By: Bradley Loves


In his new article and post (which is supposed to be all about updates from Corey Goode) David Wilcock takes up an enormous amount of time and energy “plugging” the LAW OF ONE – Channeling Series (Again).

See link below.

One more time he does this, and one more time he says that he is only doing it because he has based his entire LIFE’S WORK and RESEARCH upon this single “Channeled” Series (and I don’t doubt that he has).

With all the “bad press” surrounding the LAW OF ONE…, he is basically doubling down on his assertions that the LAW OF ONE is the real deal…, and not just some con.

He claims that all of his books are “based” on what he learned in those channeled messages…, and all I have to say about that revelation is this:


Shane Bales (aka The Ruiner) told me that the top level members of the Illuminati rely very heavily on material such as the LAW OF ONE (and other material as well – Hidden Hand and such) because of the huge CON JOB that it does on the minds of men and women who are going to be “ordered” to do really horrible things.

I’ve said this type of thing before, and I guess I’ll have to say it again…, (and by the way, Mark Passio has also said this countless times as well)…, ORDER FOLLOWERS will get far MORE of the horrible KARMA for all of the really bad things that they are “ordered to do”…, than the Satanic men and women who are “ordering them” to do these things.


Before we start…, here is some important support information from Mark Passio.


Mark and I agree deeply on this point.

It is up to us (each of us) to decide in REAL TIME…, and in the very moment that we are told or ordered to do something…, whether that “thing” that we’ve been ordered to do is “right” or “wrong”…, “moral” or “ethical”!



Because if we commit an ACT OF VIOLENCE upon another living and breathing human being (or any living being)…, then WE as the ACTOR…, get most of the karma (aka punishment) for doing that ACT.

The karma (aka punishment) does NOT go to the man or woman who is just above you in the chain of command, and ORDERED you to do those acts!

This is why surrendering your own FREEWILL to anyone (ever)…, is so very dangerous to you.  It is YOUR actions that will used against you on a higher level.

You are here to grow and to learn…, and the ONLY way you can grow and learn correctly is to make your own choices at all times!

If you surrender to a hierarchy of “order giving” and “order following”…, then YOU are taking on the KARMA (aka punishment) for each ACT or TRESPASS that you commit against another living and breathing being…, while simply following someone else’s orders!


(We are not here to be whimps!)

The latest video that I posted of Mark Passio (only yesterday) explains exactly when, and under what circumstances, that it is not only okay, but necessary to DEFEND OURSELVES and therefore describes all of the times when we do have a “right” to take ACTION against someone else who is doing us HARM!

So, there are definately times when “action” against another living and breathing being is COSMICALLY ALLOWED!

(Watch yesterday’s video for more).


This is key!

They do “rape” children…, and even do Ritual Sacrifice…, but they do this to GAIN in “NEGATIVE SPIRITUAL POWER” and are very aware of the karma they are attracting to themselves.

However, since those men and women at the very top levels of the hierarchy know that to do any ACTION upon another living and breathing being (using their own hands) draws great negative KARMA…, they will usually “order” the ACTIONS to be done by someone else under their control.

Then they will “pay” the men or women who follow their orders with worthless dollars (which is nothing more than “ink” spilled all over “paper”) and which is covered in magical and satanic symbolism!

They KNOW what they are doing.

So let’s back track just a little bit here.



It is because of how they are using it!

According to Shane Bales (and surprisingly even David Wilcock said this as well)…, every single man or woman who gets really high up in the Military, or goes into the Secret Military or the Secret Space Program, is given a copy of: THE LAW OF ONE.

They are given a copy of it and told to “read it”.

Why do you think they do this?

I will tell you why…

Because the LAW OF ONE is the only channeled material that says that there is a “negative path” in which people can actually get to heaven!!

This is a very dangerous, and very obscure teaching in which it says that both positive and negative are necessary in this Universe…, and that “YOU” can personally choose which you are going to do and be!

If you choose the so called “negative” path to GOD…, then you are required to become 95 percent EVIL (or service to self) in order to achieve what the book itself calls a NEGATIVE HARVEST.

This is right out of the pages of the LAW OF ONE…, (Im not making this up).

If you DO happen to achieve a “negative harvest” (which is the goal of all people who choose the negative path) then the book says that you will go to a NEGATIVE HEAVEN…, where you (apparently) will be rewarded for all of your horribly selfish and negative ACTIONS.

Mathematically speaking, (in my opinion) it would be almost impossible to “think only of yourself” 95 percent of the time of your life…, and according to the book, this is the bench mark you have to achieve!

If you only reach 92 or even 93 percent evil or (service to self)…, then you DO NOT AND CAN NOT achieve the “Negative Harvest” …, and therefore will be forced to PAY (through Cosmic/Karmic punishment) for your actions on the positive side of the scale through many uncountable re-incarnations.

(So many that those who fail simply choose to get cast into the Central Sun.)


There are many reasons why this one single “LAW OF ONE” teaching is radically volatile and almost worse than nuclear radiation!

Let’s look at it this way…., if anyone does happen to choose to go down the “negative path”…, the LAW OF ONE “Channelings” sets the STANDARD very, very high for this negative harvest to occur!

This means that anyone “choosing” to do evil (service to self) as a life path…, has to go VERY, VERY DARK in order to succeed at it.

But do you really understand the implications of knowing this?

Have you carefully thought it through??

This teaching would mean that any being chosing (of their own free will) the DARK PATH…,  would always be worried and wondering “IF” they were being EVIL enough (to sucessfully achieve the goal of a negative harvest) and would therefore (out of necessity) push themselves to go even darker and darker and stack more and more evil upon more and more evil at almost every second of their lives due to their concern of actually meeting the 95 percent “benchmark”.

They would always be looking for the next VERY EVIL thing that they could do in order to “try” to reach that very high level of 95 percent service to self!



I can clearly “see” (in my mind’s eye) that this type of effort to achieve  a 95 percent negatively orientated life would eventually CONSUME a person’s SOUL totally…, and that they would literally fail under the weight of such a constant burden.

Their SOUL would be ruined and broken eternally if they even tried to achieve this!

There is only ONE BEING in the entire Universe that would want something like this to occur, and that being is LUCIFER…, or SATAN…, which is exactly who the TOP LEVEL Magicians worship!

They (the top level magicians) will never do these acts themselves…, but will (hopefully) be able to convince many others to do these acts in their stead…, and thus…,  SEND THEIR SOULS DIRECTLY TO LUCIFER as a gift!

Here is where the LAW OF ONE MATERIAL comes into play, and is useful to those at the Top Levels…, and is why they “hand it out” to others.

It is a “guide book” (supposedly) that is given out to the countless men and women who are NOT actually high level Freemasons!

They are the mid level management types who are the ones who are called upon to give out horrible orders to the men and women who work directly under them!

In order to achieve total GLOBAL DOMINATION…, or a NEW WORLD ORDER…, or a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…, which by the way is a very REAL GOAL for the Luciferians…,

Then absolutely EVIL and OUTLANDISH things must be done to millions of people…, and SOMEONE has to do these things!

Take a look around you for GODS sake!

Look at what has been done by Saudi Arabia in YEMEN!  Look what was done by ISIS (CIA) in Syria!



This is and was going on as we speak!  Men (and women) ORDERED the destruction of these cities…, and other men FOLLOWED THOSE ORDERS!

So how (pray tell) do you get Mid Level Management men and women to go down this very DARK PATH?

You LIE to them, you and tell them there is a “NEGATIVE WAY” to get to HEAVEN!


The ILLUMINATI sees it as critically important that the “mid level management” be given a way, a teaching, or a book (such as Law of One) that will pacify their deep fears of doing great evil in order to convince them that there is a way they can still “go to heaven” even if they do the unspeakable evil they are being ordered to do!

This is why this NEW AGE “teaching” is so horribly dangerous, but at the same time SO IMPORTANT to the ILLUMINATI!

Sadly, this is why DAVID WILCOCK is such a fool when it comes to spiritual things!

I am willing to give him lots of credit for being a significant vehicle for “disclosure” when it comes to basic facts and research of physical things…, but a SPIRITUAL TEACHER…, he is NOT!

I say this for one reason alone!

He has “bought” the LAW OF ONE material “kool-aid”, hook – line – and sinker and refuses to quit!

He did not think deeply about these teachings he constantly PUSHES toward the public…, but instead has “assumed” that just because they came from a CHANNELED SOURCE.., that they must somehow be “accurate”…, and it is up to “US” to decide what that accuracy is!

What is worse, is that he believed so deeply in the LAW OF ONE, that he “moved in” with the Channeler of the material, and lived with her for a few years!


Corey Goode…, is a man who claims to be getting TOP SECRET MILITARY BRIEFINGS.., (which he actually may be getting) but in my opinion he was placed into David Wilcocks sphere of influence precisely BECAUSE David supports the LAW OF ONE material, and for no other reason.

If Wilcock did not “believe” in the LAW OF ONE…, he would not be getting ANY of the material that he is being given, or is coming to him through men like COREY GOODE!


Because the MILITARY men and women who have done these unspeakably horrible things for well over 80 years…, starting in the 1940’s NEED THE PUBLIC TO ACCEPT THAT IT IS ALL JUST A “GAME”.

They are desperate for the masses of humanity to “overlook” the massive lies and deceptions and “pretend” none of it ever happened.

Yes…, “they” were lied to…, but they don’t want to accept the KARMA that they most certainly have earned…, and are looking for ANY TEACHING of the NEW AGE what so ever that will give them a “Get out of jail free card”.

Yet according to NATURAL and COSMIC LAW…, this is not possible.


The men and women ABOVE them, lied to them…, what they should be doing is “taking those men and women out” and cleaning up the mess for the rest of humanity.


It is easy to see (at least for me) that these mid level managers are very desperate to convince as many people as possible to FORGIVE THEM TOTALLY for all that they did…, and pushing the LAW OF ONE MATERIAL (through David Wilcock) is key to making this happen (in their view).

It is SO IMPORTANT…, that Wilcock was “given/gifted” several television shows on GAIAM TV (which is owned by Jirka Rysavy), and who is a man whom is claimed to be a self made billionaire…, but NO ONE really knows where his money came from.

Rysavy is an immigrant to this country from Czechoslovakia, and his own BIO says that he was sleeping on Park Benches when he first came to this country!


Check this article out!

In this article it says that in 1986 Rysavy “acquired” a Small Business Supply Company in Boulder, CO for a mere $100 dollars (most likely a misprint…, more likely 100,000…, and naming it Business Express), and then in 1988 he spends 12.8 MILLION on an Office Products Division based in Denver called NBI.

Wow…, who gathers over 10 million to spend in only two years?

How is it possible to jump from buying a store for 100,000 dollars, to making a 12.8 MILLION dollar purchase only two years later??

It is interesting to note that Rysavy sits on the Corporate Boards of many Businesses in and around the greater Denver, Colorado area…, but every single one of them (if you plot them all on a map) are within 30 minutes of DENVER AIRPORT.

Draw your own conclusion about that…, but Rysavy is also tangentially connected to Mitt Romney’s BAIN CAPITAL, through a “friend of his” who used to sit on the board of one of his several Denver Based Corporations!

The above linked article is VERY IMPORTANT because it provides a “link” between this “close female friend” of Jirka Rysavy (someone that sat on the board of one of his Corporations) and something that went horribly WRONG with a facility that was being run by ASPEN EDUCATION under the oversight and direction of this same personal friend of his!

Notice that the Corporate logo for Aspen Education is a PYRAMID!

Here are some quotes from the above linked wiki-pedia page as well as the Salon Article:

In 2010, a mother and her son sued Aspen alleging that while the son was a student at a boarding school owned by Aspen, Cedars Academy, he was sexually assaulted and threatened by a fellow student.

  • The same year, an action was brought against Aspen by a former student at a program owned by Aspen alleging that in July 2006, while in Utah, she engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a former shift-supervisor at Aspen Ranch.
  • In 2008, a 16-year-old girl enrolled at the Bromley Brook School became involved in a sexual relationship with teacher Steven Peters.
  • In 2004, a 14-year-old boy died at Aspen’s Lone State Expeditions wilderness program. During the program, Matthew Meyer and his group hiked several miles in 90-degree weather.  A combination of excessive heat, a constrictive uniform, and Matthew’s obesity caused his body to overheat.
  • In 2012, a mother sued Aspen Education Group alleging that her daughter was “tortured” at Turn About Ranch, Aspen’s residential treatment center in Escalante, Utah.   The complaint alleged that staff at the residential treatment center subjected the 15-year-old girl to hours of stress positions, threats of suffocation, exposure to animal abuse and regular public humiliation.    On December 11, 2013, the case was dismissed under the two-year statute of limitations that applies for claims involving a health care provider.
  • In January 2014, Aspen Education Group was accused of “slavery”, “abuse”, and “false imprisonment” in a lawsuit by the family of a teenage girl who claims she was berated on television by Dr. Phil, and then sent to a residential treatment center owned by Aspen where she was falsely imprisoned, filed a civil complaint in federal court.


Now listen up…, this female who was connected with ASPEN EDUCATION, and who was overseeing it even after it was purchased and taken over by BAIN CAPITAL (Mitt Romney) is a good friend of Jirka Rysavy (Giam Television).

Many children died, or were severely abused while in the care of Aspen Education!

And GIAM TV…, (it just so happens) is where David Wilcock does all of his DISCLOSURE TV SHOWS!

Is Rysavy responsible for what happened at Aspen Education?

No, that is not what I am saying at all.

What I am saying is that Aspen Education is a really “bad” business, and has very some very “bad” business practices.

So how is it that Rysavy is such good friends with the woman who originally ran oversight at Aspen Education?

What is worse than that however is that Aspen Education was sold to Mitt Romney’s BAIN CAPITAL, and it is well known that Romney is undoubtedly a GLOBALIST and is a supporter of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The only reason that I am telling you (as my readers) all of this is that it questions whether DAVID WILCOCK is a good “judge” of moral character!

Is Jirka Rysavy the man he “claims” to be?

Personally, I don’t think he is…, so what is David Wilcock doing working with and for a guy like this?

If DW is not a very good “judge” of moral character…, then how is he a good judge of SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS?

My honest opinion here?



His deep seated belief in LAW OF ONE!

If he did not have this belief…, he would not have been “given/gifted” a platform for his ideas, nor would he be getting MILITARY BRIEFINGS through Corey Goode.

Read the rest of the article posted at Divine Cosmos at your own discretion.  Some of it MAY be the truth!  If Corey Goode is in fact getting this information from the Military…, it could very well be.

But do NOT mix Secret Space Disclosure with the NEW AGE TEACHINGS OF THE LAW OF ONE.

They are two very different things!

Think deeply on this.

All my love…



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