By: Bradley Loves

Merry Christmas!!

What a blessing this year has been!

We have walked (together) down the rabbit hole.., and with our eyes WDE OPEN…, we have looked at what it is that makes our world tick!

We have held no “sacred cows” and have investigated everything that we were told could not be questioned or looked at!  This has led us to a much better understanding of what we are up against!!

I wrote two years ago that it was the “sexual energies” that were the most coveted “commodity” of our world…, (most specifically the sexual energy of young children) because it was these energies that were being HARVESTED…, and being used in MAGICAL (magnetic) RITUALS…, inside of Satanic/Luciferian Proceedings.

We found out that almost every single “puppet leader” of the free world KNOWS FULL WELL about the rampant child sacrifice and pedophilia going on in the world…, and is “required” to either watch, or to actively participate in pedophilia…,  because “sex with children” is a HUGE PART of the control system that we are all under for reasons which are not readily apparent if you do not understand the underlying “magic” and “hidden knowledge” that is behind it all.

I also wrote that this is all very “esoteric” stuff…, that comes straight out of the Secret Mystery Schools of Babylon and of Egypt!  It is known as: BLACK MAGIC.

I wrote that by using sacred geometry…, the Earth’s magnetics, and the ley lines…, all of this “harvested” energy could be…, and was being collected, used and manipulated in order to continue to prop up a FALSE REALITY…, which is being used to enslave mankind into a perpetual cycle of being used as “BATTERIES” for certain nefarious groups or entities…, who actually fed off of and lived on that energy!

I wrote that ONLY by facing up to this…, and REALISING that we are under the thumbs of those who would USE our bodies, our minds, and even our lives as “commodities” and who really do claim to OWN us…, would we be able to COLLECTIVELY free ourselves from their control.

One single living man or woman can NOT break this cycle alone…, but only together can we do it…

This is how the construct we are living inside of has been designed!!

This is also why so much effort and trouble is constantly put into maintaining the “illusion”.., and the deception of our “WORLD”.

This is why you are now seeing claims of FAKE NEWS.., because the “MEDIA” is the “MEDIUM” they are using to control our minds and our lives…, and compel us to act, think, and behave in certain ways that prop up an ILLUSION.

They know very well that once enough minds and souls wake up to what is happening…, the “construct” will unravel!

All of the highest levels of “Authority” is involved in the coverup and the sellout of mankind…, and there are NO leaders who we can look to and say:  THEY HAVE OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.

We have been lied to…, controlled, subjugated, used, and the very energy of our lives has been HARVESTED.

The only way out is to FACE UP TO THIS COLLECTIVELY.

We “outnumber” them!

All my love on this most wonderful DAY!

More will be coming.



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