I have been following this man (and his partial disclosure) for awhile now…, and honestly did not know whether or not he could be trusted!

(He is very obviously still working for the NAVY, and that alone makes me very Leary of his “disclosure”…)

HOWEVER…, this interview he’s done with Kerry Cassidy has pushed me over the edge.  She is an excellent interviewer…, and that is because she does not just sit there a take everything he says a “gospel truth”.., and she asks hard questions…, and is NOT afraid to challenge someone.

She does not follow “channeled” information…, and thus does bring that “crap” into her discussions.  She is after real information…, NOT here say or “religious dogma”…

She has a lot of previous knowledge from many people and other interviews to fall back to…, which makes her good at what she does.

I highly recommend these videos because I think they are the BEST he’s done!




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