By: Bradley Loves


It apparently takes between 60 to 90 days to “grow” a fully developed human clone!

I’ve heard this from multiple sources in the Secret Programs.

Could THIS and THIS ALONE be the very reason that the left is not telling us that RBG is incapacitated or even worse DEAD?

In order to keep her place secure on the Supreme Court…, would the DEEP STATE go so far as to use the most advanced hidden technology available to them to replace a real human being with a CLONE…, only so that Donald Trump does not have the opportunity to replace her with a conservative judge??

The Democrats know that the 2020 election is a long shot…, but just the same…, it would be foolish for them NOT to try to clone Ginsberg if there was even a remote chance a Democrat could win the election.

As it stands even now…, most of Ginsberg work and decisions are being made by her deeply connected Illuminati/Deep State Staff.

A “clone” of Ginsberg would not even have to think very much…, just be able to say things like:  Hello and Good Morning…, and at times nod her head!

The rest of the workload could be done by Deep State proxies!

Could THIS and THIS ALONE be the only reason they do not want to tell the public the TRUTH about her condition??

Jim Stone has already debunked the “picture” they put out of Ginsberg as proof of life!

Could this mean that her CLONE is not yet ready??

See this site for news from Jim Stone


In my opinion Donald Trump and Q-anon needs to do an EXTREME PUSH to find out what is really going on with Ginsberg ONLY for the purposes of making sure that a CLONE is not soon sitting on the Surpreme Court!




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