By: Bradley Loves

The “Agenda” has been well hidden!  It has survived over decades, that have spanned into centuries!  You don’t get that far without clearly knowing how to manipulate, deceive and confound what I would call “normal” people.

As evil and psychopathic as I have claimed that the “cabal” and the Illuminati is…, I have NEVER claimed that they were stupid.

These are some of the most “intelligent” and clever people on the planet!  They don’t accept “idiots” into their fold.  They “hate” stupidity!

(That’s why they think all men and women on the planet are just “sheep”)

What makes me different from almost every other (so-called) light warrior who is maintaining a blog out in the blogosphere…, is that I have “never” underestimated the Cabal’s ability to be cunning, deceitful, and outrageously manipulative!

99.9999 percent (and this includes the silly Channeling Community…) of those men and women who are here to “expose” all of this…, have UNDER-ESTIMATED the resolve, the cunning, and the determination of these “dark ones” big time…, and that is why this is taking so LONG.

This is why so good people are being duped by the Alternative Media “infiltrators”…, who pretend to be running a NEW AGE blog…, but are really working FOR the dark ones.

We’ve got to be smarter than this!

It is high time that those in the Alternative Media recognized the LEVEL of the chess game that is being played here…, and put on their “Bobby Fischer” glasses and throw the damn “rose colored” ones in the trash.

As we speak…, the Alternative Media is being “steered” very successfully, I might add…, by the infiltrators.

I just got a ridiculous “tweet” comment from someone who told me that Kay Griggs is actually Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson…, which is absolutely, fantastically, ridiculously INCORRECT!

Kay Griggs is from a well known military family in Virginia!  She is not from Texas. Kay Griggs speaks with a thick southern Virginia accent…, Kay Hutchinson has NO ACCENT whatsoever.  This silly “tweet” (which probably has been around the world already) goes to show how “very little research” people will even do to check out what they’ve heard, or been told anymore.

The reason “disclosure” is taking so long…, is that the NEW AGER’s are “playing” this chess match like trusting and gullible little “children” who are only 5 years old.

They trust everything…, and what’s worse…, they think everyone who claims to be “NEW AGE”…, is telling the truth…, and so therefore…, they can NOT honestly tell the difference between what is a LIE…, and what is the TRUTH.

Certainly…, they do not believe…, that some of those people who put up those cute and colorful looking websites with NEW AGE banners…, and sell healings, and psychic readings on the side…, could actually be working for the CABAL!

We’ve GOT to be more “sophisticated” in how we move around in and on the BLOGOSPHERE is all I’m saying!

“THEY” are out there!  They’ve brought in thousands of (hired) on-line mercenaries…, (thugs) who have traded in their guns for keyboards…, and they each may have 15 to 20 different on-line “personas” that they use like tokens on a game board.

The NSA has even handed out a very sophisticated “program” to these people which “manages” their personas…, so they don’t “forget” who they are…, what their background is…, and which facebook, twitter, and online forum each of their dozen or more personas belongs to, or which WEBSITE they are operating from.

This information came straight from Edward Snowden.

Kay Griggs is a real, living human being…, whose testimony cuts through all the BULLSH*T and connects MAJOR DOTS for us.

She draws the SAME PICTURE that I have tried to draw…, and it is imperative to make the connections she outlines for us.

She lived through this…, so she is FAR MORE trustworthy a source, than any one of the hundreds of weekly channelers who “get” telepathic updates as to what is really going on, and then try to tell us…, it is ALL BEING TAKEN CARE OF BY OTHERS.

Once again…, just like 4 and 5 year olds (who want Mommy and Daddy) to take care of everything so they don’t have to…, MILLIONS of men and women sit in their homes and “wait” anxiously by the computer for the “lastest” channeled message update…, so they can get their weekly dose of HOPIUM.

HOPIUM  noun.

  1. A drug!  A very addictive substance, that used to be administered by Priests, Monks, and other Clergymen…, but since too many “sheep” have stopped taking the old version of Hopium, a newer and more “refined” version has been created for the masses.  The most “addictive” form of Hopium seen to date is the weekly CHANNELED MESSAGES of the NEW AGE…, which delivers the very same TOXIC and highly addictive substance that used to be delivered by the “priests”…, but in it’s new form…, is being delivered by normal, everyday men and women…, whose minds are being steered through technology!  In this way…, the source (which is the same as before) is now being hidden behind the cloak of what appears to be average people.

There is NO SAVIOR out there…, except the one looking back at you in the MIRROR! 

You…, your own efforts to evolve and take responsibility for your own life…. are your salvation.

Kay Griggs has given us all of the Dots (and connected them).

Let’s just really look at some of the very IMPORTANT data points she’s been making for us.

  1. There is a “CHAIN OF COMMAND” to those who have an agenda to take over the entire world!
  2. It all starts with SECRET SOCIETIES…, were men and women who have been at this a VERY LONG TIME operate in the shadows.
  3. From these secret societies extend “tentacles” into all walks of life including our very own MILITARY COMMAND STRUCTURE.
  4. Through Universities like Yale and Princeton (secret clubs like Skull and Bones and Cap and Gown) operate to grab corruptible young men who want to “join up”…, and are willing to trade ETHICS, MORALITY, and DECENCY for money, fame, status, and a good life!
  5. There corruptible young men are moved up to the very top ranks of every “system” we have in this country.
  6. They are all connected through a GERMAN “BROTHERHOOD” which thinks that only the smartest and most ELITE people have the right to live and rule.
  7. In order to achieve these goals…, connections between all of the most HORRIBLE FORMS of human behavior have been connected and are being exploited!
  8. SATANISM is a huge part of the control mechanism, as is MIND CONTROL.
  9. Deviant behavior like: Pedophilia, nudism, wife swapping, and homo-sexual “training” of young boys is only the beginning.  Later comes blood drinking and Ritual Child Sacrifice and Child Abuse…, which comes as a very natural “next step”…,  once those who have “accepted” the program have gone to the dark side.
  10. The MILITARY at the highest levels…, the MOB or MAIFA, the CHURCH…, and the GOVERNMENT are all connected in the very same deceptive web.

I’ve written about this before!  I’ve said it…, just like she is saying it.  No one is getting it or paying attention.

We’ve got millions of people hoping for a currency RV…, so that they can finally have some money.  However…, what these men and women do not seem to care about is that the very system that controls and operates that money, (and the BANKS) is in fact SATANIC.

Apparently that’s ok…, as long as there is a nice hefty balance in your checkbook.

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