By: Bradley Loves


Why is it that the only people who seem to read my blog on a regualar basis any longer are the agencies and the Military?

More and more “Alpha-bet” people are following me these days, while the rest of the Spiritual Community can’t be bothered!

Do you suppose it’s because THEY KNOW…., that I KNOW?

The rest of the people wandering around aimlessly in the “dark” keep clicking on blog after blog  – looking for “the truth”, but keep running away from my blog becuase they don’t want to actually KNOW what the real truth really is.

Instead, just like the Snowflakes and the Millenials, they are looking for a “VERSION” of THE TRUTH that is like a Teddy Bear and a Warm Blanket!

It is a version of TRUTH that pats them on the head like a five year old and sends them to bed with a glass of warm milk and a cookie!


There is just what is happening out there…, and that is all!


There may come a day when I finally stop blogging, and that would be sad because it will NOT be because I didn’t have vital information to share, but because there was no one interested in finding out what was REALLY happening here on Planet Earth!

I’ve asked many times if my readers would please share my posts (or links to my posts) on Facebook and on Twitter!

I’ve gotten private messages from many readers saying that they are AFRAID of losing their accounts if they do!

Well, how is the world EVER going to be saved from the Satanists and the NWO if everyone cowers in the corner and waits until SOMEONE ELSE does the work?

Your help is the only way this blog can GROW!

Hopefully  you’ll see the vaule in stepping up and helping the WORLD.

Q was NOT joking when he said that John Legend had a MOONCHILD!

This should upset almost everyone who knows what a MOONCHILD really is!

See this post:

If this does not “concern you” then read this post from earlier today:

What is it that I have to do?

None of what I am writing is a LIE!  From day one on this blog, I’ve always been honest with you!

So where is the support in this world for those of us who risk our lives by becoming TARGETS – just to bring you the REAL TRUTH?

Perhaps honesty is only rewarded in the hereafter!  I guess we will soon see!

For now, all my love to my readers who come here day after day and remain faithful!

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