I am publishing this with reservations!

I’m not fond of this guy for two reasons!  One – he loves to sit on information and keep it to himself (sometimes for years and years)…, which is exactly what a Government spy or someone in the Intel agencies do.

(They USE information and knowledge as CURRENCY in their world to buy MORE information and knowledge)

This smacks of being wholly SELF INTERESTED and SELF ABSORBED!   Not very “spiritual” if you ask me!

Secondly – he is far too deeply involved with the “dark side” of Channeling – False Gods – and an “Ascension” which will probably never take place!

He is selling and trading in the same kind of spiritual philosophies that the Illuminati/Cabal/Secret Militaries trade in!  Namely that there is a DARK PATH back to GOD…, and that “service to self” is somehow a necessary path and part of the Cosmic Scheme!

That being said – this video has some good information…, and most is not David’s opinion…, but stuff he has gotten by interviewing others!

Please watch…, and I will write my own opinion about most of it in the coming days!

All my love….

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