By: Bradley Loves


So many things are happening to subvert reality and turn it upside down that we can hardly keep track of it all!

But in an attempt to diminish these radical changes within America, too many people are simply willingly going blind to it all rather than take an honest look at it!

I could give you the old cliché about “sticking your head in the sand”…, but it’s actually worse than this.

It’s not just about ignoring what’s happening around you!  It’s about willingly becoming BLIND to things that are highly DANGEROUS.

It is like putting a Killer Tiger in your bedroom and then falling asleep and pretending there is no chance that this Tiger will not eat you in your sleep!

The article below from the Conservative Treehouse discusses exactly what I’m talking about!

There is an AGGRESSIVE MOVEMENT on the radical left to change things in America.  These changes are highly dangerous to us all!

But instead of talking about the epic times we are living in…, millions of people are merely choosing to “go blind” to it all in order to not have to engage in any “conflict” or be “judgemental” about such things!

We have now reached the point where New Age philosophies are destroying America!!

Please read this:


This article describes how LAW and our legal system is being turned into a WEAPON OF WAR in the political arena and in the world of ideology!   Lawyers who want to be active socially and politically are using “the law” as a weapon (sort of like a cruise missile) to destroy anyone who does not agree with their politics or agenda!

The most pertinent parts of this article are these:

Their agencies were used against their ideological enemies in large operations like Fast-n-Furious, IRS targeting, Gibson Guitar etc.

And also smaller operations: Henry Louis Gates, George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, Ferguson, Baltimore etc.  All of these activist Lawfare examples were pushed and promoted by an allied media.

Many of the ‘weaponized’ approaches use radical legal theory (ex. disparate impact), and that ties into the purposes and methods of the Lawfare Group.

The intent of  Lawfare is described in the name: to use LAW as a tool in Warfare!!

The ideology that binds the group is the ideological outlook and purpose: using the legal system to target political opposition.

The Lawfare group ensures you have the right to remain guilty until they verify your politics and determine your alignment with the tribe.

If accepted, your disposition shifts to innocent and you receive a pass to avoid any legal jeopardy…

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