By: Bradley Loves


Many people, who are reveling in idea of a New World Order, seemingly have no value for the Truth!  This is a “CON” of course…, because I KNOW for a fact that the  managers of the NWO value “truth” and “information” above all else!

They know that knowledge = POWER

For this reason, in their own circles, lying and deception is unwelcome!

Here is the rub…, they give the “appearance” or the “perception” that TRUTH is over rated and therefore CON those who work for them to spread lies and propaganda to everyone under them.

The explaination for this is also simple.  It becomes very difficult to achieve any kind of parity with someone who has MORE “information” than you do.

Does this give you a better idea as to why the SECRET VATICAN LIBRARY…, (which is underground) is actually a series of warehouses that stretches for 18 miles, with a single road connecting them all.

This one single “LIBRARY” of knowledge contains all of the secrets of Earth’s past and is “hidden” or “occulted” from mankind.

Now…, those men and women (God Bless them) who really don’t understand things (and I’m being honest here) think that because they are being “told” by persons of “authority” that DECEPTION is necessary…, or that LYING is not really a “bad” thing…, that this is actually the TRUTH!

Not only in the Main Stream Media…, in the Cabal…, in the Fraternity of the Freemasons…, in the Government…, in the Vatican…, and all things considered “negative”…., but most SURPRISINGLY inside of the NEW AGE as well, you can find countless people who have been CONNED into thinking that lying and deceptions are sometimes necessary.

This has been propagated most efficiently inside the Channeling Community who apparently have become quite fond of the motto:  THE END “JUSTIFIES” THE MEANS

Case in point is Barack Obama.., who for 8 long years has lied consistently and constantly about almost EVERYTHING that was important for a normal human being to know…, to actually make informed choices!

And since I’m not feeling in a particularly challenging mood…, I will not dare people to post comments telling me I’m wrong…, but instead simply point to the most obvious example (out of 10’s of thousands I could post)…, and that example is Edward Snowden.

Obama has clearly stated that he would hold Snowden responsible for espionage and treason…, even though all he did was try to tell the TRUTH.

He has stated that Snowden deserves to be jailed and revoked his passport forcing him to seek asylum in Russia.

Here is a man (and I don’t think he deserves that title or respect) who the Channeling Community has held up as someone who is a HIGH SOUL…, or someone who is worthy of note just because they say he is “good”, and yet…, his record shows us that he has LIED about almost everything and HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE from mankind.

Linked Below is a Channeling Website which has consistently defended Barack Obama and told it’s readers that he is a HIGH SOUL who is protected by Christ Light and only does the best for humanity!!

This website has monthly channelings going all the way back to his first election.., and has unapologetically “prostituted” his greatness…, to the public no matter how many lies he told…, secrets he failed to reveal…, or how many people DIED under his continuation of war is Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Here is one of the first ones.

How is this in any way loving, enlightening, spiritual, or kind??

And yet…, just like the blog above…,  a LEGION of apologists have filled the blogosphere for 8 long years telling everyone how “necessary” or “unavoidable” it is to LIE at certain times…, and that DECEPTION is very necessary to unite people!

So tell me…, how can hiding knowledge, or hiding TRUTH…, unite people?  How can living a LIE, and telling constant lies…, fix the world?  How can hiding all of the knowledge of former great civilizations of our Earth be good for us??

However…, let’s move on and look at Obama’s life…, and not what “crazy” people are saying about him.  If the TRUTH were to be told…, Obama’s entire LIFE IS A LIE!

In this linked article from Jon Rappoport, it talks about how the CIA (and other intelligence agencies) make their living by doing NOTHING BUT LYING!

His name is not really even Barack Obama…, but instead it is Barry Soetoro!  His mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) worked for the CIA under George Bush Senior…, and “Barry” entered the CIA before he was 18 years old.  He has been a “company” man all his life…, and has been TRAINED to lie and to deceive!

It is his second nature.

You know what tires me MORE than LIES?

It is men and women who are still stuck right SMACK in the middle of RELIGIOUS FANATICISM…, but think they have over come it, or are FAR beyond it.

Believeing every word a “Channeled Entity” says is religious fanaticism!  It is so, because it does not give room for examination.., or for investigation…, or for questions!


Last time I looked this is exactly what the Catholic Church was all about!

Followers of the Channeling Movement and of certain Channeled Entites in particular, are BY DEFINITION fanatics.., because they “BELIEVE” without any room for verification, argument, or other views.

Not only to they just take on faith what they have been told…, they DEMAND that all others who enter into their small circles do so as WELL!

Here is a website that is supposedly dedicated to the “enlightenment” of humanity…, but it’s owner or “creator”  bases almost everything that he relays to the public as “truth”…, on CHANNELED MATERIAL…, and does so unapologetically.

If you go there to read…, all of the major questions that have to do with politics, world problems.., current events and other issues…, will be “explained” through the filter of Channeled Materail only!

It has consistently been this way…, (I’ve been checking this website for many years) and if you don’t believe me…, you can go there yourself and look!

Here is a link:

No matter what is happening in the world…, this web master will use “channeled” material to explain it all…, with no apology.

This in and of itself would not be so terrible (if it was only added as simply one possible opinion, and others were also looked into…), but with this website (as with many others out there that are like it) this is not how it is done.  On this site…, the “channeled” opinion becomes the LAST WORD, and no other word is really considered as valid.

There is one “CHANNELER” in particular that has countless things that have been PROVEN inaccurate or false…, and yet…, “SHE” is the most admired channel of them all.  (Interestingly…, every “channeled” message she gives must be PAID for)

Any opposing viewpoints…, to what she has said…, comes under fire.., and will be met with long articles, written by the sites owner, that will “quote” a dozen channeled messages as proof that he or she is correct, and the viewpoint is valid.

This is the classic definition of FANATICISM!   No other source for information seems necessary, or gets heeded…, and this site (along with many others) as a result has become exceedingly OUT OF BALANCE.

Now…, just as with my blog…, everyone is entitled to write what they want…, and to have their opinion.  However…, I’m pointing out a serious FLAW in the flow of information to the public if it comes from CHANNELINGS.

If the article is based on Channeled Knowledge or Channeled Teachings or Channeled Understandings…, then…, that article SHOULD be labeled:

Channeled Material.  In addition.., any viewpoints or commentary about the Channeled Material…, (if based on other channeled material) should ALSO be labeled channeled material!!

If this was done…, soon…, people would begin to see that 95 percent of what the New Age bloggers hold dear and think is true, has come directly from “unseen”…, and “unverified” ASTRAL ENTITIES which in no way have been vetted as being TRUTHFUL.   (We are just supposed to believe….)

They are simply sending a “message”…, and that “message” could be a LIE…, just as easily as it could be the TRUTH.

So…, this “tires” me.

It’s difficult to run a TRUTH BLOG when you’ve got hundreds of competing blogs and websites basing most of their “MATERIAL” on messages that have come from ASTRAL ENTITIES!

I know it is only a matter of time…, but it is time wasted!

Here is my prediction…, and one which will come to pass:

The greatest surprise the NEW AGE COMMUNITY will ever get…, is the day they finally realize that almost all of the so-called “truths” they hold most dear, are based upon LUCIFERIAN TEACHINGS!

“Lucifer…, the LIGHT BRINGER”…


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