By: Bradley Loves

Can you “feel” it?

The changes…, the transformations, the progress that “WE” together as a people are making?

It’s there!  I do feel it.

“We” are on a path now, not only to self discovery…, but to complete AWARENESS of our own POWER and POTENTIAL.

This has not come easy…, and there HAS BEEN a great cost!

The cost is that “WE” had to finally come to terms with the FACT that WE had been horribly LIED to…,  for ALL of our lives.

We had to be  willing to admit that NOTHING that we had been told by men and women in positions of AUTHORITY, was in fact the TRUTH, but instead was complete and utter deception, lies, and illusion!

Admitting that..,  took courage, calmness and a willingness to THROW OUT all sacred “cows” and “images” of what we thought was a true picture of our reality, and to strive to find the actual TRUE PICTURE which had been hidden from us!

The battle that we are fighting is a REAL ONE!

It is a battle of WILL, INTENT and a battle for the MINDS and HEARTS of men and women all over the Earth.

There is NO fence sitting in this very real battle…, there is no “plateau” where we can gather and then “rest”.

This is true ONLY because the DARK ONES have sworn to never quit and never stop!

Therefore the very moment you stop (to rest) you will get sucked back into their newest CON, or their newest scam, which is nothing other than a driving force to complete their total TAKE OVER of Earth and all men and women living here.

They are spurred on by the whips, threats, and torments, of their dark masters…, and are threatened within an inch of their lives to constantly think up NEW WAYS to fool, deceive, con, and to abuse…, the innocent human souls living here on the Earth.

They do this…, because THEY HAVE SOLD OUT!

They took the bribe, and freely gave themselves over to this!

So, this is the WHY of the reason that those who are working for the LIGHT (by that I mean PURE LOVE) know for a fact that they can NEVER REST…, because the dark never rests!

Every soul that comes to Earth is precious…, and without the energetic push back of those working for the LIGHT of pure LOVE…, those souls who have never experienced complete, total, and utter deception would fall immediately and deeply in the clutches of the DARK!

Thus: those who continuously say there is nothing to do…, really don’t know what they are saying at all!

Even they (for the most part)  do admit however…, that they

USE THE POWER OF THEIR MINDS on a daily basis…, to push back against the fear, the aggression, and the overt lies of the DARK.

The only difference between myself and those men and women then is this:

They feel that their ONLY JOB HERE ON EARTH is to save or to help themselves!


Those that I have described above, do not feel that EVERY SOUL that might fall into the clutches of the DARK needs or deserves their assistance.



In addition…, I do not in any way, shape or form…, support the endless information that has been CHANNELED onto this planet…, going as far back as the early 1970’s…, because I know that TIME TRAVEL, TELEPORTATION…, and VOICE TO SKULL technology were already operating at that time.

Due to this technology being available to the DARK…, all bets are off as a result of any and all CHANNELED INFORMATION from that time on, or even a few decades earlier (since it would have been easy to send a volunteer back in time a few decades (let’s say to the 1940’s…, even though that volunteer knew he would NOT be able to get back to the future he came from)

Therefore…, when Researchers like:

DAVID WILCOCK.., talk endlessly about the LAW OF ONE…, which is totally and completely “channeled information”…, then I’ve got a problem with the concepts that HE, and others like him teach to the unsuspecting public as well.

All of the bullsh*t, that David writes in his books is BASED pretty much completely on his understanding of the LAW OF ONE material, because he used to live with the lady who channeled it.

Now…, I’m not saying he’s lying to us…, what I am saying is that he honestly believes in something that I don’t believe in, and truthfully that NO  ONE should believe in.

He believes that somehow the DARK has a use…, and is currently being used by the “loving” Universe to help us…, and let me make it very clear here…


It is my opinion that this is part of the GREAT CON! 

RA…, in my opinion was a great CON MAN…, only from a higher up dimension…, that’s all.

We who have been living out our lives on the surface of this planet, have been “conned” for ages and ages by those who come from “higher up”!  We have been kept down, held back, and LIED TO…, by all of our so called “helpers” who instead of just telling us the TRUTH…, felt the “questionable need” to keep EVERYTHING secret.

What does this tell you?

The fact that there are advanced beings from everywhere…, who know the TRUTH…, but say nothing to us living on the surface…, and apparently think it is okay for all of us to live in squalor and hardship….

And.., that the fact that there are advanced beings living inside of the EARTH who know the TRUTH, but say nothing to those of us living on the surface, is proof and evidence of their allegiance to both:


Let me make it very clear…

DECEPTION and SECRECY are the hall marks of SATAN!  PERIOD!

Only in the light of truth are men and women set free!

Let me repeat that:


New Agers, who follow the LAW OF ONE…, and some of the ridiculous Ascended Masters out there who pretend to be helping us…., have been convinced…, that the DARK is very necessary for their forward movement.

This is a CON as well!

David Wilcock…, as good a man as he may be…, HAS and IS BEING CONNED!

This is why (karmically) he is now working with a man like Corey Goode…, and is having so many problems with both his life and his health.  He opened the door to being CONNED, by writing about, and supporting the LAW OF ONE material in the first place…, and now in his own life…, he is being used by men who are (in my opinion) undercover CIA agents…, who have an agenda that is NOT for the betterment of humanity.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that these men are constantly steering the conversation away from the SATANIC element within the authority structure that is running the planet.

These men are constantly steering the conversation away from RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE, TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL, and the biggest one:

PEDOPHILIA!  Which is a “sacrament” to the Satanists and must be protected at all costs!

These are the elements of the TRUTH that have to be PROTECTED…, because they are the very ROOT…, and the very LIFE BLOOD of the SATANISTS!

This is why people like David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Dr. Micheal Salla and others rarely talk about these things.

(Although in David’s defense…, he did at one time…, before he met and got involved with Corey Goode, post articles about Svali and the Satanic part of this…)

After Corey however…, “AC”…, all of that has taken a back seat…, and the LAW OF ONE… material or….,

THE UNIVERSE USES THE DARK TO HELP US CRAP…. is all that seems to be talked about by these two.

How much more clear can I make this?

What more proof do you want to see?

A “choice” has got to be made…,

NOT BY ME…, because I’ve already made mine…

It’s up to everyone who reads this to decide for themselves which boat they are going to get into.

I am in the BOAT that says we TAKE BACK OUR POWER through NON CONSENT!

I’m in the boat of Preston James, Mark Passio, Jay Parker, Micheal Tsarion, David Icke,  and men like them!

If you are in the boat of David Wilcock and Corey Goode…, then good luck with that…, in my humble opinion…, YOU ARE BEING CONNED.

You will see that in the end.













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