Honestly, it boggles my mind when countless good men and women would rather give up, roll over and act like cowards, than face the fact that there are people out there who want to destroy them. Our world is so close to going totally authoritarian, that even the Nazi’s would be proud of how far America has fallen.

Yet, there is so much hope!

As of this day, millions of men and women, moved by the Spirit of GOD, have engaged all across the planet! They have answered the call to act on behalf of the TRUTH!

They are moving quickly to not only learn the TRUTH, but to LOVE THE TRUTH, and then pass that truth on to their fellow man, and their brothers and sisters in Christ!

On this very day, we are in an epic battle for control of the entire Earth, and this battle begins with YOU!

America is at the epicenter of this battle.

See this video from a former Marine who not only loves America, but loves GOD as well!

In addition to the video you just saw, Lin Wood has been dropping “HUGE” TRUTH b*mbs over the last two weeks and people all across America are starting to finally wake up to the horror of what the GLOBALISTS and the NEW WORLD ORDER have been up to!


These revelations from Lin Wood are not small, but instead are HUGE in the Grand Scheme of things, and are coming out so fast now, that the Globalists can barely contain them. Even the massive censorship of You-tube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Insta-gram can not stop the GOD inspired Patriots from telling the world what they know!

Besides Lin Wood, Neon Revolt is still posting and still peeling layer after layer off of the onion of deception. Please copy and paste this link into your browser.

Other Patriots of note are General Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, and countless “digital soldiers” living all across America who have taken up the cause of Liberty, Truth, and Justice because those who are supposed to be our leaders have fully abandoned all of this in favor of a Satanic New World Order!

However, most interestingly, if you are someone who has been reading at LOVETRUTHSITE (formerly at wordpress) for the last five years, then you already know all of this, because I wrote about it! Not only do you know all about what is coming out today, but you know FAR MORE, and you have been down the rabbit hole deeply.

The only difference between then and now is that huge swaths of the world are finally “on board” with learning and telling the TRUTH, while a significant percentage of dark players are still on board with doing anything and everything they can do to hide, and cover up the TRUTH in order to achieve the goals of the Satanists/Luciferians and hopefully bring about a NEW WORLD ORDER.

If you have any doubt about how this will all turn out…, then please, please remember just WHO is in charge! There is no way for the dark to win this one! They are caught!

All my love on this January 6th, 2021

Love is back, Truth is back, and Deception will be conquered and tossed asunder!


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