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David Wilcock’s apparent “trouble” with GIAM TV is only the beginning of what will most likely be a “journey of deep sorrows” for all who have followed the NEW AGE!

For over 3 years I have written (almost to no avail) about how the NEW AGE was (in fact) started by the Freemasons – as well as those who believe that LUCIFER is in fact “the only GOD OF EARTH”.

Since we are nearing the “time” when all things MUST BE REVEALED, the deepest BETRAYAL has only begun to be seen, and that BETRAYAL will be fully realized when every single NEW AGER who has been deeply involved in the Channeling Community – and the “MOVEMENT” comes to find that those who are “running it” reveal to their followers that it IS LUCIFER…, who is the “bringer” of the LIGHT they been told to “trust in”.

I can only imagine the deep sense of hurt, anger, and betrayal that millions of spiritual people will be going through when the ENTIRE TRUTH of how they have been conned and mis-led is revealed to them!

If you can not imagine it…, then please READ the letter that David Wilcock wrote…, and try to feel what he must be going through at this moment!

Put yourself in his shoes…, and THINK for a moment of the trust he placed in Jirka Rysavy and GIAM TV…, only to find that they were WOLVES in sheeps clothing…, and are now recording an entire series based on the idea that the Christian GOD is evil – and that LUCIFER is the one true GOD!

Oh…, and for those who haven’t read my blog for very long…,



Every single NEW AGER is going to soon have their own “David Wilcock” moment…, so get ready for it!

People who have placed their “trust” in Channelers and in Channeled Entities…, people who have followed countless false teachings placed into “spiritual books” written by FREEMASONS who were actually Satanists in disguise – are all in for a “rude” awakening!

Mark Passio has told us in many of his video lectures that he was TOLD face to face – by the Satanists that he was once a part of – that they were in fact DOING THIS!

Many of these “well intentioned” people will most likely have to be placed on “suicide watch” once the FULL EXPOSURE of just how deep the NEW AGE CON was….,  is shown to them.

Men like Steve Beckow – who runs “The Golden Age of Gaia” will most likely never write again…, once he is fully aware of just how deeply the NEW AGE MOVEMENT is actually tied to LUCIFER and to those who follow him.

He will have to deal with the idea that he actively supported a dark LUCIFERIAN AGENDA and led people away from their creator!

I would not be surprised if he (like David Wilcock) writes his own letter to the masses claiming how he was “tricked”, “conned”, and “led astray”!

But…, it isn’t that no one tried to WARN HIM!

Many people did!

This is what happens when you base your “beliefs” in nothing more than blind FAITH, and a handful of people who “Channel” out of body entities!

Beckow (like Wilcock) simply chose to turn away and IGNORE countless warning signs that things were not adding up!

Get ready, because it is COMING!

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