O’Hare to pull people off to the side, and then vet them (which I am not)…, I would not have stopped this guy for being Iranian…, I would have stopped the guy for working for the BBC!!

I’m serious…, BUT…, the article linked above suddenly gets even better!

This actually happened!  Read the Headline of the Story!  Someone DID actually stop the guy, and question him about working for the BBC!


Iran…, who knows full well the Globalist agenda…, and also knows that any country who does not actually have a ROTHCHILD’S CENTRAL BANK…, connected to the City of London controlling it…, will soon get invaded and “Regime Changed”!

So Iran…, which is very suspicious of London, and the BBC’s (real) connection to the dark underworld…, pulls this guy off to the side…, who is ONE OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS (an Iranian)…, and questions him!   I get it!

The funny part of this story is that the Iranians “questioned him” for the very same reasons I WOULD HAVE!    (He was working for the BBC).

Sadly…, I see NO PROBLEM with that…, because in my opinion, they’ve got a reason to be concerned given what the Globalists are doing to every country that is not aligned with the City of London Criminal Banking Cartel!

So now fast forward…, you’ve got these guys at O’Hare…, pulling the very same guy off to the side and questioning him (we are told) only because he’s Iranian…, when really, they should have questioned him for working for the BBC!  

(Given what the BBC has been saying and writing about America and Donald Trump ever since Trump got elected!!)

Or…, maybe the incident NEVER HAPPENED the way we are being told it did!

MAYBE…, there is MORE…, to this story…, than just a PURE EMOTION piece that is written totally to pull on our heart strings and get us angry!

Very interestingly…, at the very same time, the Activist Post has written another article saying EXACTLY THAT…, as if they were telling us to be aware of what they themselves are writing!  This is also an important read…, just for background…, and the “comments” at the end are the best part!

Beware The Authoritarian Right And Left

But there really is FAR MORE to the story!!    As I said…, it gets even better!  There are SEVEN (7) countries which are “part” of the extreme vetting process…, and every single one of these countries are the ones that were on the “list” of countries meant to be “invaded” and Regime Changed by the US.

We are being “told” by the whore criminal media at every turn…, that this “vetting” …., and even the REGIME CHANGE that was planned there is all about these people being “MUSLIM”!

What I have since “learned” through honest research…, is that there is a real, honest and very important “war” going on behind the scenes within these countries…, and that the VERY FATE of the entire world hangs in the balance!

All of these “countries” are part of the OLD WORLD!

They are part of the Ancient Babylonian world of the “ANNUNAKI GODS”…, who, if you do not already know were highly technologically advanced…, AND who most likely started great WARS all across the globe…, and ALMOST DESTROYED IT!

This “secret” and “hidden” war that I am talking about is being “fought” between SPY AGENCIES from every country of the world…, and what they are looking for…, and seeking inside of these seven countries is this:


I’ve written about this before…, and first brought this up two full years ago!  I talked about it in a video I did with Lisa Harrison and Dani McKenny.

What are they looking for all over the desert and inside these countries??

REAL WEAPONS…, ANCIENT ONES!   WEAPONS that sadly were used on the Earth before…, and very literally almost destroyed it.  If you read the Indian Epic called:  THE MAHABHARATA…, (as I have)…, you will find that this so-called “myth” talks about the Ancient War that was fought, complete with super advanced weapons and flying Machines, right here on Earth.

The proof of this battle still exists and has been covered up!

Now…, as much as I “loath” George Bush Jr…, and his “weapons of mass destruction”…, it has come to my attention (through deep research) that the entire WAR inside of Iraq…, was to keep Saddam Hussein from getting and “using” these very ANCIENT WEAPONS!  

Weapons which could have destroyed the world!

It is of particular interest that the very first place that the American Soldiers went to when they got into Baghdad…, was the very large Ancient Museums…, where they were “looking for” many things Saddam was supposed to have found.

Let’s do a little video watching for some real support for this “theory” if you don’t think I’m being honest.

I am placing these in no particular order…, and will start with the Ancient Vimana that was found in Afghanistan!  This “flying machine” however is not the ONLY technology that has been found!  Ancient Weapons Systems, and skeletons of GIANTS…,  have been found as well…, and NATURALLY…, this is one of the biggest and most well kept secrets going on as we speak!  These videos are already “old” …, not recent…, but this just goes to show you what the heck has been “happening” on our world for the last 2 decades and why everyone is SO DAMN PARANOID about what is going on in these SEVEN COUNTRIES that used to be part of the Annunaki Kingdom on Earth!

(Hint…, it has NOTHING to do with Muslims!!!)

Then…, there are these videos about the Soldiers “looting” the Museums in Iraq…, but what were they “LOOKING FOR”?

And then there is this:

Once again…, as in the videos above…, they are HIDING the proof that the Annunaki were actually GIANTS!

As we speak…, the entire WORLD in is turmoil…, but this turmoil has absolutely NOTHING to do with Racism (that is only a cover story for the SHEEP)!

The real story has to do with our TRUE HISTORY…, what is really being found inside of these countries…, and the WAR that is going on behind the scenes inside of the intelligence agencies trying to be the first to find these technologies…, (before other countries do)  Keep men who would use these Ancient Weapons to take over the planet…, or worse destroy it…, from doing so….,  AND…., do all of this, without the public ever finding out that any of  it is happening!!

As I said in an earlier article…,

SECRECY IS OUR ONLY PROBLEM…., not what they are telling us in the CRIMINAL MEDIA

I wrote as much in a recent post linked below:

Now…, let me say one final thing.

The ONLY website I even feel good about any longer is MINE!

Sadly…, it’s a real breath of fresh air to come back to my own blog and know that some real truth is being told!

I really should have a million readers…, not just a thousand.

There are times when I feel like I have to take a shower, or a bath after reading some of the trash…, written on most other peoples websites and blogs…, just because I know how badly they are MIND CONTROLLED…, or how I’m being lied to…, or…, just how little they know about what is really going on in the world…, because they DO NOT THINK!!!

Their articles, and the conclusions they draw…, are NOT WELL THOUGHT OUT…, and the Activist Post piece at the beginning of this post is a prime example of more going on than what is written!


They are not LOOKING DEEPLY ENOUGH…, and are therefore simply mis-leading those who go there to read.

And what is worse, to add perfect “insult” to what I do here every day on my blog by telling the TRUTH, and informing my readers…, is having to read something like this:

Where…, it tells me that Megan Kelly (now working at NBC) is getting paid 12 Million dollars a year…, yes…, 12 million…, and all she does every day is LIE to the people of Earth!

Nothing she says is her own…, all she does is read a teleprompter all day long, spewing out corporate garbage…, most of which has no truth in it!

Meanwhile…, I have to be concerned with living off of a few dollars of donations per month…, most of which can not even begin to cover the expenses of what I do in terms of research, and sometimes I wonder if I can afford my next tank of gas!

You see…, I tell the TRUTH…, and get almost nothing for it…, and she LIES all day long…, and gets 12 Million dollars a year to do it!

Where is the Justice in THAT??

That’s where our world is at right now…, And…, no one cares!

(It would be nice to get a little more Financial Support for doing work that will ultimately SAVE the entire world)

At any rate…, the “point” is this:






















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