By: Bradley Loves


Movies, plot lines, and entertainment aside…, the new Star Wars movie should give every human being on Earth pause!!

There is a very good reason for this…, and that reason is that “Holly – Wood”…, the center of Dark Magic and Mind Control for the entire world…, has reached the point where they can artificially “insert” a real looking image of a human being into a film…, and make it look 100 percent real!

The man who played Govenor Tarkin (supposedly Guy Henry)…, looked way too much like the original actor (Peter Cushing) to have been done only with make up!

The CGI technology used, actually brought a “dead man” back to life!

And…, in fact, the voice of Peter Cushing matched perfectly as well.

According to “insiders”…, the industry (and Disney) was told by the US Government to play down the technology…, to not talk about it…, and to even “make mistakes” to make the images look slightly less convincing!


Because now the MEDIA…,  owned by the Global Cabal…., (which we know for a fact can NEVER be trusted) has the technology to take a “dead person” (as in the case of Peter Cushing) and bring him back to life and put him on Television!!

They could do this with any human being they want to…, even YOU or ME!!

They could give this “dead person” any lines they wish…, make that person appear to SAY ANYTHING they wanted him or her to say…, and it would be no more than a “technological imitation” of someone who had existed…, but no longer does!

Or even worse…, they could place a “fabricated” image of a real and still living human being on the “screen”…, and then have that fabricated persona saying and doing things that the REAL HUMAN NEVER SAID OR DID!!

This could be used as “criminal entrapment” and be handed off to courts as “real evidence”!

They could put this on TV as “evidence” of a crime…, or “evidence” of anything they wanted you to believe!!

The public is NO LONGER SAFE…, from a fabricated and CGI reality…, because what looks like real human beings, can now be simply “created” for a NEWS Broadcast…, and if we are not certain WHO ACTUALLY MADE THE BROADCAST…, we could be easily  “fooled” into thinking that the person in the video is REAL…, and said what we heard…, even though that was far from the Truth!

This technology calls ALL FUTURE MEDIA REPORTS from this point forward into SERIOUS QUESTION!

And WHY…, would the government be so terribly cautious of even letting the public KNOW they had this kind of technology??

For the very reason I’ve just given!

Something to think about!!


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