By: Bradley Loves


I posted very heavily on the “Q” stuff yesterday.

I did so with a purpose!

Q said some really important (and fantastic things) yesterday in particular (more than just crumbs).

This gives ALL OF US the perfect chance to “vet him” (or her) and once and for all find out if this is the real deal!

According to Q…, the crap should start hitting the fan (very soon).

So, if it DOES NOT (like within 30 to 60 days), then just like the CHANNELERS out there…, “Q” will have been proven to have no teeth and simply blowing smoke up our backside.

If for no other reason…, I covered the posts that Q made yesterday so as to give all of you (my readers) a chance to SEE FOR YOURSELF if this source is real or not.

So there really is a “method” to my madness on the heavy Q stuff yesterday.

If you want, go through all of the vids, get yourself up to date, and memorize what he said.

Then “watch” to see if it comes to pass.

It should only take 30 to 60 days for all of it to start.  If not…, he’s just another drum banging in the wilderness.

All my love…..

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