By: Bradley Loves


A CONTRACT can only be as good as the “understanding” of the beings who entered into it!

Because “WORDS” are really “WHIR’DS”…, which is saying simply that they each have multiple meanings…, then any “contract” which is wholly and totally made up of nothing BUT “whir’ds”…, is flawed from the very beginning!

If the words of a contract each have 2, 3, or even “many” meanings…, then no one can logically “assume” that they even really KNOW what they are signing…, much less can accurately guess what the other parties to the contract think, or hope what each word means.

This is why I continue to say that ALL CONTRACTS are failures right from the very beginning…, and should (yes New Agers…, “SHOULD”)… NEVER be used…. EVER!


A contract should never be used…, unless the definition of each “word” is clearly written down (every single last one of them) somewhere on the contract…,  as an appendix.

Let’s look deeply into CONTRACTS here in our world/whirl’d.


Here is a contract that almost every single man and woman has actually “signed” and entered into.


Because they were “told” by the “authorities” that they had to!!

And naturally…, being good little cows and sheep…, THEY LISTENED.

Which “contract” you may ask.

Well…, your marriage liscense is a CONTRACT!

Why…, because YOU SIGNED IT!

It is a “contract” with the STATE!

Both you and your spouse signed the marriage liscense and entered into an “agreement” with the STATE.

Naturally…, being  a very studious and “informed” human…, you read EVERY SINGLE WORD on the marriage liscense (didn’t you)…, because GOD FORBID that the STATE would put in front of you a “contract” that did not have your best interests at heart?

So you (on your own) looked for things you did not agree with…, but could not find anything!


Becuase you “assumed” that you knew the meaning of every single word that was used in the liscense/contract they were asking you to sign.

Here’s my comment to that thought:


Let’s look deeper!

I’ve looked at the standard “Marriage Liscense” from several different STATES…, and found that there is significant “fine print” which at first glance seems innocent.

At the very bottom of the liscense/contract it will usually say something like:

The signers/participants to this marriage are entering of their own freewill, and grant that all further issues of the marriage be dealt with by the STATE.

Seems innocent enough right?

How could that phrase be a trap you might ask?

Well let’s look at the word/whir’d…. ISSUE

What pray tell does the word “issue” really mean?

Well…, what YOU think it means…, may not be what the STATE thinks it means.

But YOU signed the contract anyway!

ISSUE (in corporate language) means PRODUCT!


Hey Tom…, did you read the “latest issue” of Forbes Magazine??

No Bill…, I didn’t get to see “that issue” yet…, I will have to go to the store and BUY ONE!

In the corporate world…, an ISSUE…, is a PRODUCT that is for sale!

Well.., when it comes to a “marriage”…, what is the only possible “product” that can be produced??

OMG…, the “LIGHT” suddenly goes on………..


So…, the “issues” of any marriage…, would naturally be the “children” it produces.

But wait…, let’s NOW GO BACK…, to the “marriage liscense and contract” that YOU SIGNED before you were “allowed” to be “legally” married in your state, and to the “fine print” which I’ve found on almost ALL OF THEM.

The signers/participants to this marriage are entering of their own freewill, and grant that all further issues of the marriage be dealt with by the STATE.

So WHAT (pray tell) do you think that means??

That means that you are granting the STATE the “right” to over see and deal with legally…, all of your children.

You are granting the STATE the “legal” right to interfere with and intervene in the lives of your children…, because THAT is the contract YOU signed!

What just happened?


Words have many meanings…, and they may not mean what you think they mean when you first look at them.


All together now…


They are born in deception…, and will be used against you every single time!

No enlightened being would EVER sign a contract…, because an enlightened being knows the very deceptive quality of words.


Therefore…, for any New Ager…, to ever tell you that GOD uses contracts…, is an immediate and outlandish LIE…, that proves that statement came directly FROM A DARK SOURCE.

And now my brothers and sisters…


The next time you hear a Channeler  giving a channeled message that tells you that YOU signed a contract with GOD or Angels or anyone…, IT IS A LIE!

Call them on it!

Call them out…, and tell them YOU ARE A LIAR…, God does not do contracts…, and refer them to this post.

Here’s why!

The “meanings” of any word can be changed.

CONTRACT is purely a Banking term…, and is an “instrument” of the Corporate Business World.

It has no place in God’s Creation.

All my love….


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